Table of Contents





1. Greeting Letter

2. "Good News" According to Luke

3. Jonah vs Simon, the Son of Jonas

4. Wisdom (Talents) for the Wise or Talents of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

5. The Fruit of the Vine

6. The Salvation of All Men

7. Think on These Things --- Virtues

8. Evidence of God's Love

9. Message From Gabriel

10. The Glory of God

11. Spiritual Warfare

12. The Meaning of the Cross

13. The Willow and the Rods

14. The Man of God vs the Man of Sin (Satan, Babylon, and Why)

......Demonic Terrorism Against Man's Body and Soul (Spirit) -- 14B

15. Thoughts in the Midnight Hour

......Thoughts in the Midnight Hour -- 15B

16. The Song of Solomon

17. A Shelter in the Time of Storm

18. Fallen Star

19. He Opened Their Understanding ... The Scriptures

20. Do You Know Your Father by His Great Name MERCI

21. Healing Is Far Away From Devils Only

22. Why God Allows Things to Continue as They Do

23. A Message from Jesus, Your Judge unto Justification

24. God Gave Us His Great Self

25. Spiritual Timing

26. You Must Be Born Again of a Virgin Like Jesus

27. Adjusting Weights of the Balance to Cause Glorification and Judgment

28. The Heaven God Has for Joe

29. A Key to Zechariah 14:4

30. A Letter to a Brother

31. Vain Image in Nations or Vain Imaginations

32. Comparing Spiritual Things with Spiritual

33. Every Breathing Thing Glorifies and Praises Him or The Great Division

34. Some of the Living Parables of the Bible

35. The True Meaning of "Sabbath Day" or the Mystery of Godliness to Make an End of Sin

36. The Mystery of God Is Finished

37. The Supreme Authority of God, Our Father

38. Unity Letter

39. The Way Is So Plain That A Fool Shall Not Err In It !

40. The Keys of Death and Hell

41. Appendix (The Revelation of the Son of Man)

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