Dear Milan,

You can thank God that He has removed the veil from my eyes and yours, (II Corinthians 3:14, Song of Solomon 5:7). That veil is the "darkness of evil spirits" which continues to hide the true glory of God, Psalm 18:9,11-12; Ephesians 6:12. But God's Word Puzzle is His to interpret by His own scriptures, Proverbs 16:2,25; Isaiah 55:8-11. Our words are without power and are influenced by evil spirits, Jeremiah 17:9-10; I Corinthians 2:4,6. God has spoken precept-upon-precept and line- upon-line, Isaiah 28:9-10, and He has taught me how to put the "puzzle" in its proper place.

Example: "Yea though (E) I walk through the valley of the (F) shadow of death, (G) I will fear no evil: for (A) thou art with me; (B) thy rod and (C) thy staff (D) they comfort me, Psalm 23:4.

KEY: Psalm 50:21, 119:98-99,102-104; Proverbs 3:5-7; II Timothy 3:16-17 -"I will- set them in order before thine eyes," Isaiah 28:9-10. (One problem is that He sets His Word in order before our enemy, Satan, who rides us, Psalm 23:5). Here is the whole thing in WORD puzzle fashion where A through G are scriptural "pieces" surrounding the center piece, Psalm 23:4.

A. Psalm 94:14, 139:1-17

B. Psalm 2:6-9; Isaiah 11:1-4; REVELATION 1:1, 2:7

C. EZEKIEL 9:2-4,11; II PETER 1:19-21, SECRETS 22:10,11,23:2

D. MATTHEW 11:28-30; JOHN 14:16-18; HEBREWS 3:7-11, 4:9-11

E. JOEL 3:14

F. Isaiah 9:2; MATTHEW 12:43-45; Ephesians 2:2, 6:12; REVELATION 13:14-15

G. JOB 1:6-11; Psalm 50:14-15, 91; I JOHN 4:18

Simply Beautiful!

"And He has caused His knowledge to abound in me because the mouth of the Lord is the true Word, and the door of His light; And the Most High hath given it to His of His own beauty, and the repeaters of His praise, and the confessors of His counsel, and the heralds of His thought, and the chasteners of His servants. For the swiftness of the Word is inexpressible, and like its expression is its swiftness and force," Ode of Solomon 12:3-5.


A. Psalm 94:14, 139:1-17: Our FATHER

B. Psalm 2:69; Isaiah 11:1-4; REVELATION 1:1, 2:21: the SON

C. EZEKIEL 9:11,24; II PETER 1:19-21, Secrets of Enoch 22:10,11, 23:2, ("Lost Books of the Bible"). Here "staff" means ink pen, the HOLY GHOST.

D. MATTHEW 11:25-30; JOHN 14:16-18; HEBREWS 3:7-11, 4:9-11, COMFORTERS: JESUS, HOLY GHOST


F. Isaiah 9:2; MATTHEW 12:43-45; Ephesians 2:2, 6:12; REVELATION 13:14-15, DARK IMAGES OF SATAN (DEMONS) WHO KEEP HANGING ON (MATTHEW 13:31-32; Mark 16:17; REVELATION 18:2)

G. JOB 1:6-11; Psalm 50:14-15, 91; I JOHN 4:18, FEARLESSNESS.

That is how scriptures interpret themselves (an important point for understanding) and why we line-up so many in a row! Isaiah 8:20, 28:9-10; Daniel 9:20-21, 10:21.

Let us look at how God prophesied this same thing --the salvation of all mankind with Moses in Egypt. The symbol of the "burning bush" is the Holy Ghost (Exodus 3:2; Acts 2:3-4). So God called Moses through the Holy Ghost, II PETER 1:19-21, (REVELATION 11:8). Egypt is this whole earth where devils are now the Egyptians who hold all men in hard captivity, Ecclesiastes 7:29; Isaiah 10:13-14, 14:12,16-17; II Timothy 2:26. Jesus and the Holy Ghost are sent by the Father where Moses sent to Egypt to free the Israelites played the prophetical role of Jesus, Luke 4:17-21. Aaron, acting the role of the Holy Ghost, was sent to speak to Pharaoh (Exodus 4:14-16; JOHN 16:7-11). The men of the Holy Ghost reproach devils to their face. Notice Isaiah against Lucifer in chapter 14; Ezekiel against Satan in chapter 28; Isaiah against Satan's wife in chapter 47 (Revelation 17), and David against devils in Psalms 58 and 35. Of course the apostles under the Holy Ghost always reproached devils. Back to our analogy, "Israel" is a code name meaning simply a prince or son of God, Genesis 32:28. All men of flesh and blood (Isaiah 45:9-12; HEBREWS 2:14-15) were represented in the prophetical act by Jacob's children. They all dwelt in Goshen, analogous to earth's land mass, where devils of Egypt cannot dwell, Isaiah 14:12,21-22; Ephesians 2:2. God made a difference between Israel and Egypt (Exodus 11:7) to teach us that He divided the kingdom of men (light: JOHN 12:36) from the kingdom of darkness (devils: Ephesians 6:12). All this was taught from the very beginning, Genesis 1:3-5,14-18. Now this is where the salvation of all men comes in as taught by Moses and Egypt:

1. Exodus 6:4-8 where the "promised land" was representing heaven, REVELATION 21:1-5.

2. Exodus 7:10,12 where Christ is the "rod" whose "word" consumed darkness (doctrine of devils) while he was on earth, JOHN 8:43, 12:35-36.

3. Exodus 8:25-28 where we are commanded to serve God in the wilderness of this earth (Sin, Exodus 16:1) free from devils, but they refuse to let us do it by injecting lying doctrines, . The sacrificial "Lamb", which is an abomination to Egyptians (devils) is the "Word" of truth, or body of Christ, Genesis 46:33-34. God-elected ministers are an abomination to devils. In fact, any minister doing a decent job is hated by devils!

4. Exodus 10:7-11 where devils wanted to exclude some from salvation by teaching "God has respect of persons" inspite of the revelations of God teaching the contrary, EZEKIEL 34:31; Daniel 7:9; MATTHEW 18:11-14; Acts 10:34. God is Father of "Sheep", Psalms 100:3.

5. Exodus 10:24-27 where every son made in God's image whether he is a Jew or Gentile must go to heaven and not be left behind, Amos 9:9 because of JOHN 6:37, 12:24,32. In numbers 3 and 4 above, and 5, Satan (Pharaoh) cannot determine who cannot go to heaven, and who can go, MATTHEW 13:37-39; Romans 8:18-22,38-39.

6. Exodus 12:3-7 where, in the ending of time when God is almost ready to deliver all mankind, Christ sacrificed himself, that is, revealed that he died and shed his blood for all men who have "it" running through their heart's doors (valves, Daniel 9:26-27; Acts 17:26; HEBREWS 9:26). In effect Jesus smeared the blood on the doorposts by revealing that all men are his by his sacrifice and signified his act in heaven by his signature on the trees where his sign is the "Branch", I Timothy 2:26, Hosed 13:14, Isaiah 4:24, 11:1-4, 61:3; JOEL 2:28; Luke 21:28-33; Romans 14:7-9; I Corinthians 6:19-20. Notice Christ's "Branch" symbol used unwittingly by the believing Jews as he returned to Jerusalem, MATTHEW 21:4-11. Now you see why "trees are budding". Christ is judging to justify all men, Isaiah 53:5-6,11; JOHN 5:22. Christ does not judge to condemn men for eternal damnation, Luke 9:51-56; JOHN 8:15. Christ's blood was necessary to fulfill this command from the Father- Exodus 13:2. Christ's judgment will last seven years (buds will be on trees for seven fall seasons) Daniel 9:23,25; II Esdras 7:43-44 (You must have the ANNOTATED APOCRYPHA with (43) (44) which were left out by the Catholics in earlier centuries). Buds began in fall of 1969. Just for fun look at Luke 21:24 and the Jews 6-day war in 1967. What do you think? Here is what it means for demons, Isaiah 10:12; Daniel 7:26-28.

7. - This is the part that our generation is expecting, Isaiah 49:24-25; Daniel; I Thessalonians 4:16-17, Secrets of Enoch XXII: 10,11, XXIII: 2, LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE AND THE FORGOTTEN BOOKS OF EDEN.

I have a confession to make. We have been announcing the coming of the "bridegroom" and our words in the newspapers and letters to the theologians and ministers served as an invitation and as "wedding food", MATTHEW 22:1-14, 25:1-13; Luke 21:28-33. The outcome of all this is at the most only "ten virgins" and half of them will continue to obey demons. The problem is that they wear "strange apparel" Isaiah 59:1-6 or carry plenty of demons, and they need wedding clothes, Ephesians 6:11-18 or III Hermas IX:34-39, 121-126, 141-143. Notice now reasons why you and I meet with great frustration when we try and give out the "wedding wine", ( Luke 5:37-39; JOHN 2:9-11)- MATTHEW 22:2-3,8; Luke 21:34-35 and the few who listen to us have a problem, MATTHEW 25:1-5:

(a) Sleep -on obeying and believing the word all the way -I Corinthians 11:24-30.

(b) Oil -word of "scriptural rebuke" they cannot take Psalms 141:5; II Timothy 3:16-17.

Brother, if you are observing customs you know are violations against anything, then undo it to please our Father. It is better to please Him than any man or woman at any time. Jog your memory and "oil" yourself IF YOU NEED IT, Psalms 23:5. I got some on "slackness" concerning the justification of all men, MATTHEW 7:24-25, 10:27; JOHN 4:23. My conclusion is to stop inviting persons publicly because the return is pitifully small, and half of them may not walk right because the commandments and righteous behavior may be too hard to live in their opinion. Out of the whole Chicago area we received 20(10?) positive responses!! We have fulfilled MATTHEW 22:1-14, 25:1-3 and Exodus 10:24-27. The Holy Ghost fulfilled his part, Malachi 3:1-5, 4:5-6; JOHN 16:7-11, using the letter series we mailed around the globe and "The New York Times" article (6-30-73) which went to major world capitols to inform demonic Pharaoh's ruling the world governments. So God used us all to perform His work, Isaiah 26:12.

Psalms 23:4, Message: "Yea though I walk through earth below with Satan's dark images hanging on, I will fear no evil: for the Father is with me; Jesus and the Holy Ghost comfort me".

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