A message from Gabriel: Simplicity in Christ is plain words that a child might understand.

1. Romans 3:11; II Corinthians 3:12-13, 11:3. Demons caused men to use speech as a cloak to cover up truth. The effect boils down to soothsaying, Psalm 50:17; Isaiah 29:21, 30:8-10.

2. I Corinthians 1:17, 2:4-5. By doing this unlearned men remained ignorant, and the gut truth of the gospel failed as a purgative.

3. Matthew 18:2-3; I Corinthians 2:11, 3:1, 4:14; II Corinthians 2:17, 10:18, 12:21. Education should be used to the advantage of Christ in undoing the large indigestible words of educated redactors, who translated the bible. These large masking words should be broken down into terms so that "a child might write them". Use of big words is a demonic device.

4. Isaiah 44:26; Daniel 10:13,20-21; Zechariah 1:21, 4:6; I Corinthians 3:9; II Corinthians 12:20-21, 13:2,5,10,14.

5. Spiritual warfare is not fighting of words to no profit. This type of gain in "brownie points" is not godliness, I Corinthians 14:37-38; Colossians 2:8; I Timothy 4:7,16, 6:4-6,20; II Timothy 2:13-17,23-24, 3:7,13; Titus 3:10.

6. The meaning of circumcision or theremoval of the secret covering concerning sex, that "all that is hidden" might fall on the demons, the sex perverters of heaven, Enoch 68:5, Secrets 31:46. Paul expressed the nature of demonic perversion in heaven, Romans 1:21,24,27-32.

7. Romans 6:13,16; I Corinthians 6:18-20; II Corinthians 6:14; II Peter 2:19; I John 3:8; Jude 1:18.

8. Part of the secret about circumcision was given by Paul, that we must refrain from being joined to demons whether in possessed men and women or not. Zechariah taught us what "Gog and Magog" had been doing since the days of Adam through parabolic revelations, Zechariah 14:2. The demon has not changed his style since being kicked out of heaven, Psalm 55:19. "Babylon" has done her "thing" on mankind also, along with her invisible daughters, Revelation 18:3. And this process is done through fornication and adultery with demon-filled women, or by masturbation, or by "wet dreams". Demons possessing women change them into lesbians as street people call them, Proverbs 7:10-27, 9:14-18. Demons in men also change them into "gay" homosexuals. The nature of demonic sexual perversion erupts into sadomasochistic acts, such as fierce masturbation which results in bleeding; use of harmful objects to or on the genitals to "get the feeling". Included also is sucking the penis and eating "cock" or stimulating the clitoris with the tongue. I am sure some of you have seen pornographic pictures or stag movies. "Trenchmouth" often results from misuse of the mouth on the genitilia. Misuse of the body is also exemplified in men who put their penis in their wive's rectum, thinking to avoid hurting the unborn. Demonic take-over dates back far. Romans and Greeks gloried in nude statues which men today call our art heritage. Demons in Victorian Age painters gloried in nudeness even portraying Christ as a naked child, Leviticus 18:7; Deuteronomy 4:15-16, 7:4; Isaiah 2:6,12,16; Romans 1:21; I Corinthians 3:21; II Corinthians 11:14-15; I Thessalonians 4:7; II Thessalonians 2:4,7-8; Jude 1:8. Nudist camps, bikinis and topless bathing suits, see-thru paraphernalia, revealing garments, mini-skirts, and "hot pants" are extensions of demonic madness in possessed men and women, Deuteronomy 22:5; Ezekiel 27:16; Revelation 18:16-17.

9. Circumcision is more than just removing the foreskin of the penis. That in itself parabolized that God would uncover the secret concerning sex at a time when we could bare it, Exodus 20:19; Deuteronomy 10:16, 29:4, 30:6; Mark 4:33; John 16:12. The prophets suffered many things because the demons in the possessed people could not bare the little bits God did reveal, Matthew 23:29-33; Luke 19:12-14, 20:9-18. You beware that the "wicked heart" of a demon is not controlling you also. In plain English circumcision is separating demons from men's bodies, or casting out devils or breaking the devils' body-nerve control. If you believe God, the Word alone is able to do it. Touching by men was suffered because of the weakness of men's faith, Luke 7:6-10, 18:7-8; John 15:3, 20:27-29. Because the Word of God has two edges, circumcision was telling the demons God would reveal what sexual perversity they committed in heaven and were actively committing against man, Isaiah 10:13-14, 47:3-7,10; Matthew 10:26; II Thessalonians 2:3,6-10; Hebrews 4:12; Revelation 17:5, 18:3. You are nolonger children and are able to bare this revelation, Matthew 11:6; Mark 8:38. In Isaiah 47:10 these demons took advantage of their invisibility to pervert men, and in verse 10-14 he boasted that no one spoke out against him while he raped the whole earth. That should tell you something about what demons think of your doctrine that you cherish so. The demons have turned your swords against each other materialistically and spiritually, so that your doctrine became almost meaningless "mumbo jumbo," Revelation 1:11-20, chapters 2,3, Isaiah 13:2-5, 14:3-7; Jeremiah 50:13,16-20,35-37,40-41,45-46; Matthew 12:25, Enoch 1:9, Psalm 149:5-9. Notice: in Jeremiah 50:41 and Isaiah 13:5 that the north refers to heaven as we showed you earlier, Jeremiah 51:5-7,11-12,20,25-26; Matthew 17:20-21; Revelation 18:4-6.

10. Because these demons stole us and wrought the great impieties against us that are written on this paper and those that are written in heaven, understand that the books are open in heaven, Ezekiel 85:5,6,11-13,15, Enoch 89:68-71, Isaiah 14:21-23, 28:18-19, 47:8-9, 53:1; Revelation 5:5, 10:7-10, 20:12, III Baruch 16:1-4, Luke 1:19-20. God can and will vex us all if we do not honor Gabriel's message. Do not cause the grace of God to labor by heeding seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, Romans 6:12; I Timothy 4:1-2. What we have just discussed is the "mystery of iniquity" as God revealed it, the so-called "normal" and abnormal actions of the devil against mankind, II Thessalonians 2:7, Revelation 17:5. We have also seen the vengeance to come, that God alone is able to stop the demons, Jeremiah 51:35-39.

11. Because Jesus Christ is the Word of God, we must eat him as our passover taking the bitterness of the revelations along with the sweet, Exodus 12:8, 15:23-26; Isaiah 11:1; Ezekiel 17:22-24, 31:3,8,10,14; Micah 4:10; Luke 23:28-31; John 1:1-5, 2:6-10, 4:14, 6:51,63, 8:32, 17:17; I Corinthians 5:7; Revelation 5:5-8, 8:10-11, 10:9, 11:8, 12:5. All the world of visible fleshy men is Israel on the march, and we are sojourners like Abraham was, Luke 9:25; Hebrews 11:13-16. Spiritually this whole earth is called Sodom and Egypt. These demons are the oppressing heathens who have continued to hold us in hard, filthy, spiritual bondage. Satan is Pharaoh, King of Assyria, the King of "Babylon", his wife. Their evil spirit children are the invisible Egyptians, and they have had men committing all kinds of Sodomitish acts. All men are drunk on their wine which is "filthy wine of fornication". Christ is our Passover, and we are about to leave Egypt. All men must be circumcised to remove demons from their bodies. We must eat this pashal lamb quickly, taking our bitters along with it. This revelation is bitter water, but Jesus Christ is the Branch who will sweeten the waters into good wine at the wedding feast to come.

12. Failure of men to speak clearly on the subject of sex greatly aided and abetted the demons in fulfilling Daniel 7:21-22 and Revelation 18:3. Prissy ettiquet, big words,and social niceties have served demons well in their warfare as a cloak of maliciousness to cover the truth. Therefore, men and women were continually raped by demons while their highly educated, esteemed, and rich leaders aided and abetted the enemy. The ignorant and uneducated suffered with the rich while demons stomped the hell into us, Daniel 7:8,19; Revelation 12:3-4. Everyone should have realized these demons are proud, preeminent, and desirous rulers. Therefore, the biggest of them possess the leaders of men for the sake of worship or honor. Therefore, all the kings, church leaders of past decades, and the socially prominent have been patsies and pawns, amplifying demonic instructions in the way of unrighteousness, Romans 7:24-8:6,38-39.

1. The demon's ways will never change

So his fate is pre- arranged

All the saints they've tried to chain

Who worked for God but all in vain.

2. Just as Satan fought with Moses

He's still the blight on Sharon's roses

He's still the one who pre -supposes

He is the stink in all our noses.

3. But for Christ we know the Host is

Still demons ask who the Holy Ghost is

Although they wrestle us in vain

God's mercy will surely break their chain.

4 Stackings with demons is no gain

We'll still receive the latter rain

If they make us into a Trojan horse

The word of God will still have course,

5. For righteous men still bend the knee

Asking God to set men free.

And I shall preach if I am hoarse

Still sanctified though put to worse.

6. Gog will rise, Magog will swell

As a break in the wall but not the well

Raging, gaping, they will come

Until a voice cries, "It is done"!

7. On us they hope to put their sadness

By diggings of Satanic madness

Thanks to Christ who stood the test

For the hopeless and for the best.

8. We are of Christ to live and die

Then it's homeward we must fly

Devils must not command your soul

While we wait, let the billows roll.

9. Each man to God is a son and prince

To offer to Him sweet incense

Son of God be still but ready

To fight Magog, but please be steady

10. Love will give you the victory

And the Grace of God will set you free

Now unto God we bow the knee

For keeping us through misery

11. By crushing each devil's haughty head

We'll serve our Father, God instead

God is He who created heaven

And gives to each His manna and leaven

12. Stand resolute and buy the truth

Serving God- not essaying soothe

Satanic swill will surely kill

And destroy our house on Zion's hill

13. Forward children! don't look back

Satan still impedes the track

Forward! Let us win the race

My reward I chose is grace.

14. Show love and rule against the Night

Speak in peace though the devils fight

See that they speak no words through you

To hurt the wounded feeling blue.

15. But let us edify in love

Like fellow soldiers in heaven above

Beware brethren, bare no grudge

Spit out bitter satanic fudge.

16. Be resolute for Christ! Don't budge!

At every wrathful demonic nudge.

Satan hates your life of ease

Because torment offers him no peace.

17. Don't let his image make-up your face

Before God, don't be a disgrace,

And a shameful thing to call a son.

Fight until it's said, "It is done".

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