Dear Brethren:

Greetings to you in the name of our Father in heaven who has made us ministers of light to carry such as Spiritual Levites under the priesthood of Jesus Christ, Numbers 3:5-10; Isaiah 61:6, 66:20-21; Malachi 3:1-3; Matthew 11:20,29; Hebrews 5:1,4-10. One burden of light we share in common is a pearl of great price, the universal salvation God has provided for all mankind. We who are of the household of this faith have been separated and in many cases unaware that God had established other focal points of this light. As for me, I felt that I might be the only one carrying that crown of the Sun. Since there is only one sun in the sky, I was comforted as a priest knowing I should not expect more! Objections I faced against this light did not phase me because after John died, Christ remained the only Priest of Light on earth's surface, Matthew 14:10. The twelve later served as Levites in God's spiritual priesthood where He is the Most High Priest of all authority. But then the prophecy of Isaiah 30:26 was made known to me. In the highest spiritual sense it means the seven archangels shall teach (trumpet, Revelation 3:8, 4:1, 8:6) various themes as the "everlasting gospel" to those selected by God to also fulfill Zechariah 14:7-9, where evening is the end of earth's time. Because of the work God is using me to perform (advertising against devils in WEB or netlike fashion, Ezekiel 32:2-10 to make them drink the dregs of wrath, Jeremiah 25:15-33), I have been able to locate you brethren by direct and indirect means. In the earthly sense we represent a "sevenfold" brilliance of the Son also to ENACT the prophecy of Isaiah 30:26 in the same way as the glory of the four archangels was ENACTED in Zechariah 6:10-15. Now I am pleased to be a sunbeam knowing that you brethren are sunrays. I glorify God for understanding.

At this time God is stirring me to true unity with the Spiritual Body of God where He is the Head, and Christ and the Holy Ghost are right and left hands of His power respectively. This is to underline the meaning of: Isaiah 2:10-12,17; Zechariah 14:9; John 12:49, 17:21-23; I Corinthians 12:13-28. We also are members of. the Father's Body, having been created from small portions of His Eternal Self and shaped with a head, body, arms and legs. We are spirits eternally alive but imbedded in soluble, infirm "clay houses". From the beginning these clay houses were never an integral part of as, nor shall they be In the end, I Corinthians 15:44,50. Jesus came as a prophetic parable to teach us our glorious origin, Matthew 23:9; John 15:1-5, 17:5,22; Hebrews 10:5-9. You can be an adopted son to Jesus in a technical sense, but you are altogether a Son of God in the absolute sense by birthright. Let those who object to this truth teach God better, Proverbs 21:30; Isaiah 40:12-14,28, 45:9-12. This ruling applies to every human being whether he is prodigal or a child of disobedience, Luke 15:20-24; Ephesians 2:1-3. The days of "knowing in part and prophesying in part" are over for us because He who is Perfect is come to our hearts, Matthew 5:48; John 14:16,21,23; I Corinthians 13:8-12. Let Him shake the earth (your mind) as He vaunts His Authority. Notice: He is the Word of Himself. Your right to the Tree of Life (God) is by birth, Psalm 87; Ecclesiastes 3:14, 7:29; Isaiah 66:8-9; Jeremiah 3:4,19; Ezekiel 34:31; Daniel 7:9; Matthew 23:9; Revelation 21:3.

I am aware that in times past we were separated because of the crushing tactics Satan likes to use against men, but it was for our preservation apart, Genesis 32:7-8. However, we are no longer babes vulnerable to certain demonic offenses, Psalm 119:165; Ephesians 4:11-16. We are now approaching the fullness of the stature of God recognizing Him as our Head, the Father according to the revelation of Jesus the Son, Matthew 11:27. No longer babes selfishly arguing over toys, we are men awake and aware that God deliberately gave us certain "talents" by which we have brought forth 30,60 and 100 fold light. God has not mentioned our 70 and 40% dark errors to us in reproach, Isaiah 43:24-25, 44:21-22, 54:7-10. Instead, He has loved us "prodigal son"- style and has caused us to enter into his joy of life more abundantly. God has no respect of persons, and His love awaits our brethren in and outside of the churches of today in the same way, Jonah 4:9-11; Malachi 3:6,17; Luke 7:40-43. Let us avoid at all times the attitude of church elders the world over who refuse to drink the "wine of our pearl", Isaiah 25:6-8; Romans 5:18, because they have not learned the meaning of "I will have mercy and not sacrifice," Genesis 22:18; Daniel 9:24; Hosea 13:9-14; Micah 1:18-20; Luke 2:10,14; Galatians 3:16.

I gained much joy when I learned of your groups and your work like Joseph did when he me this brethren after a long separation. The Great "One" and His Holy One compel me to make known our identities to each other so that we can receive comfort in knowing we are not the only ones believing. I might add that some of my respondents were strengthened in faith just knowing that they and our group were not alone when I made some of you known to them. I am aware that even we do not agree perfectly on other doctrinal points, but our talent deficiencies are negligible in my mind and heart because the LOVE attitude of the Father fills it, Matthew 5:44-45. Nor am I jealous of you as if I am the Shepherd, nor afraid you may absorb my constituents as if they were my work. I am a recording secretary for God, and He is controlling me and doing this work. For those who believe it, God is keeping them in faith, Proverbs 16:1; Isaiah 26:12, 61:8; John 15:5. Knowing we all are His to do with as He pleases, I am happy to be just a body member. Power of thought rests only in the Head, and as members we receive His thoughts as impulses from nerve-chords of love when He gives to us more, Hosea 11:1,3-4, Song of Solomon 1:4. So God drew us to Christ, and we did not come on our own, John 6:64-65, 15:16. Your talents and work may make you a spiritual foot, knee or elbow, but I prefer being like the blood reaching every member with nourishment through the news media whether that member be sound, dirty, or diseased, Matthew 11:19. Thus, God is reaching the hedges and highways, and the angels compel men's minds to come in, Matthew 22:8-10. If I decrease, His increase is my enlargement, Matthew 25:40; John 3:27-30; II Corinthians 6:13, 10:14-17. May God increase your faith and direct your mind in all truth.

Glorify God!


God did it!

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