God's sons and daughters represent time, where the sun (Son speaks for the Father), (Mother Wisdom signified by) the moon, and the stars (children of God,) moving across the sky (sojourning through the earth) cause hours, days, months, and years. Thus, Christ taught us a key to spiritual timing because he is the morning star or day star, Genesis 1:14-19. The sons and daughters of understanding represent SIX DAYS of earth's existence before the consummation. Devils represent the darkness of night, but God's possessed children had to act the demons' role, because God hates demons so much He counts them "as not at all", John wrote about God's justified indignation calling devils, "the beast that was, is not, and yet is", Revelation 17:8. Thus, God's innocent children captured by possessing demons (John 9:4; Ephesians 6:12; II Timothy 2:26; Hebrews 2:14-15) had to represent and act out SIX NIGHTS of earth's time, II Baruch 56:2,3. Obviously this time is not like natural timing which is determined by the natural constellations. It is strictly determined by the angels and God's children who are all spirits dwelling in clay bodies, Matthew 16:2-3. Why? Enoch 80:2-7. These are the determinants of earth's time which parallel natural time, Matthew 24:22. It will fall within the limit of 6,000 years of 6 days.

lst Day, Evening - II Baruch 56:5-16

* Morning - II Baruch 57

2nd Day, Evening - II Baruch 58

* Morning - II Baruch 59

3rd Day, Evening - II Baruch 60

* Morning - II Baruch 61

4th Day, Evening, II Baruch 62

* Morning - II Baruch 63

5th Day, Evening - II Baruch 64,65

* Morning - II Baruch 66

6th Day, Evening - II Baruch 67

* Morning - II Baruch 68

7th Day, Evening - II Baruch 69-71 Only demons will remain in the earth!

* Morning - II Baruch 72-74 All men will be in God's Rest in Heaven!

Evening -ANCIENT OF DAYS -The day of Christ, the morning star, signified the days of mankind. He came down without shining, but he rose brighter than the earthly sun. He came down from heaven and was veiled in a body of clay that hid his brightness, Hebrews 10:5,19-20. This is analogous to the sun seemingly sinking in the ground after sunset. So Christ's feet were set on earth. The Hebrew word "son", means flock by translation, and all men are sons of God, Psalm 100:3; Isaiah 45:10-12, 53:6; Daniel 7:9. Jesus, therefore, acted out bodily the glory of the flocks of mankind. We are the body of Christ, I Corinthians 12:21; Wisdom 18:24. It is sundown in the earth because the sons are down and their glory veiled by flesh, Isaiah 43:7; Hebrews 2:14. It is evening because we are even in the same place with powers of darkness, Ephesians 6:12.

Morning - When Jesus died to show us the glory of the images of God in clay bodies, his spirit and ours cannot die as the body does, Isaiah 25:7-8, 26:19. This was morning. While some were mourning his death, he rose up in the heavens shining with glory like the sun. Even so, in death the sons of men are harvested like wheat and rise to heaven in glory like the sun, while men on earth mourn, Psalm 126:5-6; Matthew 13:37-43. But it is morning time in heaven because the sons are rising!

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