Isa. 29:9-14; Rev

I. (a) Psalm 37:18

KEY Eccl. 7:29, 3:14, II TIM. 2:26

(b) Man is defined as GOD'S UPRIGHT even though we suffer demonic captivity! Use your key definition of UPRIGHT and "unseal" the following Scriptures:

(c) Psalm 37:22

(d) Isaiah 14:l2,21,22, Psalm 49:14; Ephesians 2:2. Only devils cannot dwell on earth's surface!

(e) Psalm 37:29,37; Ecclesiastes 4:1-2, 12:7

II. (a) Revelation 22:1

KEY Psalm 46:4; I Corinthians 6:19

(b) The dwelling place of God's tabernacles (mankind) is Heaven!

(c) Hebrews 12:22-24

(d) Psalm 87; Revelation 21:3 (All men are written in the Book of Life, the Heart of God! )

III. (a) Matthew 12:43-45

KEY Psalm 49:16-17; Prov. 23:4-5; Mal. 3:6,17

(b) Although devils are "enriched" by possessing God's jewels of mankind, devils must fall in hell at death, and men must fly to Heaven! Psalm 22:27-29, 90:10; Isaiah 40:28-31; Revelation 9:6

(c) Luke 16:22-24, 17:33-37, 20:37-38, St. John 6:35,48,50

IV. (a) Psalm 139:13-16

KEY Isaiah 45:9-12

(b) Psalm 100:3, 127:3, 145:9-10,21 Mankind is the Father's workmanship written in the Book of Life, THE FATHER'S PHOTOGRAPHIC MIND!

(c) Psalm 87; Isaiah 44:5, 49:13-19, 66:9


Dear Helen,

I am happy you are more contented concerning me. God has the whole world in His hand. He is our power of life and is in total control of every man's experiences and destiny. He has a way of educating us which appears strange to those who do not understand His hidden works. My wife and children are also under His care as well as the rich, the hungry, the poor, and dying. I love every man under all test situations in this life, but God's love is superior to mine at all times. In fact my ability to love is only a small fraction of God's love which cannot be measured since it is so great! It is for God to do with me what He pleases as well as His prerogative to subject every human being to whatever experiences He desires for our greater benefit to come. Men must learn that we are truly PIECES OF GOD shaped with arms, legs, heads, and, bodies, to be male and female children. He deliberately placed us in "clay houses" and in weakness for experiences geared principally to refine us in the long-run. These negative experiences of this life will give us a basis for comparison so that we can appreciate every aspect of righteous and gracious court conduct becoming to the children of the King. Nothing concerning God's ways must be taken for granted or lightly esteemed. When He lifts us up we will be able to appreciate the freedom of love without an inferior inner forceforcing our wills and our bodies into acts and personality ways contrary to our Godly nature created in us. I will be a refined prince, and you, a gracious princess, taught to be perfect in regal and majestic manners truly becoming us, the children of the Father.

All the time mankind has spent from Adam onward in this "pit" has not amounted to a split second when compared to the lengthiness of eternity! GOD SAVES FAST! You must appreciate the speed of God and think of Him with an eternal mind because He is an eternal being with unearthly thoughts. Devils have slandered God in our ears by telling us He is slow in calamities or cannot be found when needed. Adam was not a day old when God exalted him, and our generation won't be an hour old, John 11:9, before we "see the light of life, "face -to -face, I Corinthians 13:12. He speedily fulfills Matthew 6:10,13 for those called up every day, Isaiah 27:12-13, 60:1-11,18-22.

God is the only One I know who has total control of earth's experimental test conditions which appear to be "chance", or happenstance events, Psalm 115:3, 135:6; Daniel 4:17. Deliberately, he placed us in our generations and our birth -orders (numbered sequences) in various places on earth's surface. People rise to heaven (die) on schedule in an orderly progression according to the birth sequence in which our spirits were born in heaven, Psalm 49:20; Acts 10:9-16,28, Secrets of Enoch LXVIII:4,5 (Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden). Not one son (sun) or daughter fails to rise on time because God is more precise than the natural sun, the best Swiss watches, and time itself! In earthquakes, hurricanes, and sudden "disasters" wheremany people are removed at once from this life, all go to glory in orderly sequence according to their birth numbers. Men think these are freak events, but God placed the babes inwombs in deliberate fashion so that He could draw massive numbers to heaven at certain times, John 6:37,44, 12:32. So this life is a gigantic experiment where we undergo varying test situations, but God is perfect order in what appears to be a chaotic world, Isaiah 41:4, 43:7,12, 44:7, 45:21-25; I Corinthians 14:33. Those texts in Isaiah are major keys for peace in understanding if men could only acknowledge God's authority! Isaiah 43:5-7; Romans 3:4.

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