There is a profound meaning in our advertising that you should know. We have been giving out the Good Wine to whoever God would chooses to drink it, John 3:27. Realize that Jesus is the true vine, and all men happen to be branches, John 15:1-5 as members of Jesus' parabolic body, I Corinthians 12:27; II Corinthians 5:14; Ephesians 5:30; Hebrews 2:6-7,14-15. Jesus is the fruit containing the wine, John 2:3-4. At Christ's time mentioned to Mary, he taught us that the true Passover wine is his blood, Mark 14:24-25. Paul and Daniel prophesied that Christ, the Word, John 1:1, would be sacrificed again in the end of time, Daniel 9:24,26-27; Hebrews 9:26. The TRUE PASSOVER will be explained in this letter.

Look at the amazing meaning of fruit of the vine: Isaiah 27:9,KJV, John 1:29; II Corinthians 5:18-19; we will use that set of scriptural keys to unlock what will follow. REALIZE THAT THE FULLY RIPE "CHRIST CLUSTER" WHICH IS ALREADY COMPLETED IS "TO TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD -NOT IMPUTING TRESPASSES" TO MANKIND! THAT IS ALL THE FRUIT OF THE VINE! Men have not "abided in the true vine" long enough to become fully ripe grapes with Christ within. Demonic vinekeepers have kept men back from wine from "ALL THE FRUIT," that the whole world of mankind is absolutely absolved from sins by God, and that our trespasses are not imputed on any books in heaven, Luke 20:10-14; II Corinthians 11:13-15; Ephesians 6:12. Devils were found to be a badgerskin veil on the temples of our bodies blocking our understanding, Exodus 26:14. A badger is an unclean animal (spirit), and the word defined in the AMERICAN COLLEGE DICTIONARY means "to harass; torment" expressing the wicked work of devils against us, Matthew 12:43-45, 15:18-19; Romans 7:15-21. Thus, Habakkuk wrote, "because the wicked (demons) doth compass the righteous; therefore, wrong judgment proceedeth," Habakkuk 1:4. Gabriel taught Solomon in his Song that demonic foxes were prohibiting the church from becoming FULLY RIPE CHRIST GRAPES, Song of Solomon 2:15, Ezekiel 13:4. You are to understand from II Corinthians 11:13-15 and Ephesians 6:12 that we are speaking of devils and not really the man they control, Jeremiah 10:23; John 7:24, 8:15; II Thessalonians 2:2-8. Heaven is wrestling spiritual wickedness, and so are you, Revelation 12:7,12,17. Because of these things the churches cannot give God a full drink offering. Devils have given men a bitter wine offering rather than the "pure blood of the Christ Grape" as witnessed BY JESUS who gave John the Revelation 1:1, 15:3-4, according to this writing in the Song of Moses: Deuteronomy 32:12-14,29-34. You are to notice that Sodom is an ancient rendering of the name Satan who caused that city to be named after himself, Secrets XXXI:4,5. Here is the history of the UNTRUE VINE, or the vine of Sodom (Satan) which competes against Jesus the TRUE VINE, Deuteronomy 22:29-34, III Baruch 4:8-17, (Matthew 12:43-45, 13:24-30), Isaiah 5:1-10. So Satan's perverse vine has attached itself (possessed) to men's bodies (TRUE VINE'S branches) Matthew 7:l5-20, Romans 11:16,24-27. A "wild" doctrine which "limits" Jesus' saving power does not please God, Psalm 78:41; Isaiah 50:2. Therefore, churches have given God corrupt wine offerings filled with "adder's poison" who added perversion to their knowledge of the scriptures while they hunger and thirst on the mountain of temptation, Matthew 4:1-7. Look again at the pure blood of the grape given by God: Deuteronomy 32:12,14; John 1:29, 2:3-4, 5:32-38, 6:37, 11:49-52, 12:32. There is no prophet greater than John, but Christ. The Holy Ghost gave Paul a 100 percent pure Christ Grape wine offering full of Isaiah 27:9, Ode of Solomon 1:4, and John 1:29 in II Corinthians 5:14,18-19. Anything less than this HIGH LIGHT is PARTIAL (GREEN GRAPES OR DARKNESS, Luke 11:35; I Corinthians 13:8-12.

"To the hungry bitterness is sweet," Proverbs 27:7. Sour grapes not ripe enough for the winepress is the partial doctrine that "you can be saved" with "if" strings attached. The ministry of the apostles was partial because the Christ grapes were not fully ripe in them, Song of Solomon 7:10-12. Christ's ministry among them was "neither clear nor dark" (partial understanding), Zechariah 14:6-8 and THEIR UNDERSTANDING was described by the Holy Ghost to Isaiah as "dimness", Isaiah 9:1-2. The Holy Ghost attempted to give Peter a key of purple to FULL RIPENESS in Acts 10:28 showing him men with no understanding were first born in heaven and would be DRAWN BY CHRIST there again, Psalm 49:20; Acts 10:9-17, 17:24-28; Hebrews 2:6-7,11,14-15. But Satan, "a little fox", hindered him, Song of Solomon 2:15, so that we find Peter trying to walk the water, but sinking for fear of the storm and for doubt in Matthew 14:25-31; Luke 22:31; Galatians 2:11-18; Revelation 17:15. Because Peter's grapes were not fully ripe, he thought Paul's RIPE CHRIST WINE "Talents" were hard to accept, II Peter 3:15-16. Paul's knowledge must be traced back to the meeting of Joseph and his brethren; read Genesis 43:31-34. Joseph as king represented Christ the King administrating from God's throne rather than Pharaoh's. Where it is written about Judas, "his bishopric let another take," Acts 1:20, the twelve did not have power to ordain whom they would. That power always was strictly under Jesus' authority as his personal command from the Father, John 5:19, 15:16. Just as Joseph fed Benjamin five times more than his other brethren, even so Jesus ordained Paul, a true Benjamite, for the open "bishopric" and gave him five talents more than the others. Joseph and Benjamin were both Rachel's sons, and Jesus and Paul were both sons of Wisdom, Matthew 11:19, Song of Solomon 8:1-3, Exodus 39:24-27, offering "pure blood of grape" (wine) to the Father, Matthew 23:9; Acts 17:24-28. Sour grapes is that we are not sons, but can become sons if and if you are saved -or otherwise you cannot be forgiven. There is a big difference between those statements and the PURE BLOOD OF CHRIST GRAPES shown earlier.

God works by time, and IN THE END HE planned to ripen the CHRIST GRAPES as fruit of understanding, I Timothy 2:3-6, and give us the wine to offer back to Him, Ecclesiastes 3:1; Daniel 9:26-27; Matthew 21:38-39; Hebrews 9:26, Ode of Solomon 20:1-4. This time the Word only is sacrificed. Here the Holy Ghost as the other Comforter sacrifices His Word before the public, John 16:7-11. The Greek word "kristos" (Christ) means simply ANOINTED one. There are TWO KRISTOS as shown to Zechariah in John 4:11-14 and Moses in the "pattern" of the heavens, Exodus 25:17-20. Thus the other "kristos" (Christ) (which the Jews are still looking for) is the Left Hand of Power, the Holy Ghost, the other Comforter, John 14:16,26. He is the Messiah pouring the WORD AS WINE "once in the end of time, Hebrews 9:26 in order "to convince the world of sin," Isaiah 27:9; Luke 1:13,15; John 1:29: "to convince the world of righteousness, Isaiah 45:22-25, 46:13, 51:5, 56:1; Romans 5:15-19, "to convince the world of judgment", from our ad "JESUS' COURT VERDICT", Isaiah 50:2; Micah 1:18; John 5:22, 6:37, 8:15; Ephesians 6:12. And to that we add, Jeremiah 33:6-8 since all men are "princes of God," Genesis 32:28; Isaiah 45:9-12. By dividing the cup among us, the Holy Ghost has broken the CHRIST GRAPES among us, who offended in the GOOD WINE like Paul did, Genesis 40:9-14; Luke 23:40-43, (Acts 9:4-5; II Corinthians 12:1-7).

Fully ripe grapes are put in God's winepress, not green grapes. Green grapes may set our teeth on edge, Jeremiah 31:30. Those branches in the TRUE WINE not producing fruit are removed to heaven because they do not abide in the TRUE VINE, Ecclesiastes 12:7; Luke 15:20-24; John 12:24, 15:2. Those producing fruit are purged, -PRODUCE MORE FRUIT.

I have seen wine in some spiritual writings as proof that God has given us (writers) THE CUP by His Left Hand of power at this time. As reborn bottles we were able to take in the new wine, or PURE BLOOD OF THE GRAPE, JESUS, Luke 5:37-39, not from green grapes, but fully ripe grapes. Obviously, it pleased Cod to bruise the "KRISTOS" grapes of the holy ghost to make wine for us, Isaiah 53:10. Therefore the "Father of many nations" has sacrificed THE RAM OF GOD rather than the Son "once in the end", Genesis 22:6-13; Exodus 3:2-6; Acts 2:3-4; Galatians 3:16. Thus, the RAMBUSH is a BURNING BUSH, a TONGUE OF FIRE IN YOU, A "LOW TREE" of righteousness, Isaiah 61:3. (Am I correct if I say low vine?) When God, or Christ, or the Holy Ghost, or the angels walk in us, they "tread the grapes" and we who are filled with wine begin to pour it out from our pens and our mouths, Psalm 45:1-8; Isaiah 63:1-6; John 15:4-5; II Corinthians 6:16. This new wine is a part of the marriage feast being served in heaven, Matthew 22:8-10; John 2:2-4,9-10, and it is the new "milk" of the perfected church, Song of Solomon 7:6-9, Isaiah 25:6-8; I Corinthians 13:10; Hebrews 12:22-24. "Once in the end hath He appeared for new wine" to spiritual babes, Matthew 11:27; Hebrews 9:26. "Breasts" of the Perfect Church will only give new wine! Matthew 21:16; Luke 19:39-40. The wine of joy MUST NOT BE RESTRAINED "once in the end", Isaiah 27:9, 57:17-19; Jeremiah 33:6-8; Revelation 6:5-6, II Baruch.

The Word of God has two edges. Our positive edge of glory in the blood of Christ Grapes is a great anguish to devils, Jeremiah 33:6-9 (especially verse 9), Psalm 127:1-4, II Baruch. Pharaoh (Satan) and the Egyptians (demons) have always hated to let men go from their possession, Isaiah 18:3-5,7, 49:24-25; Matthew 12:42-45 (note what happens to sour grapes), II Timothy 2:26; Hebrews 2:14-15. Therefore devils veiled men from seeing GRAPE-SCRIPTURES which are fully ripe, John 15:5, Song of Solomon 2:15, Isaiah 10:13-14, 14:12,16-17; Luke 20:13-14, 24:40-44; II Corinthians 3:7-11,13-16. (They really do not want you even to drink sour wine and not to mention good wine, Deuteronomy 32:32-34; Hosea 4:18). But devils prefer sour wine from green grapes anytime rather than new wine. From this you see "Pharaoh" hates being defeated. But the blood of Jesus first came forth as water and became a "Red Sea" of dreaded wine to demons, Isaiah 27:9, 62:8-9; Jeremiah 33:9; I John 5:6-9. For us the "Red Sea" became an "open way" to heaven, the true "promised land" Habakkuk 2:12-14; Luke 20:14; John 4:14, 6:37, 12:32, 14:6, 19:34; Hebrews 11:14-16, 12:22-24. Thus, EXODUS means we journey OUT OF (EXO) DUST (DUS) into heaven, the true "promised land", Ecclesiastes 4:1-2, 12:7. (To do that we must pass through the red sea of our blood). That is the Most High meaning of the true "passover". Now read Ode of Solomon 22:8-12 and Psalm 102:18-22 and "weigh in the balance" what you believe or teach against it. Thus we "overcome" (come over to heaven above them) by the WINE (BLOOD) OF CHRIST and by Jesus' own testimony, III Matthew 16:17; John 2:24-25, 3:31-32; Revelation 3:14; Baruch 4:10-15. Now I ask, "Who hath believed our report and to whom is the Right Arm of God's power revealed?" Isaiah 53:1,5-6,11-12; Matthew 11:25-27; Revelation 14:12. You could not believe our message unless God gave you a special gift of faith, even if you had walked, talked, and ate with Jesus daily while He was in the flesh! Isaiah 45:21-25; Jeremiah 23:5-6; Romans 4:1-5; II Corinthians 4:13; Ephesians 2:8; Philippians 3:7-9; Revelation 14:12. This is the GOOD WINE of gladness with NO SOURNESS in it from green grapes.

Only wine from the FULLY RIPE CHRIST CLUSTER is chosen for God's winepress to make "dregs" to hurt devils, Zechariah 9:14-17; II Corinthians 6:16; Revelation 14:17-20. Now learn a lesson from II Hermas, Commands XII:24-33. Do not be afraid if the GOOD WINE shows on your "door post" (mouth). Man-pleasing is less rewarding than God-pleasing! All men (new bottles reborn) who are filled with new wine are GRAPES OF WRATH FROM THE "TRUE VINE" to devils, Genesis 49:11-12; Psalm 110:5-7; Jeremiah 33:6-9,11; Baruch. When God walks (treads) in us, the wine is pressed out of our mouths and pens "outside of the city" (heaven) II Corinthians 6:16; Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 14:20, 19:11,13,15. Necessarily, it was expedient for the GOOD WINE WITH DREGS OF WRATH to be poured over the cities of the (invisible) nations (of possessing devils) as it is written, Jeremiah 25:15-16; Revelation 14:8,10, 19:15. So the GOOD WINE has dregs of anguish as THE OTHER EDGE for devils who are greatly afflicted by their inborn envy and jealousy learning of the glories already fixed for us, Jeremiah 33:6-9, (Psalm 112:6,10; Romans 5:18; James 1:17), II Isaiah 66:14; Baruch. Truly, God is marvelous, taking advantage of our enemies' perverse personality traits to bruise their heads, Psalm 110:5-7; Jeremiah 25:15-16. Thus, the news press became a wine press when it printed our ad! Now you see why God had me to scatter fire (GOOD WINE) from the Holy Ghost over the cities, Ezekiel 9:3,11, 10:2,6-7. To date our "wine" ad has poured over major U.S. cities as well as Paris and London. TO DEFEAT GOD'S ENEMY DOES NOT REQUIRE A MULTITUDE OF MEN. All God needs is one man made ready to obey and an angel to "put the whole army to flight," Deuteronomy 32:11-14,28-33,42; Psalm 7:18; Isaiah 49:2; Jeremiah 51:20-24. "ORDAINED ARROWS" by God are the only ones who can follow God's orders to publish peace" (WINE DREGS) without gainsaying the Father, Song of Solomon 7:1, Isaiah 27:9, 52:7, 57:16-19; Daniel 4:35; John 4:23-24. It is enough for each man to KEEP HIS OWN PERSONAL COMMANDS FROM GOD, Proverbs 21:30; John 15:8-11, and to AVOID HURTING THE WINE, Revelation 6:5-6. For those of you who are FULLY RIPE CHRIST GRAPES, your command from the TRUE VINE is to "increase your fruit", John 15:2,5,8,16, II Baruch chapter , Enoch 10:16-22. Do not be afraid TO INCREASE or ashamed because of the GOOD WINE, Mark 8:38. Beware of the spirits you hear, Isaiah 8:20; I John 4:1. Let the wine flow, Isaiah 27:9, 40:1-2, 41:27, 52:7, 57:16-19, 62:11; John 1:29; II Corinthians 5:14,18-19. The First and Last has sent ONE BEARING GOOD (WINE) TIDINGS. You can be one with us if you bear them, John 2:2-10, 17:21-23.

Praise God!

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