What I mean by living parables is the enactment of prophecy by the children of God, either wittingly or unwittingly. All men are prophets as Jesus (Jael) told me in that we all show some good signs of light, if not to men, certainly to demons. That light which the demon suppresses shows him what he must do to be saved, Deuteronomy 18:17-19; I Corinthians 12:27. Christ is that Prophet Moses spoke of, and we are a part of his parabolic body. Prophets do speak the Words of God, as all men do when showing a flicker of love, Proverbs 16:1-3; John 12:49-50, 15:5. One example at this point will suffice to show you to what I am referring, Romans 9:17. That last part saying, "I have raised thee up -that my name might be declared throughout all the earth" is true of all men, that demons might see how to do good no matter where they dwell on earth". So demons, who muddy up the waters (truth), are without excuse, Ezekiel 28:3, 34:18-19; Luke 16:8; Romans 1:19-22. Esau was a "negative prophet". Negative prophets show demons and children of men what works not to do in order to avoid destruction, that is, the grave for men and the lake of fire for demons. Solomon saw a typical example, Proverbs 7:6-27. All the bodies of sinning men, which dissolved in graves, have prophesied to demons what is going to happen to them for working evil in the living bodies, Jeremiah 24:9; Ezekiel 14:8, 20:49. Actually, demons do the evil works in negative prophets, as it is written, Deuteronomy 28:49; Proverbs 1:5-6; Isaiah 14:4; Mark 4:13, 16:18; John 9:4. It is the purpose of this paper to show you living parables that you might see how they prophesy, John 16:13. All the true actors are stars in heaven above. We will endeavor to mention parables not written about in other letters, Romans 15:4; Galatians 3:24-26; Philippians 3:8-9; Revelation 14:12.

1. Genesis 1:26, 2:19-20. This parable indicates that Christ or rather God will inherit all nations of men, Psalm 49:20, 80:9, 82:8; Acts 10:9-20,28, 17:24-28. Notice that God made man ruler over demons also, but they were not called by his name, Genesis 1:16-18, Secrets 31:3. So the naming of the children of Cod by the mouth of Christ will fall only on his flesh and blood brethren, Psalm 147:4; Isaiah 65:15; Hebrews 2:14; Revelation 2:17, Enoch 43, John 10:27.

2. Jubilees 2:2. This speaks of many of the parabolic names of the children of God. Notice that demons are referred to as darkness, Secrets chapter 20; Ephesians 6:12. Observe that Michael tells Moses that all God's children were prepared the first day "in the knowledge of His heart". God's heart (photographic mind) is the Book of Life, Jeremiah 31:33; II Corinthians 3:2; Revelation 20:12. The "books" opened are the saints testifying! This shows that God is fond of telling prophets first and last conditions of things, Jubilees 1:26, Isaiah 46:9-10; Romans 8:29-30; Hebrews 4:3.

3. Jubilees 3:25. This parable tells us that if man sins and Satan enters him, his body would be filled with "the curse," that is, demons fathered by other demons, II Samuel 23:6-7, Enoch 15:9,10. Demons would then make work hard for men, Enoch 15:11,12, Jubilees 11:11-24, Genesis 15:13-14; Exodus 6:4-5. If you look at another parable, Genesis 13:14-16, you will see that anybody who dies becoming dust is the seed of Christ, Ecclesiastes 12:7; John 12:24-25; Romans 8:19-21, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, and Mark 9:1.

4. Genesis 3:34. The sword is the Word of God, and the four directions are the four archangels who carry it, Hebrews 4:12, Secrets 30:13,14, Enoch 20:7,8, Isaiah 49:2.

5. Genesis 12:10-20. Abraham, who signifies the body of Christ or all men, is forced to act the role that all men are true sisters and brothers, the children of God. It was God who put us down here in spiritual Egypt (Revelation 11:8) where demons possess us. God even rewarded Abraham for doing such a splendid performance. This touched upon the play starring Moses and Pharaoh, Exodus 12:35-36; I Corinthians 4:9; Hebrews 12:1. The parable of "entreatment" is realized in Genesis 12:16; Isaiah 13:12, 49:15,18,20; Malachi 3:16-17; Acts 11:1-10.

6. Genesis 14:1-20. This is a parable about what the Holy Ghost will do to the powers of darkness, which steal our souls. Upon being freed, we will be given to God, Isaiah 18:7, 45:24-25.

7. Genesis 14:21-24. The men who fought with Abraham were sons of Heth or Hittites. This is a pre-Moses ambush against dogmatic and doctrinaire men, who cannot discern a parable, but teach that Canaanites cannot be saved. The parable teaches that they like all men are a part of the armies of heaven, Secrets 23:2-5. Eshcol means grapes; Mamre means the breasts; Aner unscrambled means near. So the Canaanites as children are close to the heart of God and Mother Jerusalem, Matthew 19:14. Abraham and those men acted out Song of Solomon 6:4 and 7:7.

8. Genesis 17:1-13. Here Abraham acts the promise of God to Christ in which Jesus has great faith. How about you? Earth itself is the parabolic paradise inherited by all the children of God as an instruction to ignorant newly-born demons who fall in a "bottomless pit," Genesis 32:28; Isaiah 14:12,21. The covenant is the spirit created in the image of God housed in flesh and blood. Circumcision refers to removal of all demons at the eighth day, when all will be thoroughly burned to nothing, Secrets 33. The chance of salvation for demons is expressed in Genesis 17:12. To be saved, they should have kept the commandments they rejected and quit possessing our bodies. Jesus would have been their ransom and rebirth, Deuteronomy 16:16-17; Matthew 13:13-15; John 3:7; I Corinthians 6:19-20; Colossians 1:17.

9. Genesis 17:19, 18:9-14. This act is another extreme to which God went to teach men that He and Mother Wisdom are our true parents. Jacob and Rachel showed that youth has nothing to do with reproduction, Genesis 30:1-2. God is Father of us all, Psalm 127:3; Isaiah 45:10-12, 49:14-15,17, 66:9-10,

10. Genesis 19. This also is a parable about the last days, Luke 17:28-30. Lot's family is acting out the role of God's possessed children, while the men of Sodom are acting negative prophetic roles by virtue of demons in them doing all the works. Just as Christ came down in person to visit Sodom before he burned it, and all were ignorant of this except Abraham, even so his sign is on the trees, and men do not know it now, except you. The Holy Ghost had all men trapped and found them blind, and this is the second winter of Christ's judgment, Luke 21:29-38. Lot signifies the righteous who are slow to obey, Genesis 19:15-21. Lot's daughters represent possessed saints who are married to possessed men, which is the case with the whole race of men, Genesis 19:14,32,35; Daniel 7:21-22. The fact that they were brought out of the city shows that men will receive the grace of life without tasting death, Romans 4:6-10; I Thessalonians 4:17. True death for spirits is not made yet, Wisdom 1:13. It can only come by fire and brimstone. Men are spirits who cannot die, and all live in heaven upon "dying", Luke 20:38-39; John 11:25-26. The case of Lot's wife shows that some who disobey at this time will "die" and learn wisdom after death, Genesis 19:26; Proverbs 5:11-14; Mark 9:49-50; John 12:24. Only the house of clay "dies", II Corinthians 5:1-8.

11. Genesis 12:10-17, 20:1-8. The two parables express the two edges of God's Word concerning unlawful marriages. The true unlawful marriage is a union with a demon. This happens in the case of possessed brothers and sisters, Enoch 15:3-6. Demons will also rape us otherwise, Genesis 19:5-11; Ezekiel 29:6-7; Zechariah 14:2; Revelation 18:2-3. If God allows us to feel their violence against our flesh, it may be a "wet dream", Jude 1:1-8. Sigmund Freud in "The Interpretation of Dreams" called this "secret love wishes". Actually, it is a raping demon hoping to get inside that person's body through sexual lust. If members of your congregations are not thoroughly trained in this sex matter, then these words by Jude are also fulfilled in your churches, Jude 1:12. The first subject text, Genesis 12:10-17, shows that demons of spiritual Egypt who do these things will be damned with plagues, Testament of Levi chapters 5-7; Revelation 15-16, 19:20, 21. On the other hand, Genesis 20:1-8 expresses God's mercy toward His ignorant children, who are considered innocent by Him. All marriages will be terminated and His pairings from the foundation of the earth will be realized when we enter into the "arch", Genesis 7:1-3; Matthew 19:4-6, as eyes (Watchers) in the wings (under authority) of the archangels, Daniel 4:13; Hebrews 12:1; Revelation 4:8. God will forgive our debts, and we will deliver our sisters to their proper God-given spouses, Hebrews 4:3, Secrets 49:2, Zechariah 12:9-14; John 4:16-18. Now the witness of two or three is true. Abraham acted it; Christ said it in parable; Mother Wisdom showed it to me in a dream. In the dream Gabriel asked me to deliver to him my daughter (because I instructed my wife in truth) and my spouse, which is my wife. In the dream I saw another young lady which Gabriel had as a daughter for whom I was espoused, Genesis 20:16, Song of Solomon 1:5, 8:11,12, Isaiah 47:6; Malachi 2:14-16; Romans 8:20-21. In a way we are all prophets like Hosea. KEY: We are born "married", Acts 10:9-20; Revelation 10:2,10.

12. Genesis 28:11. This parable shows that the resting place for every man and the head of a man is Christ, Deuteronomy 32:31; Matthew 11:28-30; I Corinthians 10:4, 11:3.

13. Genesis 29:15-31. Here God dealt in a mysterious way with Jacob, and he ended up with four wives, Colossians 2:2-3. Rachel and Leah signify Israel under both covenants, while the handmaids Bilhah and Zilpah signify the gentiles that are "given" to Christ, Isaiah 49:6 and Colossians 3:11. Rachael and Leah also signify the marriage of Christ to the churches under both the Old and New Covenant, Genesis 15:17-18, Jubilees 28:3-8, Isaiah 9:1-2, 49:8; Luke 11:34-36; John 9:5. Leah represents the Old Covenant church, and Rachel signifies the New Covenant under Jael-Pravuil, Song of Solomon 6:4-9.

14. Genesis 31:1-13. Jacob's wages are Laban's cattle, but before he was paid, they were changed two times through deceit, indicating that although Satan deceives men through all the weeks of the Priesthood, thinking to rob men of eternal life, we are still Christ's possession through the Wisdom of God, Enoch 93 and 91:12-15 (page 264), Psalm 100:3; Ezekiel 34:31; I Corinthians 6:19-20; Wisdom 2:23-24.

15. Genesis 28:16-19, 35:1-5. This parable shows that on the way to heaven most men, except men like Jacob, being one of many, are enjoined to the covenant while in sins in death before entering heaven, Ezekiel 20:32-38, Secrets 25:1-3, Chapter 141:5; Isaiah 28:14-19; Ezekiel 6; Luke 15:18-24.

16. Genesis 40. This parable expresses what transpired in the crucifixion of Christ. Just as Joseph was imprisoned along with two malefactors, Christ also was crucified with two thieves. In Genesis 40:13-14 we find an analogy to Luke 23:40-41. In Luke 23:42-43 we find the thief asking to be remembered, and the kingdom is God's in contrast to Pharaoh's. In Genesis 40:17 we can see the works of Satan against the other thief, Luke 8:5,12, 23:39. At this point we know both the baker and the other thief are living in glory, Lake 20:37,38, John 16:33; Romans 14:7-11; Revelation 6:9-11, 7:9-14.

17. Genesis 41:38-44. If we remember the blessing of Joseph, that it parabolizes the blessing God gave Pravuil, the Holy Ghost, we can look at Joseph's life in this instance and see the crown of the Father on him and his seat with God on the throne. We can also see his great understanding of the secrets of God, and that he was chosen as the Elect One to rule and judge spiritual Egypt, Secrets 22:11,12, Enoch 51:1-3, 55:2,3, John 16:7-11.

18. Genesis 45:19-22. This parable expresses the work of the Holy Ghost. He will gather all the children of God unto himself and give them a change of raiment, Enoch 57, Isaiah 60:4-9,12; Zechariah 3:1-4; Luke 15:20-24; Revelation 6:11, 19:8. The Holy Ghost turns them over to Christ, and Christ gives them back to God, I Corinthians 15:24-25.

19. Genesis 47:19-25. This parable indicates that we are indebted to the Holy Ghost for the Word of God, Luke 8:11; I Corinthians 6:14,20. "Placement of the Children of God", which was previously prepared according to birthright, appears to be lost because we failed by eating strange food in our love trial in this life, Secrets 49:2, 30:13-15, Matthew 10:37-39, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Revelation 3:11. False doctrine causes that "appearance". Now God will reward every man according to his works since we ate false doctrine of devils, Genesis 25:29-34; Matthew 16:11-12; Romans 3:19,23; Revelation 18:3, 22:12. He will restore us to our original estates He planned according to our birth order, Genesis 43:30-33; Isaiah 41:4, 44:7; I Corinthians 15:22-23.

20. Genesis 23:19, 47:29-30. This signifies that the spirits of the children of God will be taken from the graves of this earth, spiritual Egypt, and transformed into the glory of the angels, whose place of rest is in heaven and not Canaan, its parable, Psalm 16:8-11, 23:3; Ezekiel 20:36-38; Luke 8:35,38, 11:23-26; Romans 4:3,6-11; Hebrews 12:22-24. "Bodies" of "prodigals" are clay "graves"! Matthew 8:22; Ephesians 2:1-3.

21. Genesis 48:3-5. This living parable was acted to show us that God would choose two sons of Jael-Pravuil to inherit rulerships to give Him twelve sons and twelve kingdoms, Isaiah 65:17. The inheritance of Reuben and Gad shows also that two more worlds will be created on the other side of the lake of fire when demons will be destroyed. This will make twelve heavenly orbits, II Peter 3:10-13. Adam obtained a tenth throne by birthright. It is the one Satan lost, Adam & Eve, Apoc. Mosis XXXIX (page 150).

22. Genesis 49:10. This is a prophecy which was acted out in parable by Joshua and the people, Joshua 18:1. It remained until the transgression of the priesthood in the days of Eli, Hophni, and Phineas, when the priesthood changed tribes, the later Shiloh was wrecked, Jeremiah 26:2-6. The priesthood went to Samuel of the tribe of Ephraim, I Samuel 1:1, 2:18-19; Psalm 99:6. This was done as a play to teach men that they are only actors, and God can choose any son as a priest, as it pleases Him, Psalm 45:16 and Revelation 5:9-10. Samuel, an Ephraimite, acted out the prophecy of Jacob concerning Joseph (Ephraim), Genesis 49:22-26. The fulfillment came with the Holy Ghost, Shiloh. True to his name, he hides behind men and is very meek and lowly, Exodus 3:2, 17:24; Isaiah 45:15; John 14:17. Pravuil did to Paul, a Benjamite, exactly as Joseph did with Benjamin when he fed him, Genesis 43:30-31,33-34, 45:21-23; II Corinthians 12:2-4,7; Philippians 3:4-5. Now when God picks a man for a parable, He does it to the smallest physical degree, and Paul wore the full crown of the Holy Ghost, Proverbs 14:24, Paul and Thecla 1:7, Isaiah 61:3.

23. Leviticus 4:3,13-14,22-23,27-28. These parables indicate the degrees of understanding of the people who is trespassed against; and who is asked forgiveness, I Corinthians 15:41. The crown of the Father was on the Priest and all the people; so if a priest or the congregation committed a sin, it was against the Almighty symbolized as a bullock. The elders, on the other hand, had lesser understanding than the priest but more than the common people, and they signified the Wisdom of God's sons, Numbers 11:14-17. Therefore, they offered a male goat in cases of trespass. The common people had the least amount of understanding, and what they had is "Mother wit", Proverbs 9:1-6. Therefore, in cases of trespass they offered a female goat, their symbol indicating Wisdom working through Her Daughters, the Virtues, Proverbs 9:1-4, 31:10; Matthew 11:19, Ode 33:5-11.

24. Numbers 19:1-9. This parable indicates Mother Jerusalem's judgment concerning guilt. Sin has always been a demon, even in the days of the Old Covenant which was "in man's flesh," Genesis 17:13. Because it was not time to reveal such knowledge, men carried the responsibility for sin, Exodus 34:6-7.

Numbers 19:4 indicates that the seven archangels carry Her glory and Wisdom.

Numbers 19:3,5 indicate that Her parabolic body, meaning all Her children, is crucified away from Home, Heaven.

Numbers 19:6 Cedar wood is parabolic, meaning Her crucified children are part of the temple under the Old Covenant, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 12:1-2,17, Song of Solomon 1:17, Proverbs 9:1. Hyssop indicates the bitterness of truth by feeling our plight and learning "sin is a demon", Exodus 12:8; Jeremiah 51:35; John 13:21,26-27, 17:12; Romans 8:18-22. Scarlet thread indicates the cords of love for Her children who are considered righteous, Hosea 11:4, Enoch 61:1-6. The truth of this parable was acted by Joshua's spies and Rahab, Joshua 2:4,12-19, 6:25. The burning is true for children of men only, Jeremiah 20:9; Mark 9:49.

Numbers 19:7-8 tell us that demons would be on men who are around the dying and the dead. These make supreme efforts to enter righteous men, Matthew 12:44-45. Also, it exemplifies that Pravuil, the evening star, will move to cleanse his parabolic body (all men) in the end of time, Enoch 80:2,5, Isaiah 10:12; Ezekiel 35:3-6.

Numbers 19:9 is a parable telling us that death is a means of purging demons from our earthly bodies, Isaiah 14:12,18-20; Ezekiel 20:38; Luke 17:34-37.

25. Judges 8:30-31 and chapter 9. The life of Abimelech is a parable showing the whole history of Satan until his destruction. Since Gideon was a judge, the glory of the Father was on him in his role. Gideon's concubine is analogous to "Babylon" and Abimelech to Satan. Abimelech destroyed all his brethren (all men), as he sought to rule his own brethren and the people (Satan ruled the kingdom of men and his own kingdom of darkness). Only one escaped to the mountain and cursed him (Jael-Pravuil: Revelation 12:1-5 is Christ, and Pravuil is hidden, being invisible). Jotham, who cursed Abimelech and his brethren, called for fire. Demons will be burned, but first they had to be tormented by Christ, the stumbling stone, as Abimelech's death signified, Jeremiah 51:61-64; Matthew 21:37-44; Revelation 19:20.

26. Judges 11:1,11,108. Jephtha was picked by God to wear His crown as a Judge to show men in parable that no man is a son of fornication, but wisdom punishes Her daughters who commit adultery with good, I Samuel 8:7, 12:11. Isaiah 45:10-12; Romans 12:20-21. Christ who appeared to men to be born of fornication will give his bride and daughter church to God.

27. Judges 14:1-4. The case of Samson and the Philistines is a parable that God polluted his inheritance by leaving them to Satan's mercy in seeking cause to damn that whole invisible family, Psalm 105:14-15; Isaiah 10:5-7, 47:6, 54:15; Jeremiah 51:24-26; Zechariah 2:8; Ephesians 6:12.

28. I Samuel 2:12-17,22. This is a double negative parable to show the corruption churches would undergo. Some ministers in greed squander money from the people, Proverbs 30:12; Hosea 4:18; Amos 4:4-5. The other parable is that demons will commit adultery through ministers or the congregations in the churches. Lasciviously attired sisters detract ministers and their congregations into spiritual adultery, Ezekiel 29:6-7; Matthew 5:28. Scanty, tight-fitting, and see-through clothing has made our sisters like daughters of Babylon, Isaiah 47:1-3; Ezekiel 27:24; Revelation 18:15-16.

29. I Samuel 5-6. The story of the Philistines and the ark of God shows that God would call on the Gentiles, and the Jews would be in darkness for a while, Isaiah 49:6-8, 65:1, Testament of Leviticus 8:14-15, 18:9-14. The gifts put in the ark indicate the spoiling of the Egyptians. The golden mice and emerods are our sinful brethren, Isaiah 13:12, 43:6-7, 48:9-11.

30. I Kings 21; II Kings 9:30-37. Here Babylon in Jezebel causes God to transform her into a negative prophetess to show "Babylon" her punishment, Isaiah 8:9, 13:15, 47:5-12; Jeremiah 51:21-24; Revelation 2:20-23, 17:1-6, 18:1-3.

31. I Kings 6:7. Solomon's method of building the temple with prefabricated materials is a parable to show that the children of men are fitted for the kingdom (brought in bonds of covenant) outside of heaven, III Hermas, Similitude IX, but our Spirits (US) were created in heaven, Ecclesiastes 7:29; Acts 10:9-20.

32. Isaiah 41:14. Man is like a caterpillar enclosed in a cocoon. Just as the worm in the cocoon transforms into a beautifully colored butterfly, even so men who leave their earthly house are transformed into the glory of angels.

33. Ezekiel 1:4; II Esdras 13:26-28. This parable of the fire infolding itself or the great "rushing in" was shown to me in a dream. In the dream I heard a great noise like a hurricane moving quickly to consume a forest which a man sought to rule. The great rushing was consuming everything and sucking in everything, even in advance of it. I ran to a cave to get out of the way, but it seemed that a finger of the swirling winds reached in the cave and touched me as it passed over, Song of Solomon 2:14, Isaiah 2:20-21, 51:1. The dream showed me two things, (a) Hosea 11:4. All men come from God and return to God, even as the sun has a gravitational pull attracting all galaxies (twelve heavens) to itself, Enoch 43, (b) II .

34. Song of the Three Children 9:27, Daniel 6:10-24. These two parables express what demons will attempt to do to men who begin to serve God in spirit and truth and refuse to yield to satanically inspired pressures, John 15:18-21. Satan himself will attack you if he cannot fight you through your brethren, as it is written, Psalm 22:12-13,20-22; I Peter 4:12-14, 5:8. Obedience to the commands of God will result in deliverance,but disobedience will result in being devoured by Satan, I Kings chapter 13.

35. Deuteronomy 17:2,5. This is a parable to show that demons will be delivered into the hands of God's children for punishment. We are lively stones who will destroy them by casting them into the lake of fire, I Peter 2:5, Enoch 99:3,4, 96:1, 95:3, Psalm 149:5-9; Matthew 13:40-42.

36. II Esdras 1:32-37. The truth is that sin is a demon and the hands of evil belong to demons, although under the Old Covenant men bore the reproach for sin, Proverbs 6:17-19, 12:6,14; John 9:4; Ephesians 6:12. Men are not credited with works of demons of darkness as Christ taught; so demons are the ones with bloody hands, Psalm 50:21; Ezekiel 35:5-6. The children of men will also inherit what Satan lost in heaven, and those to be born will believe the written words of the prophets that the demons killed, Book of Adam and Eve XVIl (Page 137, Isaiah 14:12; Revelation 2:28, 18:2,20,24.

37. II Esdras 2:2-7. This parable tells us that Mother Jerusalem mothered us and put us down here in accordance to God's will although it hurt Her, Isaiah 49:14-22; Jeremiah 31:15-17, Enoch 43, 94:5, 10:20-22. In II Esdras 2:7 where it applies to the children of men is the time when all men shall be taken to glory.

38. II Esdras 2:18-19. This is a replay from Enoch 24,25 and Secrets 8.

39. II Esdras 2:29. Two things here are apparent, (1) Children of men do not see demons floating around in hell because God has shut their eyes, II Baruch (last part), Isaiah 14:16-17; Romans 1:20; Ephesians; Revelation 17:8. Men who claim to have seen demons have seen only parables as visions. Devils can and do give visions also, and then, only when it was God's will. (2) Psalm 16:8-10; I Peter 3:18-19.

40. II Esdras 4:29. This is the same thing Christ referred to, Isaiah 14:18-20; John 12:24-25.

41. II Esdras 5:4. The third angel is Gabriel who sounds (preaches), Revelation 4:1, 14:6-7. The rest of this verse refers to Isaiah 30:25-27, which is a concentrated effort to teach the children of men in the last days. The darkness of the sun refers to the judgment of the Holy Ghost and Gabriel against the demons.

II Esdras 5:5 This is parabolic where blood in wood means (a) Luke 23:28-31 and Isaiah 63:3-6, (b) Isaiah 61:3 and Exodus 12:7-13; Mark 8:38; John 6:53,63; I Corinthians 5:1. This Shows that trees of righteousness will pour forth the "blood" or word of Christ, and some did this naturally, (c) John 16:2. Vocal stones have two edges, (a) I Peter 2:5; Revelation 12:11, (b) referring to demons, Zechariah 1:11-12; John 8:43-47.

II Esdras 5:6 This is acknowledgement of Pravuil's authority over the world at a time when demons appear to have taken over, Malachi 3:1; Luke 21:34-36; Revelation 10:1-2,6. Birds are parabolic, meaning demons, Revelation 6:15-16, 18:2, at the time when all men will be removed and taken to glory.

II Esdras 5:7 Sodomitish sea refers to people and also demons in the absolute sense, (a) Isaiah 1:9,18; Revelation 17:15, because demons have men acting like them, (b) Secrets 31:4,5, Revelation 11:8, 12:16, 17:5,18- flood of Satan is multitudes of demons. Fish refers to children of men, Ezekiel 29:2-5; Matthew 4:19; Revelation 18:4. All men hear the voice of deceit, but all men will hear Pravuil sooner or later, Enoch 55:4, Isaiah 52:15; John 16:8-11.

II Esdras 5:8 Fire is the Word against demons according to Pravuil's judgment, Jeremiah 20:9; II Esdras 12:31-34, 13:25-37. The eagle of II Esdras 12 is Babylon, Revelation 17:18. Demons and fertility drugs fulfilled the part about monsters, Genesis 30:1-2; II Esdras 16:19.

II Esdras 5:9 Men fulfilled the natural aspect of the waters by rechanneling rivers and making canals. The Lawrence Seaway has been pouring saltwater from the Atlantic ocean into the Great Lakes. The spiritual aspect is demonic lies mixed with truth, Matthew 15:18-19; James 3:8-11.

42. II Esdras 6:7-10. In verse seven if you remember that men are parabolized as days, hours, and minutes, you can see the parting asunder of times in the highest spiritual light as the removal of men from this earth. The end of the first is when Satan, who was created first, and his family shall be destroyed, while the beginning of the second is our new life in heaven when all of us get together. Remembering that Esau was a living negative parable for Satan, and Jacob in the highest spiritual light represented the Most High, we can see the hand of God hold the feet of Satan from treading us into powder at birth, like Satan did at Moses' birth and Christ's birth. In another sense we can see "the hand of man between the heel and hand", meaning that persecution by demons can only happen through their use of men just as Christ's own hands and feet were pierced by demons who possessed his brethren.

43. II Esdras 6:20-22. We have already explained the books opened in the firmament in another paper. This time we will explain the other edge for demons. Remembering Revelation 10:10-11 and Psalm 23:5, we can see the spirits of God who testified to all writers, again testifying the same things to you and me, while demons who ride us listen and report to their fellows in great torment, Jeremiah 50:43, 51:31,46,52-53. God has already given healing powers as a gift to doctors as a crown of His glory, I Corinthians 12:4-6,9; Hebrews 2:6-7; Wisdom 7:15-16. Doctors save premature babies these days, and those whom they could not save are in glory, rejoicing that you believe these words although you have been vexed, Isaiah 28:18-22, 43:7, 45:11-12, 53:1, 66:9. Verse 22 of Esdras 6 is explained when we consider the earth as a fifth chamber along with the four in the second heaven, II Esdras 4:41, 5:48. Souls with spirits live on top of the earth, and those without spirits, are six-feet under. The sown place will be unsown when God suddenly visits His temple and removes all parts of His inheritance, Isaiah 57:16; I Thessalonians 4:15-18.

44. II Esdras 7:29-31. Because we are parabolized as the body of Christ, all men died one death through Christ on the cross, so that the second eternal death would be for demons only, I Corinthians 12:27; II Corinthians 5:14; Hebrews 2:14-15, 9:27. Turning the world into old silence is preventing men from speaking truth, so that death reigns from Adam to the last man Adam, Isaiah 10:13-14; Matthew 8:22, 12:34; John 6:68. The reign of death will continue until God calls for all of us at the seven thousandth year or seventh day, Daniel 7:21-22.

45. II Esdras 15:52-54. This is what Babylon taught her invisible vipers to do over our bodies when we die. The following tells God's extreme wrath against the invisible kingdom of nations for all this: Song of Solomon 8:6, Proverbs 16:4; Isaiah 1:4, 59:7, 65:12; Jeremiah 50:10-11, Secrets 34(a), Proverbs 12:12, 17:11; Matthew 13:38-39. So the nature of a demon is evil continually, and a possessed man demon (strates) (or demons' traits) those characteristics, Genesis 6:5-6, Enoch 91:4 (p.261), 99:2.

46. II Esdras 16:22-31. Verses 22-24 show the sequence of death until God takes all men away from the earth. The demons in men are cast out as dung upon death, Isaiah 14:18-20, but in the end with all men removed, demons will hunger and thirst without a possessable in sight as a possible remedy. Verse 27 of II Esdras 16 is when we all get together in heaven, Revelation 17:8; II Baruch 50:3,4, 30:2,3, . Before that time comes, demons will overcome the whole world, except a few men of understanding that are not counted with the possessed, Daniel 2:40-44, 11:31-35.

47. Psalm 87:2-6. This is a parable concerning the sons of men when they realize their true parentage, that God is our Father, and Mother Jerusalem (Zion) is our Mother, and we were born in Her body, John 3; Revelation 21:3:l, Enoch 10:22. And no one knows that number of God's children, except Himself and Mother Jerusalem. Therefore, as far as our knowledge goes, the children of God cannot be numbered, Genesis 13:16.

48. II Esdras 9:17. This parable indicates God's righteous judgment in that He considers His spirit housed in flesh holy, while demons corrupt every day, Numbers 23:19-21; Psalm 78:15-22; Micah 6:5; Acts 10:28. Sin is a demon, Malachi 3:6, II Hermas, Command V:2,15, Matthew 11:28-30; James 2:26.

(a) "Like as the field is, so is also the seed": Genesis 1:10; Isaiah 6:13, 61:3,11; Joel 2:28; Matthew 13:37-38.

(b) "as the flowers be, such are the colors also": Secrets chapter , Song of Solomon 2:1,2. "Flowers" here refers to people, Isaiah 40:6; Revelation 6:1-8.

(c) "as the workman is, such also is the work," Genesis 1:27,31; Isaiah 45:9-11; Malachi 3:6; Matthew 5:48, III Hermas Similitude IX:84-90.

(d) "as the husbandman is himself, so is the husbandry, Matthew 13:37-39, 15:13; I Corinthians 3:9.

(e) "For it was the time of the world," Luke 17:22, Enoch 82:2-6. In a day hours are archangels; minutes and seconds are the rest of the children of God, and demons have been cutting time short by killing it, Genesis 1:14, 15:5; Daniel 8:9-14.

49. Exodus 20:12. Every mother and father is a prophetical parable to his children as stand-ins for God. Everyone will treat God and Mother Wisdom better than earthly parents, Jeremiah 3:4,19; Matthew 23:9; Hebrews 12:7-11.

50. Jubilees 11:19-21. This is a parable to illustrate how Satan destroys the truth that comes as micro waves or cosmic waves from the Father. It also shows that God would allow demons to trample the temple for a specified time until his champion, (Himself in Jael-Pravuil-Michael) should come, , Enoch 46:3, 51:3, Daniel 12:1. God's champions will spare their brethren, transferring sin from the people to demons as all God's priests do.

51. Jubilees 6:1-5. As a priest, Noah did atonement for the earth, that is, all men who died in the flood, Jubilees 3:25, Enoch 10:12-22, Jubilees 5:12, I Peter 3:18-21. This was done to exemplify the power of the priesthood vested in the Heavenly Priests until Christ would offer himself as the atonement for all men in all generations, Luke 9:56, 20:38; Romans 14:7-9; I Corinthians 15:19; I Timothy 2:3-6; Hebrews 7:24-27. Today all men have power to forgive sins, Matthew 6:14-15, 9:6-8.

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