Luke Chapter 1

13 -John, meaning the beloved of God signified the Holy Ghost (Eli "my God," Matthew 27:46, jah - "The Lord," Psalm 68:4) Matthew 11:11-14.

15- He was a Nazarite, Numbers 6:2-8, according to the Law and according to the spirit as found in these texts, Isaiah 3:12, 28:7-8, 51:21-23; Hosea 4:11-12; Revelation 17:1-6, 18:2. John was not drunk on the "wine" of female demons. John was filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb in that he represented the rebirth men must undergo to be born again into new knowledge, John 3:1-5. To be born of the Spirit, one must be a spiritual Nazarite and avoid being ruled by "women" or female demons, Isaiah 29:9-14. To be "born into the Kingdom" one must leave earth, Daniel 12:1; John 18:36; Romans 7:24.

17- John was to prepare people to meet Jesus even as the Holy Ghost, who empowered Elijah, prepares us to meet the Father. Thus, we find Andrew and John, two of John the Baptist's disciples fulfilling Gabriel's words, John 1:35-37, 3:25-30.

18- Here it appears that Elizabeth was in menopause. So no ovum which unites with a sperm in reproduction was involved in John's birth as it happened in Isaac's birth.

27-31- With Mary no male sperm was involved. God has used these instances to prove to doubting men that He implants the babes in wombs, having Fathered them first in heaven, Psalm 127:3; Isaiah 45:9-11; Matthew 22:9. Thus, the births of John and Christ teach that fact. The name "Jesus" is a shortened form of "Joshua" and used by Paul in Hebrews 3:15-17, 4:7-9. Thus, Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land to teach us that Jesus would lead us into heaven, our home, Romans 15:4.

33 -Jesus' kingdom he rules is eternal, and it is the living spirits of life from (God which cannot die, Daniel 4:34-35, 7:13-14; Luke 17:20-21, 20:37-38; John 3:13, 18:36.

26,36- John was conceived in the FIRST month according to Gabriel's statements.

39,56,57 -John was born three months later in the NINTH month. According to our calendar, that is, September, but according to Exodus 12:1-3, and the lunar calendar, it is the last of December or first of January because the Passover month, the first month, is the last of March or first of April.

41- 43- According to what the Holy Ghost said through Elizabeth, Mary was pregnant with Jesus when she visited her. She was three months pregnant when John was born and when she returned to her home in the ninth month. Six months later, Jesus was to be born in late June or the first of July according to the lunar calendar given to Moses, but it is March according to our solar time today. John might have been born in December, but not Jesus!

76-79 -John fulfilled those words in Luke 3:3-18.

Luke Chapter 2

8- This season was either in March according to our solar calendar or between June- July according to the lunar calendar given to Moses. Therefore, shepherds would be tending flocks at those times. Palestine does have cold weather at Passover time, Jeremiah 18:14; Zechariah 14:8; John 18:18. Probably, June-July was Jesus' birth time at which time traveling by horseback could be done as Joseph and Mary journeyed into Egypt.

10-12 -Jesus was born a "sign" of mercy for all people, Genesis 1:4; Psalm 19:1-5; Isaiah 7:14. But in Luke 2:34-35, we find that this salvation which he procured as a free gift to Isaiah 66:18-19,22-23; John 17:22-24.

14- Mankind received God's good will and peace by the salvation work of Jesus on the crass, Psalm 100:3; Isaiah 57:16-19; Ezekiel 34:31; Matthew 18:11-14.

25-32 -Simeon prophesied that Jesus was God's "salvation for all people" and to do that he would have to teach (lighten) the gentiles also, Isaiah 2:2, 10:12, 25:6-8; Mark 11:17. Churches that exclude certain races and nations teaching that they cannot be saved are clearly under the influence of the devil, 1 Timothy 4:1. Read Exodus 3:1-4,14; Joshua 8:1-2,7, and Deuteronomy 33:16-17. What do you think those things mean? You have God's meaning of "ambush." In His fighting style "I -BUSH" as God ambushed Egypt as He showed Moses! These things teach us that God sent Jesus to ambush all of spiritual Egypt which is the whole world, Jeremiah 23:5; Matthew 21:8-11; Revelation 11:3,8, that He might deliver all His fleshy children under bondage of evil spirits, Hebrews 2:6-7,11,14-15. Jesus came as a Judge, and the judgment has been continuous and not some distant date as men thought who knew in part, Isaiah 1:26, 11:1-5; John 5:30. Jesus continually judges men every day in mercy, Isaiah 9:6-7; Daniel 7:13-14; John 8:1-12; Hebrews 13:8. But he has ambushed devils who captured and perverted "his branches " John 15:2,5; II Corinthians 5:14. More than this God has ambushed devils Himself by dwelling in His "trees," Leviticus 23:40-43; Isaiah 61:3; Ezekiel 35:7-14; II Corinthians 6:16! Men only "appear" to be defeated by devils, John 7:24; I Corinthians 2:4-7. So any time you feel this world is hopelessly lost, remember these words concerning spiritual Egypt, this world, "I AM" BUSH through Jesus. Only devils are damned! Genesis 15:13-14, 17:5; Isaiah 63:16; John 16:7-8,11. Who is "Ram-bush?" Genesis 22:13; Acts 2:3-4.

41-52- Jesus was the Passover lamb. Therefore, it was appropriate for him at this season to give "his flesh and blood," John 6:53-57,63, which is the Father's business, Matthew 4:4; John 12:49.

Luke Chapter 3

We explained that verses 3-18 fulfilled Luke 1:76-79. Let us examine some technical points in the parables John spoke.

9- God only is "good", Matthew 19:17, and He is the tree of life. The fruit of that tree is Jesus as it is written, Isaiah 27:9; John 1:29, 5:32-38, 6:57, 15:1-5. Notice; Jesus himself was a parabolic sign to teach us the glory of all men, his branches, I Corinthians 6:19-20, 12:27; II Corinthians 5:14,18-19. "ALL the fruit is to take away our sins." Ministers and churches do not do this for every man. So they do not have all that fruit in Christ! Matthew 6:14-15, 9:6-8. You MUST do it within yourself because God has given all men this power, and He expects us to use it! Men cannot teach God that He did not give us this power.

16,17- The baptism of Christ is the baptism of heaven, and it is altogether spiritual, John 7:37-38, 15:3; Revelation 1:15. The natural and worldly mind can only see lakes and rivers, and church pools as the water for baptism, I Corinthians 2:11-14. But natural water baptism is not what God desires because it is without power to cleanse men from evil spirits. The baptism of heaven with spiritual water has that power, John 3:25-27, 8:31-36. Therefore Christ's baptism he gave the people was strictly spiritual, and he did not deal with powerless natural water baptism, John 4:1-2,23-24. Paul had to represent this light under the Holy Ghost who phased out and replaced natural water baptism with the real thing, I Corinthians 1:14-18; Colossians 2:18-23. As a priest under Christ, Paul "carried" that "light" as an assigned burden, Psalm 18:10; Ezekiel 1:22-28 (true heavenly), Numbers 4:18-19,27,33 (Moses parabolic schoolmaster), Isaiah 66:20-21; Matthew 11:27-30; John 16:12; Hebrews 7:21-22 (true earthly priesthood under Jesus). Mankind is God's '"wheat" to be gathered in, Matthew 13:37-42; John 12:24, but the "chaff" is demons who hold on or dwell in our bodies as "tares," Isaiah 28:14-19; Ezekiel 20:32-38; Matthew 12:43-45; Luke 8:35,38.

22- The doves that Moses commanded the people to offer as sacrifices signified the true spiritual offering (God desired, Matthew 5:17-18; Romans 7:14; Galatians 3:24-26. In the "Spiritual" Law of Moses which cannot be done away with, we must offer the words of the Holy Ghost (dove) to God! John 6:62, 14:16,21,23,26, 17:17.

23-38- We will dispense with the list of fleshy genealogy which is insignificant because all men are Fathered by God only. Jeremiah 3:4,19; Matthew 23:9; 1 Timothy 1:4.

Luke Chapter 4

1-13 -Although Jesus had a photographic memory and the Law of God written in his heart as well as the spirit without measure, Satan made an effort to teach him the scriptures while he hundred and thirsted on the mountain of temptation. We study the Word in ignorance with a very poor memory while we hunger and thirst for righteousness. Because Satan and devils have taught men errors, many churches and denominations are here today teaching "you cannot be saved" except according to their doctrines.

16-22 -Here Christ introduces his ministry to fulfill Isaiah 42:5-8, 61:1. But his work was to free mankind from the bondage of spiritual Egypt (this world, Revelation 11:8), Pharaoh (Satan, Ezekiel 29:2, 32:2; Revelation 12:9. I Peter 5:8), and the invisible Egyptians (demons, Matthew 12:43-45; John 8:31-36; Ephesians 6:12).

23-27 -Jesus was God's "shewbread" to show us the glory of God for all men, Numbers 21:8-9; John 3:14-15, 6:51. The real fiery serpent is Satan, Ephesians 6:16; Revelation 12:9,12. Jesus used that parable of himself because the people thought he was possessed by devils, John 8:48-49. Some people feel that the true God-sent minister today is possessed because Jesus speaks through him! John 15:l8-21. Everyone was not healed by Christ except certain ones for the sake of teaching and establishing faith. Heaven is the place where God fulfills every prayer, Matthew 6:10,13.

28-30- These things were done because the demons knew Christ but turned the ignorant people against him

33-35- The devils knew Jesus having been first defeated by him, Michael and his angels earlier and in heaven. Therefore, they attempted to expose his identity to devils among the people. They would never convince the people of his identity for the purpose of love. But they wanted to do it for evil, Matthew 2:11-18.

36-44 -This is further fulfillment of verses 18-19 in this same chapter.

Luke Chapter 5

1-11 -Here Christ chooses his own future teachers, John 12:49, 15:16; Hebrews 5:1-5. God had Christ do amazing things in "manifesting" himself to them to get their attention that God was calling them through him! John 14:21,23-24. No man can know God except He "manifest" Himself to him, Matthew 11:25-27. You cannot read the "Bible" and learn of God! Isaiah 40:12-14,28; Revelation 5:1-5. "Saul of Tarsus" (Paul) a learned "Pharisee" is a major proof of the point! (YOU also may be proof of the point). Only the heavens" can teach you of God! Psalm 19:1-5. Paul was educated by Gamaliel and the Pharisees but he did not know God!, Acts 22:3-8; Philippians 3:4-8.

12-26- Also fulfills Christ's work to cause men to believe in the true love of God and to establish faith. Jesus teaches again in verse 24 that we have power to forgive men's sins as members of his body, I Corinthians 12:27; Ephesians 5:30. Read Luke 2:34! Now I ask you, "How many people have faith enough in Jesus' words to believe him", Matthew 6:14-15; Luke 18:8.

30-32 -Jesus did not separate himself from all the people nor despise them because they were sin-sick. He co-mingled with them not as a participant in their sins but AS A TEACHER AND REFORMER! Psalm 50:20-21; Isaiah 29:18-21,24, 57:16-19, 65:2,5; Luke 18:9-14.

33-35- Christ came down as God's bread and wine, and therefore his disciples ate both naturallv and spirituallv. After his departure, the began to fast spiritually from satanic food as it is written, Proverbs 20:1,17; Revelation 17:1-2. This is the perfect spiritual fast for those worshipping in spirit, Isaiah 58:4-12; Colossians 2:20-23. Starving from natural food and water is no fast to God!

36-39 -The wine of Christ is the doctrine of forgiveness and salvation eternally for all men. Refer to letter No. 5. Persons drunk on old wine of accusation, judging men for condemnation and death cannot drink it, Proverbs 20:1; II Corinthians 3:7-12.

Luke Chapter 6

1-5 -Jesus issued in the true meaning of the Sabbath. It is no 24-hour day as the Jews thought, but it is a BIG 1000 year DAY to come, Psalm. 90:4; II Peter 1:8. David as a true spiritual priest anointed by God was already eating God's "shewbread" of spiritual prophecies and visions. So eating the natural bread lawful for priests only was no violation!

6-11 -Jesus is God's new covenant, Isaiah 49:6-9. The new Covenant is not according to the Old Covenant under Moses in that the spiritual meaning under Moses is retained, but the natural, parabolic "school- master" aspect is done away, Jeremiah 31:31-32. Concerning the Sabbath day, Saturday, you may work without sinning. Moses as a star was not the Sun whose light you need to "read" your bible, Deuteronomy 18:15-19; Luke 9:28-36. We are not to build tabernacles or churches based on Moses only. You cannot read your bible in starlight! You need the Sun of God, Psalm. 19:1-5; Revelation 5:1-5.

16 -Judas did not betray Christ, but it was the "son of perdition" speaking through him, the same one that spoke, through Peter and made him deny Jesus three times, Matthew 16:22-23; John 12:26-27; II Thessalonians 2:3-9. We do not "accuse" Judas or Peter because of our knowledge, Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 12:12.

17-49- This is further works and part of Jesus' doctrine called the Beattitudes. These ATTITUDES must BE in our hearts as a part of it rather than some "outside" goal we hope to attain. Devils will fight us like a storm with winds and waves against our minds. Trusting men and man's doctrine is like "sand" sinking in graves, Genesis 22:15-18; Ecclesiastes 12:7. If Jesus is your "rock", then you will not err, I Corinthians 3:11-15, 10:4.

Luke Chapter 7

1,17 -These works were done by God in Christ to manifest himself and his power to the world of devils and to establish faith among those men chosen to believe according to God's greater purpose. As we said earlier, the devils recognized him, and some attempted to expose him, Luke 16:8; John 15:19; Acts 10:9-20. But the children of light failed to know him because of the demons, Matthew 24:34; Mark 9:1.

18-23 -John was shut in a physical prison and a spiritual prison of doubt, Revelation 2:8-11. These things teach us not to doubt Jesus or we will be cast in the "spiritual" prison of mental bars (barriers), II Corinthians 10:3-7.

24-30 -Jesus establishes John's God-given authority before the multitude because he knew him! Matthew 3:13-15.

31-35 -Jesus likens the multitude to children in understanding contrasting their attitudes toward his ministry and John's.

36-50- The ultimate expression of God's love is to forgive those with nothing to pay for their sins as stated in verse 42 and Proverbs 10:12. But Jesus went beyond the ultimate by laying down his life on the cross to spare you and me from fear and from death, John 15:13; Hebrews 2:11,14-15. Surely, you and I can live a life of at least "ultimate love" by loving all mankind God's way! Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Matthew 5:44-45,48.

Luke Chapter 10

1 -Jesus had other disciples who had power from God before the twelve did as noted in verse 17. The twelve "weaker" disciple's did not receive power until Pentecost, Matthew 17:19-20; Mark 16:14; Luke 22:31-32.

2-16- This is the orders Christ gave them, Isaiah 55:4. Notice in verse 3 these apostles are sheep and not the true Shepherd, which is the Lord, Psalm. 23:1; John 10:11-12. Notice also verses 11-16. Ministers such as these were continuing Christ's work "to preach to the devils in prison", John 14:12, 17:22; I Peter 3:18-20. Demons ride, on and dwell in the people Matthew 12:43-45; Mark 9:1. Therefore, when they preached to the people, they also gave the message to the devils not previously condemned who were born down in the earth Revelation 13:4,14. Man is the image of God, and a demon is the image of Satan. Therefore the rough words from Christ do apply to them. We must understand that God's word is two-edged, Hebrews 4:12 and the edge of love as shown in Matthew 5:44-45,48 does apply to mankind only, 2 Timothy 2:15. Thus the harsh words spoken apply to the INVISIBLE cities of demons dwelling on the people at that time. We must love our flesh and blood brother whom we can see as ourselves, Matthew 22:37-40; I John 4:20.

18-20- Here Jesus shows us he was present when Satan fell, but he wanted the disciples to rejoice the most over their salvation.

21,22- The high-minded, proud, and the honorable of the earth are by -passed for babes in God's methodology, I Corinthians 1:26-30, 12:22-25. You cannot know Jesus or God by going to men or man's school. The son must manifest God to you if it is God's will!

23,24- Many have asked God for wisdom to understand the words you are reading now and have not received it.

25-27- We have already dealt with this subject previously. But in verse 28 "to live to God" is to express your true nature of holiness which is created in us, Genesis 1:26-27; Matthew 5:48; I Peter 1:16. Being "dead unto God" is not expressing our true nature in this life as it is written, Ephesians 2:15. Hearing how to live unto God and failing to abide in it is to be "weak, sickly, and sleep," I Corinthians 11:27-30.

28-37- Your neighbor and your brother is anyone church men might not care for even if he is lying wounded in the street! Here is the "wine" to pour in his wounds, Song of Solomon 7:9, Psalm. 104:15; Zechariah 1:13, 9:15-17. It is "words" of comfort. Here is the "oil" to pour in his wounds, Psalm. 141:5; Isaiah 1:4-6, 57:16-20; II Timothy 3:16-17. It is God's "word" which educates us against sins so that we can have peace of mind, Isaiah 26:3-4.

38-42- We should let nothing come between us and the Word of spiritual nourishment, Job 23:12; Psalm. 119:7-11; Luke 4:4; John 6:27; Romans 8:38-39.

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