The love and mercy of God is boundless and unimaginable in the eyesight of men, Isaiah 64:4-5; Wisdom of Solomon 9:13-18. Understanding this love in the midst of sin can only come from God, Romans 11:33-36. He told the prophets about it, so please read every scripture, Isaiah 8:20, 28:9-10; Wisdom 11:20-22. First God's love is manifested in every man that ever existed in that God created us in the image of Himself as a piece of His own body, Psalm 49:20; Isaiah 42:8, 45:9-12; Hebrews 2:6-7. Jesus only came down to "pinch-hit" for the Father to teach us that we are a part of God's body, I Corinthians 12:24-26. Thus, Christ was an actor before men, teaching us the higher glory of our Father in heaven, Matthew 11:27. The twelve disciples did not understand that Christ was playing a role and failed to recognize Jesus even though they walked with him, John 16:25,28-31. As for the gIory of Christ, it all belongs to God because all the names attributed to Jesus in his role playing really are the names of the Father, Isaiah 9:6; John 5:43. Thus, all the names including Jesus which is a code name ("he shall save his people from their sins") describe the deity and work of the Father Himself, John 14:10. Jesus taught that he and the Father are one because he is a part of God's body, just as you and I are a part of God, John 10:34-38. God fashioned our earthly tabernacle of flesh in which we dwell to teach us in natural terms about the origin of our spirits, Psalm 87; John 3:6,13. Only the body is of dust and ashes, but God is a spirit and so are we His sons, Isaiah 42:5; John 4:23-24. Men make a big mistake when they think erringly that they consist of flesh. We are spirits bound inside these bodies by the command of God for the reasons we will discuss. So in death only the body dies and dissolves, but the spirit lives and goes back to the Father to be trained and educated, Ecclesiastes 3:21, 4:2-3, 12:7; James 2:26. No man's spirit remains here in hell (this earth where demons continuously fall through solid matter to prove earth a bottomless pit for devils) because God was taking them to heaven before Christ came to die in order to teach us what God had been doing all the time, Romans 5:18; Hebrews 2:14-15. Remember that Jesus acted to teach us God's goodness in death and that glory which all men have had from Adam onward, Isaiah 42:8; Hebrews 2:6-7, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:20-21. The only way the Father will burn one of His children up is with love, like coals of fire. God loves men of flesh and blood who do not understand and appear as His enemy. He blesses men that curse and blaspheme Him. He does good to men of flesh who hate him. He sent Jesus and the angels to pray for those who persecute and despise Him saying, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". Why does God do this for all men regardless as to how Satan has bound us? Because we are a piece (spirit) of Himself, the undying Spirit of Life and because we are beloved children.

Why then does Cod allow conditions in this life to continue as they do? We will attack this question from several categories. We will consider:

A. Our subjection to vanity

B. Our need for spiritual growth in order to teach devils how to live

C. Our need for spiritual understanding for standing in spiritual warfare

D. Our greater appreciation of the heavenly body due to experiencing pain

E. Our love test: to see if we could maintain brotherly and Godly love in the face of satanic wrath against us and our Father

A. Our subjection to vanity, that is, the influence of the invisible world of demons has a purpose. Firstly, because we are portions of God Himself, God desired to see how His own body would fare under weakness against a superior opposing power. Therefore, He made our spirits vulnerable to certain nerve stimulation from demons through our weak bodies. Also, He opened every man's ears to the voices of devils who speak to us as our conscience. Now the nature of God's own body is peace, love, happiness, compassion, etc. Thus, the "little pieces of spirit" housed in clay bodies should seek its true nature even under demonic torture. By varying the amounts of demonic pressures on our brains and nervous system, He is able to take a look at Himself as if it were under a microscope, Job 36:8-11; Isaiah 47:6-7; Romans 7:18-21, 8:18-23. Because devils force men into sins, God has used the weakness of flesh as a legitimate reason to justify all men against damnation, Isaiah 53:11; Romans 5:18, 8:3.

B. God is holy, pure, and absolutely good, and He Himself can do no evil, Matthew 5:48, 19:17; James 1:13. If evil comes to us or through us, it is a devil doing the works. God made man upright and His unchanging verdict is that we are good, Genesis 1:27-28,31; Numbers 23:19-21; Ecclesiastes 3:14, 7:29. From Numbers we see that God did not blame His children for the trespasses demons made them commit in the wilderness with Moses. He blames demons at all times to show you His righteous judgment, Micah 6:5. What was God showing us with Moses? God was offering salvation to demons born in this earth to Satan and his wife who were already condemned to eternal death when God threw them out of heaven, Isaiah 47:1,7; Revelation 12:7-12, 17:1-6. All those demons not yet condemned had to see the proper way of life ACTED OUT BEFORE THEIR EYES, and God chose Moses and Israel to teach them the way until Christ would come and personally offer salvation to "whosoever would believe" among them. Remember, you are a spirit dwelling inside the house of clay, and not the clay itself, Luke 17:20-22. You are a spirit just as your Father, God, I Corinthians 15:44; II Corinthians 5:1-8. Devils who were ignorant of this, thinking we were the clay body sought to hurt God by destroying us. They devised wars, disease, accidents, aches, and pains to the body thinking to do permanent harm to us, Jeremiah 51:35; II Esdras 15:50-54. Even if devils cannot kill us, they attempt to subject us to various mental tortures, and they will also use possessed men they can control for that purpose, Ecclesiastes 4:1-3. But men ignorant of the glory of the spirit look at the clay garment called the body which is dust and think that death is horrible. In the meantime the spirit in the image of God goes back to heaven rejoicing with the angels in pain-free eternal happiness. Two parables and plain words tell us how the children are removed and possessing devils remain behind: Luke 17:33-37, (1) Luke 16:22-26, (2) Matthew 13:37-43; Luke 15:13-24. So in death the angels bring all men to God, John 12:24,32, 14:1-3,31, 17:24; Romans 14:1-10. In this way God receives His beloved children for it is better in His eyesight for us to be with Him than down here with the peace of Satan, Psalm 44:22; Isaiah 57:1-2; Hosea 13:12-14. Satan has turned men against God showing them his work against our clay garments that he might possess those who think to love man more than God. Men than moan over "clay suits" blaming God while the men they seem to love who wore those clay suits praise God in heavenly bliss. Thus, Satan temporarily reproaches God through ignorant men and at the same time possesses those men's minds and bodies, Matthew 12:43-45, 15:18-19. Our shortcomings in understanding crystallize our need for spiritual growth, James 1:19-25.

C. Subjection to demonic oppression also commits us to warfare to avenge ourselves and our fellow men against the invisible enemy, Ephesians 6:12. By living righteously, we ourselves become free of possessing evil spirits, John 8:31-32,34-36. By teaching others, we glorify God, Matthew 5:16. When they believe, and God throws the demons from the bodies of the new believers, then the devils fight back, Matthew 12:43-45. In this manner spiritual warfare continues, II Corinthians 10:3-6. God has committed all men to show devils the glory of Himself in the weakness of clay against their terror. But because of the greater total number of devils than men, Christ had to commission some in his protective custody to continue to show all new born devils how to live until the final judgment of all demons who failed to believe, Isaiah 14:12,20-21; Luke 10:18-20; John 10:7-8,11. It was necessary to show demons how to live. Observe what Jesus told Cain (NEW AMERICAN BIBLE) Genesis 4:5-7: "Sin is a demon". God calls devils sinners! Men are to rule over them!

D. Our experience with pain and pains due to our agreement with devils to make us misuse our bodies in this life serve as a basis for real appreciation of our heavenly body, Isaiah 28:14-29; Romans 8:18,22-23; II Corinthians 3:18, 5:1. What is the purpose of pain?

(1) It is a means of punishment for agreeing with demons, Isaiah 10:5-7,24-26; Hebrews 12:5-8, (Here Satan was possessing the body of the Assyrian King). Because God will let demons do harm when we obey them, He takes responsibility for punishing us, Isaiah 47:6. But in reality those things are works of devils.

(2) Pain is also a means by which demons persecute us because we are the children of God who is their enemy. Thus, we get crucified simply because we belong to God, Psalm 44:22. So in heaven after we die, we see fulfillment of these words, "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil". Thus, heaven is the place where all the promises of God are fulfilled, not this life on earth.

E. In all these things we are tested for Godly and brotherly love. We were told to "speak evil of no man" James 4:11, because demons were given powers to move men like puppets on a string. We were told to love all visible men as ourselves because we are all a piece of God's body and brethren, Matthew 22:30-37; Hebrews 2:14-15; I John 5:20. Death then serves as a means of freeing us from the bondage of Satan in this lifetime. But our love should be stronger than death and our jealousy on God's behalf should be stronger than the Hell and destruction coming from Satan's mouth against God, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Matthew 5:44. God cannot change if we learn satanic spite, but He will embarrass you with love, Malachi 3:6,17; Luke 9:52-56; Romans 12:20-21; Hebrews 13:8. Because we are sons to be spared (all men: Romans 5:18), we should all serve God out of love and gratitude, John 4:20-26; Romans 12:1.

God has not punished demons in the way men of flesh are punished because they would have obeyed and feared Him because of pain, Genesis 15:13-14; Isaiah 26:10; John 16:11; Hebrews 12:8. God can show His power at all times in thought or in a word, Luke 12:25-26; Wisdom 11:20-22. But if He had done this at all times, then demons born in this earth would have feared for that reason and believed. Because Satan was personally thrown out of heaven, he fears God and trembles, James 2:19. Devils who were personally cast from the bodies of men by Christ feared his power, Matthew 8:28-31; John 15:22-25. Because Satan and those devils were already condemned to eternal death, their only motives in lying and possessing men were to fill their lusts to do evil, and to make an impenetrable lie screen to prevent their children from believing. Yes! Devils have so much envy that they be grudged their own offspring the opportunity to hear the untwisted truth lest they should believe and be saved, I Peter 3:18-20. This doing by the already condemened and damned devils was of no urgent concern to God because He also wanted every enemy to be burned. Therefore, He did not bother about forcing the truth on both worlds, of devils, and of men, whom He never planned to damn. He wanted all devils to die merely for touching us, so He allowed Satan to enter the churches and twist the truth which in the end would be the destruction of demons only! Note this about Satan in the Assyrian King, Isaiah 10:5-8,13-15; Daniel 7:21-22; Zechariah 2:7-9. Satan's trick was in line with God's will, NOT TO SPARE ONE DEVIL BORN TO SATAN AND BABYLON, Isaiah 47:1,7-9; Jeremiah 51:24-26. In all fairness God had to offer salvation to the uncondemned demons born here, but taught Christ to speak hard parables lest they should believe plain words backed by his power and repent, Matthew 10:11-15, 13:11-15, 16:26,28. Verse 26 is put that way because devils were possessing and controlling men at will, II Timothy 2:26. So we had to suffer in ignorance so that God's perfect trap might be sprung on all devils born here through deceit by their own parents, Satan and "Babylon", Revelation 17:1-8. God has been gaining undisputable evidence against devils, even bringing men of flesh home to heaven to let them see who has caused all our sorrows, Isaiah 14:12,16-18; Malachi 3:18; Hebrews 12:1-2,22-24. Now glorify God for His Wisdom, John 15:15; Romans 11:33-36. I am willing to stiffer for this reason: why should a demon get into heaven by believing for fear of punishment? If such were the case, Isaiah 26:10 says we would "catch hell" all over again! Psalm 18:4-7, 88:4-7. Glorify God!

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