God has a beautiful home, heaven, waiting for Joe. It is all because of God's love that he desired to create a son whom his earthly parents called Joe, Matthew 23:9. Out of unswerving love God placed Joe on earth that He might surprise him with the beauty of heaven and eternal life above. Yes, the beauty of heaven and the lovely life to come was to be both a surprise and a gift, Ecclesiastes 3:14; Romans 5:16-19; James 1:16-17. Deliberately, God put Joe down in the earth to torment His enemy Satan, Ephesians 6:12, who claimed that he would rise above God's children, Isaiah 14:12-17. Joe was put in a body of flesh and in weakness so that the victory he was to achieve would be a greater humiliation to God's enemy before He destroyed him, Isaiah 14:21-23; Romans 8:18-22. Also, God did something else: He did not reveal himself to everyone so that the enemy might deceive himself into thinking he had some kind of victory and control. God knew the enemy would boast and attribute his control of mankind to his own power. Satan even deceived his own children saying he is God and used his control of man for proof. This he did to those demons born down here who were not cast out of heaven with him. Because God knew that the enemy is extremely proud, the revelation that He was sparing all men would be a mind-crushing blow to stupid devils, Proverbs 16:18. But before God would reveal all this openly, He planned to remove men from the earth in every generation to teach them of Himself and astound them with His free gift of eternal life and the beauty of heaven. Death was to be a victorious surprise, Hosea 13:14. Because the enemy could not see men rise into heaven, God sent Jesus to prove it to them. Thus, their unbelief would make the pain of knowing about this more traumatic, John 17:24; Hebrews 2:14-15. And since God loves each one of us so much, all men who failed to understand in this life would get the "prodigal son treatment" when they meet the Father "dead", but ALIVE and "lost", but FOUND, Luke 15:20-24. God's purpose was really to show the enemy that he could not rise above God's sons nor destroy them and to give us opportunity to defeat and humiliate an enemy with every advantage against us. Since devils taught us we would be damned with them, it was necessary for Christ to come and show salvation for all to take away sorrow due to our ignorance concerning death, Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, 12:7; Luke 23:34.

What Joe will be leaving when he goes to heaven is a prison and a torture chamber designed especially to torment the enemy, Ecclesiastes 4:13-14; Isaiah 10:1-4. The enemy was to be without solid ground to walk on, Isaiah 14:21, in contrast to men who are able to walk on it, Ephesians 2:1-3. This was to serve as a torment to devils for the thought of rising above God's sons. The enemy was to suffer hunger and thirst while falling through solid matter. As he fell, he would pass through lakes and oceans, vineyards, and orchards but would not touch them, Isaiah 65:12-15. Worse yet, he was to see men eating, drinking and enjoying themselves, Matthew 12:43. Thus, God added insult to the enemies' injury, Psalm 14:4-6; 1 Peter 5:8. Because the enemy is shamed by nakedness, he was to be tormented at the sight of men in beautiful clothes. God also made matter and the earth's mass out of the very thing to serve as fuel to finally burn the kingdom of devils. Earth itself is the brimstone along with the stars which will make space a lake of fire, Isaiah 34:8-9. God kept this secret so that devils would be grieved when they finally realize they desired the very brimstone to burn them for property. Since God made earthly foods from the dust (brimstone) Genesis 1:11-12, demons were to be exposed as fools for desiring to eat the very brimstone to destroy them eternally. Thus, earth is designed as a torment, and this place is a prison for devils awaiting damnation. It was not designed to be a permanent home for mankind nor did God want men to desire to remain in it. Therefore, God made everything temporal. Metals used for material wealth rusts: wooden commodities rot; summer gives way to winter; the pleasantness of tropical areas gives way to months of rainy weather; earthy bodies age, become diseased, and suffer pains. With all of these things come the grievances caused by devils which work surprisingly toward God's desire that we should see a better place of life. Therefore, those, most vexed by all this, try to serve God expressing their true nature of love and struggle hoping to attain heaven which is already their home. When we consider all things in a wise way and look beyond the discomforts of this life, we can see even the resistance put up by the invisible enemy serves to God's advantage and enhances His purposes:

1. Humiliation, poverty, sorrow, pain and disaffection men experience as a result of controlled possession by the invisible enemy gives rise to glory, riches, joy, true pleasure, and love in heaven. Men experience these things on a part-time basis in this world, but in heaven it is permanent. This is what God has intended for Joe, II Baruch 21:12-18.

2. As we said, death was to be a surprise to men. God allowed men to have the choice of obeying Him or devils who hated us and their own brethren. Demons therefore avenged themselves on their own brethren by wrecking the men's bodies they possessed. This results in men's deaths but also casts the demons out into the condition of hell: no solid ground except a man's body or that of an animal, hunger and thirst, nakedness, continual falling or flying, Matthew 12:43,45. All this was allowed because it served God as a means of getting His children back sooner than if they were to live to a ripe old age. Thus, wars, cancer and death-promoting drugs and smoking are allowed because those vulnerable die at the hands of demons who taught these things to men. However, God gets His children back whom He loves so much, Psalm 90:3-10; Isaiah 57:1-2. God has blamed Satan's wife for the deaths of all men, Revelation 17:1-6, 18:24,48.

3. The pains of sickness, old age depreciation of the body, lost limbs, hearing, sight, etc., give way to the heavenly body. Thus the discomforts we feel in the earthly body serve as a basis for greater appreciation of our angelic body, Luke 20:36; I Corinthians 15:43-55. The angelic body is absolutely beautiful and can change into splendor and loveliness, II Baruch. It has the power to move through solid matter as fast as lightning, Matthew 24:27. It has the power of singing eight octaves or more, "Secrets" 17. It also shines as bright as the sun in its own glory, Matthew 13:43. This God has prepared for Joe simply because Joe is His son. Isaiah and Paul described this glorious body change, Isaiah 61:3; Romans 8:18-23; II Corinthians 3:18. God has provided a "sea of glass" that we all might see our faces as it were a mirror, Revelation 15:2. You will not look like you do now, John 20:14, 21:4.

4. Ugly eroded landscape, soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution, uncomfortable weather conditions, and impermanent building materials will be removed for the splendor and eternal permanence of heaven. Every man will have his own estate that will not require care, . The grounds there are beautiful. In a vision God showed me a field with tall grass in two colors patterned like a mosaic weave. I also went in to a new world through water gates. It seemed as if I was coming out of the water, but I was flying above the ground below. There I saw what appeared to be a beautifully arranged flower garden, but as I got closer, it was really a city. Air pollution here will give way to the permanent odors of aromatic flowers, fruits, and trees which will give a variety of perfumed airs, Hosea 2:14, Song of Solomon 4:12-16, Enoch 29-32. In Paradise is the constant odor of delicacies that does not give indigestion, heart-burn, nor cause sickness to those who eat them. Finally, they are thoroughly utilized by the heavenly body which does not make waste. All this God has preserved for Joe because He loves him. The ground too is made of jewels. Instead of sand and weedy soil Joe can look forward to walking on a jeweled foundation, because the ground is made of jewels, Isaiah 54:11-12; Revelation 21:18-21, and streets of gold.

5. Rulership by devils in possessed men who form corrupt governments will be replaced by God's Fatherly love and an archangel over each of the twelve heavens, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 1:20. Heaven is like a twelve-story (Psalm 122) building. We will dwell in one of those heavens and receive our estates. In heaven our property will not be taken from us because we cannot afford to pay taxes. What we receive will be ours forever, James 1:17.

6. Finally --broken friendships, few true friends, and loneliness will be passe, because of true love, brotherhood, and our true friendly natures without the merest stint of evil. In addition, God has so many billions of children that we will need an eternity just to get acquainted and another eternity to visit our new friends (brothers and sisters). So, God has fixed it so that we will always have the perpetual joy of a "family reunion". All our brethren in heaven are immensely hospitable. There is no such thing as a dull moment.

7. Joe will also finally get to see the Father and Mother Wisdom to commune with them in love and admiration. He will then see with his own eyes that his Father is real and truly One God, the source and doer of everything. In His presence Joe will rejoice like a child at the fair because God affects His children that way. It is impossible NOT TO BOW TO HIS magnificent splendor, power, person, and personality (love), Luke 15:20-24.

In conclusion, God will do this for every Joe, good or bad, Matthew 5:44, 22:8-10; Luke 15:20-24. It is not because of Joe's doubts or unbeliefs because God cannot deny His own being, nor His truth, II Timothy 2:13. It is not because of Joe's faith or his faithlessness, but because of God's faith in Himself through Jesus and because of Jesus' own personal faith in God's promise to him, Psalm 2-8; John 17:24-26; Romans 5:18; Ephesians 2:8; Revelation 14:12. Again, it is not because of Joe's goodness, but because of Satan's wretchedness against him, Deuteronomy 9:4-5; Isaiah 28:14-19, 49:24-26, 51:21-23; Ezekiel 20:44. Finally, it is not because Joe is an individual, a part of a man's body, but it is because each man's spirit is a small portion of God's own body, and He cares for every part of Himself, Ode of Solomon 7:10-14, Genesis 1:26-27; Isaiah 42:5, 57:16; John 4:24; I Corinthians 6:19-20; Ephesians 5:29. And this is the heaven God has awaiting Joe.


You and all men are spirits (sons) of God bound momentarily in clay bodies, Genesis 1:26-27; John 4:24, Secrets XXX:8-12 (LBB), Matthew 23:9; Hebrews 5:1-8. The MOST HIGH truth is that we are really angels from the text in Secrets of Enoch, Zechariah 12:7-9; Luke 20:35-36. Therefore, all men are "princes of God", the King of kings, Genesis 32:28; Isaiah 45:9-12. Our spirits were "first" fathered in heaven by God the First and Last, Psalm 49:20; Isaiah 44:5-8; Acts 10:9-20,28, 17:24-28; Hebrews 2:6-7,11,14-15. Therefore, all men are "First" born as sons of the First, Isaiah 41:27, Lake 2:10,14. On earth we undergo a second birth into a house of clay which is molded around our spirits in our (mother's) sister's womb, Psalm 127:3; II Corinthians 5:1-5; Hebrews 10:5.


Genesis 2:10,14; John 10:9, 12:32; Revelation 1:15. It's "pearly gate" of entry is a smiling Archangel (observe his teeth). Entry come via parabolic Red Sea or Euphrates River


Below is HELL or THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, where demons fall in a continuous circle, Isaiah 8:21-22, 14:12,21, 24:17-18, 29:4-5. Passing through visible matter which is solid to us makes our earth an UNTOUCHABLE DREAM, Isaiah 29:6-8, 65:12-18, 66:44; Luke 16:22-26. The universe is designed as a prison and a torture chamber for devils awaiting final extermination by fire, Psalm 19:1-4; Ecclesiastes 4:13-14; Isaiah 10:1-4, 24:21-22; Wisdom 5:20, 16:17,24.


l. Valley of Decision and of Jehoshaphat, Joel 3:9-14

2. Valley of Shadow of Death, Psalm 23:4

3. Tophet, Isaiah 30:27-33

4. Valley of Son of Hinnom, Jeremiah 7:21-33

5. Valley of Mountains, Zechariah 14:2-7



Science has shown that objects in space fall in a circle. So do devils for that "bottomless pit" effect. In our galaxy are stars or suns, planets, and the moon. From below we have observed that the moon has "cross beams" at times according to atmospheric conditions and its fullness, Psalm 87; Isaiah 49:14-18; Revelation 6:12, 12:1,13. Our terra firma is the EARTH where food and water appear as a mirage on a desert to demons. The bodies of man and beasts are the only "sinking sand" devils can land or "dwell in", Genesis 22:16-18; Matthew 7:26-27, 12:43-45.

We can see that the Revelation of God revealed a massing of troops by rolling back parabolic Euphrates, Revelation 9:13-19, 10:12-16. (1) It was opened to cast Satan and his angels from heaven into the pit. (2) It was opened to admit each baby spirit to be born in a clay body. (3) It is open to receive men back when they die, Isaiah 27:13, 60:1-4,11; Luke 20:37-38. In heaven men become "eyes" or "watchers" in the wings of the archangels, Isaiah 60:7-8; Daniel 4:13; Hebrews 12:1,22-24. In the end only demons will be left to burn in hell, Leviticus 18:1-2; Isaiah 6:9-12, 13:12, 14:12,21-22, 34:8-15; Jeremiah 50:3,40, 51:43. Since demons are plagued by starvation, thirst, falling, nakedness, and torment by seeing men in peace, they possess us in hatred, anger, and envy as fast as we are born, Romans 8:18-22; Revelation 12:1-6,12-13,17. Devils hold on to our bodies and dwell in us for security and relief from hell, . The layers of space were designed to mock devils in hell, II Esdras 7:(78-87). ATMOSPHERE (SATOM-FEAR) is Satan's fear, James 2:19. IONOSPHERE (O-SION-FEAR) means Satan fears Zion's judgment, Isaiah 31:9; II Esdras 5:42. TROPOSPHERE (FEAR TROOPS) is devils' fear of God's troops, Isaiah 13:1-5, Song of Solomon 6:4. STRATOSPHERE (FEARS-START-O) is devils fear start of judgment, Genesis 15:13-14; II Esdras 7:(43,44). THERMOSPHERE (O-MERTH-FEAR) is devils' fear of the judgment mirth, Psalm 52:6-7; Isaiah 10:12-15; Ezekiel 32:7-10, 35:11-14; II Esdras 5:42. And devils fear lake of fire (therm). MESOSPHERE is the devil FEARS ME SO! Isaiah 14:12,16,21-22, 24:17-23; James 2:19.

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