In Psalm 150:6 it says, "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord". Also, Isaiah 43:7,21 says of mankind, which is spiritual Israel meaning princes of the King of Kings, "Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory; I have formed him; yea I have made him. - This people have I formed for myself: they shall show forth my praise". The question is does your doctrine agree with these thoughts of God, and do you believe Jesus was right when he said, "Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven"? God's word which is defined as TRUTH says "Yes, Yes"! Devils and their lying doctrines say, "No, No"! Now the question is directed toward you, who is right: God or the demons?

Let us first look at the title text in Secrets of Enoch. We can examine the key word "BREATHING" in (1) the natural view and (2) the spiritual view. Before we go any further, let us exclude "creatures invisible" who do not fit in our key text. Devils are misfit invisible "GRAVE IN" IMAGES NOT COUNTED, Isaiah 41:21-24,29; Revelation 16:8-11, 17:8; II Esdras 8:56-59, II Baruch 48:29-30, Secrets 34:1 (LBB), Romans 1:18-25. Those things apply strictly to devils who possess and control mankind. In the true sense "creatures invisible" refer to our spiritual image and God's angels in heaven, Secrets 30:12 (LBB), Luke 17:20-21, II Baruch 51:8-11. "BREATH OF GOD" by definition of the parable refers spiritually to Mother Wisdom 7:24-26. So every time you see that expression in any prophetical book, it is referring to our Mother. In (1) The NATURAL VIEW breathing things include animals, birds, and fish. They glorify God as written in Psalm 19:1-3, and are used as parables in the Old Testament to teach us about the activities to avoid, due to force from the invisible kingdom of Satan which we cannot see, Letter of Aristeas VI (LBB). In the Spiritual Law of Moses we find that the unclean animals represented our brethren with no understanding who are actively possessed and controlled in sin by devils, Psalm 49:20. The Spiritual Law of Moses is strictly applicable in Secrets 58:6,7, ch. 59,60, where we were told to love our fellow man as ourselves, even as God and Christ do, Leviticus 19:18,34. So the natural animals were used by God as a teaching device, Isaiah 63:14. God also used us as a teaching device if we acted like the animals most influenced by devils who controlled them, Deuteronomy 28:36-37,46-48. From the beginning animals were gentle, but when devils began to control them, they became "BEASTLY", meaning they expressed the mad nature of evil spirits possessing them, Secrets 31:3-6 (LBB), Isaiah 14:12-17; Revelation 17:8. In (2) The SPIRITUAL VIEW "breathing" refers to those who are made from a portion of Mother Wisdom's own Great Spiritual Body. This applies to mankind (our spirits) and not natural animals, as it is written, Secrets 30:10 (LBB), Psalm 87:5-6; Isaiah 66:8; Sirach 1:9-10,14. As you realize by now, the MOST HIGH HAS FULFILLED Psalm 87 IN THIS LETTER SERIES. Natural animals were made from the water and the ground as Moses wrote in Genesis 1:20-25. We may also add a third technical meaning of the expression '"breathing thing." In the (3) TECHNICAL SENSE "breathing" means those who have "wisdom" and enough sense to serve and obey God, Genesis 2:7; John 3:8, 20:22. The last text is a parable in the Parabolic Gospel of Moses, Psalm 78:1-5, to teach you that God gave Adam wisdom enough to serve Him, Revelation 12:1, III Baruch 9:1,5-8. (God was not angry with Wisdom, but with Satan so that He decreased man's earthly time to deprive devils from having our bodies as a foundation of solid ground to stand upon). In a lesser degree this same third sense refers to talents, meaning skills to make and do things, Matthew 5:45; John 15:5; Wisdom 7:14-22.

Now the Father Himself speaking through Isaiah said that men are created for His glory which He had no intention of giving to demons, Isaiah 42:8, 43:7,21. So do not think devils have power originating from themselves to heal or do any good, Revelation 13:13-14, II Baruch 48:29-30, II Hermas VII:1-4. If devils thought at one time that they had great powers, what was God's purpose in allowing them to deceive themselves? Here is the answer: II Thessalonians 2:8-12, Jubilees 10:5-9, Enoch 54: 6. God was gaining cause to burn them and without a case or cause there would be no great offense, Judgment, or punishment so that those multitudes of devils would continue to exist, Enoch 16, Ecclesiastes 8:11. STUPIDLY, DEVILS BRAGGED ABOUT THEIR PRESUMED POWERS, not acknowledging where power really is from, Psalm 62:11; Isaiah 10:12-15; Habakkuk 1:7,10-11. But the prophet Asaph realized a thing about God's snaring and trapping wisdom, Psalm 73:3-12,16-20. Therefore, God takes pleasure in blocking devils and proving they have no strength of their own nor any original power, Isaiah 11:15, 19:11-17, 54:17; Jeremiah 50:33-38, 51:29-33,52-58. We conclude that God was "GOING -A- DAMNING" against Satan's offspring born after their fall, and set them in a "slippery place" to gain a case against their race. Glory to the Father, they are all damned! Enoch 68:5, Jeremiah 50:24-26, II Baruch 13.


Let us prove how "everything that breathes glorifies God". In the natural sense all who use oxygen including the animals glorify God in some way. God gave us the power to walk on earth's surface, Isaiah 14:12,21-22, Enoch 45:1,2, to show devils His magnificent power to make a difference! Genesis 1:3-5, Enoch 18:12-16, Ecclesiastes 4:13-14. This is a great torment to devils because God took advantage of their jealous nature to vex them with "THE DIFFERENCE". Thus, even the poorest vagabond with no home is a vexation to devils who must depend on him to avoid falling through earth's solid mass, Isaiah 24:17-18, (where the "windows" are God's Watchers from Heaven opening their mouths to teach, Enoch 72:7, Isaiah 60:8; Daniel 4:17. The word "window" is parabolic). So in this manner God gets glory out of mankind regardless of his understanding or lack of it. Devils hate falling through the pit, Matthew 12:43. The mere fact that a man can eat food is an exceedingly great torment to demons. They cannot eat, but they suffer hunger and thirst, Enoch 15:11,12. Devils are crushed inside by their own innate envy because GOD MADE THIS DIFFERENCE between them and mankind, Ode 24:3-9, Isaiah 65:12-16. WE ARE SHOWING YOU THE MYSTERY OF GOD IN FULFILLING Isaiah 66:14 ONCE MORE. Thus, God gets glory out of the mere presence of His children, and the children do not know it. Thus deprived devils have used our flesh and blood for food which Moses said is unlawful in the Spiritual Law of Moses, Leviticus 17:14, Enoch 98:11, 103:11, Psalm 14:4-5. Revelations call this a plague, Revelation 16:1-7. DO NOT BE DISTURBED. God "allowed" devils to devour His Great Body of mankind as a just cause to damn them, Jeremiah 2:3; Zechariah 2:8; Matthew 18:7, Enoch 69:11, Isaiah 63:9. God "allowed" His Body to suffer, gaining good reason to exterminate Satan's invisible family in the most terrible way imagined! Continuing with mankind returning God glory, A GREAT DIFFERENCE is that although both men and devil are born naked, devils remain so, but not us. This is how devils are born: Psalm 58:3; Revelation 13:14; Wisdom 2:1-2,9 (they are born with power to speak); Enoch 15:8-10. We were born naked, but God clothed us, Ezekiel 16:5-14; Wisdom 7:1-6. Devils are still naked in great shame! God will show this even to you at the set time, Isaiah 14:16-17, 47:1-3; Ezekiel 28:17-19; Nahum 3:1-3. Therefore, every time drunkenness occurred in biblical accounts, the victims were found out of their clothes, Revelation 18:3-4. Again God took advantage of devils' great pride and jealousy to hurt them. He gave us variety of styles, fabric, and colors (Joseph had a coat of many colors) to choose from to vex devils who presumed the were gods and princes. They have absolutely nothing! And this is a lamentable grief to them, Jeremiah 33:6-9.

Finally, the latest grief to devils is what we showed you in the last letters. I MUST LINE UP WITH GOD'S SEASONABLE THOUGHTS. I was told to get like my Father in word mind and deed. HE DOES NOT WANT US (1) to point fingers or "cast stones" at our brethren like Satan, "the accuser of the brethren," Isaiah 58:9-10; John 8:7,10-11 (2) to speak evil of our brother, Psalm 50:19-21, (3) to make our brethren offenders for a word, Isaiah 29:19-21. This is a timely act for the men of God because devils are the source and cause of sin in men, and God justly holds them only with absolute responsibility for crimes they force on us, (1) Enoch 10:8,9, (2) John 9:4; Ephesians 6:12, (3) Leviticus 16:7-10,20-22, (4) Romans 5:15-19. Devils are responsible for our sins according to the powers God knows He allowed them to exercise against our fleshy weaknesses as Job's case clearly illustrates. Scripturally, Jesus and the Holy Ghost through Ezekiel have described this power as FORCE, (1) Isaiah 40:12; Ezekiel 35:5,9-14 for the Holy Ghost, John 16:9-11 (2) Psalm 58:2-4; Isaiah 59:3-8; Matthew 11:12 for Jesus. Devils may persuade men that God ought to hold men responsible for sins with which they ensnared us and forced on us, but I dare them to try and break these scriptures and teach God He is unfair! Isaiah 40:1-2,12-14, 55:8-9; Revelation 15:2-5 where GOD IS DOING THE TALKING, Ode 12. DEVIL! CANNOT STAND GOD'S THOUGHTS. THIS IS Isaiah 66:14 ONCE AGAIN. THE RAINBOW COVENANT and Isaiah 54 is a great distress to devils because God made a BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE between treatment of devils and us! GOD HAS RESPECT FOR MANKIND AS HIS BELOVED OFF SPRINGS, Exodus 2:24-25; Leviticus 26:9. Certainly this is fair! God put man down here in great weakness knowing well that mad and vicious demons were awaiting us, His sons of life, Revelation 12:4,17, 13:15. He knew we would be possessed quickly without our knowledge by an enemy we could not see, and some would doubt the enemy exists, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 13:5-7, 18:3. It should now be easy for you to understand HIZ MERCI shown by Paul in Romans 8:18-23. With the minds we have now if God had given us a choice and allowed us to say whether or not we would submit to being born in a hellish earth with perfect knowledge of the weaknesses to which we would be subjected, we would have asked to be excused! How about you? I admitted before God that in my state of mind at the time the thought struck me, I would have asked to be excused from coming down to earth. Jesus had knowledge of what awaited him and said, "Thy law is in my heart -I delight to do thy will," Psalm 40:6-8; Hebrews 10:3-5. Understanding all these things caused God the Father to be pictorially described by these scriptures, (1) Isaiah 54:7-17, (2) Matthew 5:44-48, (3) Luke 15:15-24. These texts show to you the Father. Please accept our Father of Love for what He is, I John 4:7-8. God has accepted you for what you are, prodigal son or not! Love Him for the difference He made between us and devils, Song of Solomon 8:6,7. These concepts were taught by Moses and Egypt in Exodus 11:6-7. This is a timely difference. If these were a man's words or wrongly divided scriptures, devils would laugh. Devils do know that God has moved against them, and therefore, there is weeping and gnashing of teeth among them. Those devils born down here were so deceived at one time they thought they were equal with us. Look at Enoch 102:6-8 and Wisdom 2:1-3,21-22. Some devils even took a superior attitude, Psalm 10:2-7,11, 12:3-4; Revelation 13:4. But those are strange and mad conclusions to draw because they "appeared to have power". The WORD OF GOD IS A TWO-EDGED SWORD, AND HE IS BRANDISHING IT BEFORE THE INVISIBLE MEN OF SIN, Isaiah 34:5,11-12; Ezekiel 32:9-10; Hebrews 4:12. Empty stones are devils, Jeremiah 51:25-26. Satan, who is the foundation for his invisible world, shakes with his children because God has moved! Secrets XXVI (LBB), James 2:19; II Esdras 6:11-16. DEVILS' GRIEF IS GREAT BECAUSE GOD IS MAGNIFYING HIMSELF AND HIS GREAT DIVISION BETWEEN THE TWO KINGDOMS HERE, Isaiah 28:21; Habakkuk 1:5; Wisdom 5:2-8. God has kept the pressure great on devils by giving the natural animals power to walk on earth's surface, to eat and drink, and a covering of fur or feathers for their nakedness! Thus devils' remorse is tremendous and immeasurable! In those ways God by establishing the conditions has caused mankind and animals to give Him glory against the enemy. ONCE MORE WE ARE STRESSING Isaiah 66:14 WHICH IS THE FULFILLMENT OF Romans 9:22-26. Praise God for the difference! Secrets 40:9-11.

Now let's examine the last part of our topic text: Every breathing thing "praises Him". This time we will not look at this naturally as it applies to animals because they are dumb creatures, Secrets LVII:3,4. Naturally speaking, every man does not praise God. Those few who have learned of God in this life do praise Him in song and words of adoration. The fulfillment of our topic text comes in the spiritual sense where men of no understanding are parabolized as beasts, Psalm 49:20; Acts 10:9-20,28. This parable was seen fulfilled in heaven (1) by Enoch in 90:30-38, (2) Baruch in III Baruch chapters 3,10, (3) Isaiah 11:5-9. Since we know these are really our brethren who are ignorant only in this life, let us look at our topic text in the spiritual light. "Every thing with breath, (1) meaning those having understanding, and (2) those made from a portion of Wisdom's Body, shall praise God. The two definitions of breath cited do apply to all mankind. From the Revelation John saw all the dead standing before the Father, Revelation 20:12, WHICH "SINNERS" AS DEFINED BY GOD'S THOUGHTS (NOT MAN'S THOUGHTS) CANNOT DO, Psalm 1:4-5. John saw them all alive in heaven fulfilling our topic text by praising God! Revelation 5:13. I will be pleasantly repetitive, HOW SWEET IT IS NOT TO ADD TO OR TAKE AWAY FROM THE "END UP" OF THESE THINGS FROM THE REVELATION. "YOU COME FAR SHORT OF BEING ABLE TO LOVE MY CREATURE MORE THAN I", II Esdras 8:47. Know and understand that the Holy Ghost, a knower, (Noah's name means comfort as a reference to Him), has comforted you by forcing your attention to the Revelation of truth you cannot turn from. We are people of the Almighty, the mighty people first born in heaven and the people of the Sun, Psalm 19:1-6. Here once again out of love for beauty is the spiritual fulfillment of these things as seen by Isaiah 2:2-4, 13:12, 14:18, 25:6-8, 26:19, 28:18-19, 43:7,21, 45:9-12, 53:5-6,10-11, 54:7-10, 57:16-19, 63:16, 66:7-8,13,22-23. Now be comforted by Mother Jerusalem. All men are the sons of Her womb, and you shall not be destroyed as it is witnessed in Isaiah 66:22-23. Finally from Psalms 22:27-28, 64:9, 65:2, 66:4, 67:7, 82:8, 86:9. We can go on with Psalms but such is sufficient for the moment. I have no difficulty agreeing with God's thoughts. My life and the joy of all my brethren is in it. Who is on the Lord's side? "BECAUSE EVERY BREATHING THING GLORIFIES HIM, AND EVERY CREATURE VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE RETURNS HIS PRAISE," Secrets LI:6 (LBB).


Eyes that sparkle like the glistening snow, Testament of Leviticus 1:16,18 (LBB), Secrets III,V

Lips as sweet as the rose in spring, Song of Solomon 4:3, Testament of Simeon III:2, Song of Solomon 2:1

With a smile that makes my heart burn and glow, Numbers 6:25-26; Luke 24:32

Your kiss makes my yearning heart sing, Leviticus 7:34, (Rib), III Hermas IX:98-106

She is the love I dream about, Wisdom 7:27; Sirach 4:11-18, I Hermas 11:31-33

My fair flower so dear to my heart, III Baruch 12:6

The touch of her hand is no touch of doubt, II Hermas IX:8

But a tenure that we'll never part, III Hermas X:21

Although she remains a bright star in the night, Enoch 43,44.

And I a drop of water on the burning sand, Enoch 60:21,22

I'll send up my true love to her shining light, II Corinthians 2:14-17

As a soft cloud to cling to her hand, Enoch 60:20,21, III Baruch 12:1, Proverbs 3:16; Hebrews 12:1

Her voice sings music of the turtle dove, Song of Solomon 4:1, Revelation 14:3-4

A joy that bespeaks of purest love, Song of Solomon 7:6, Zephaniah 3:14-15

Her caress is the embrace of heaven above, III Hermas IX:16,17

An alm of peace I'd ne'er known of, III Hermas X:21, Isaiah 27:9-11; Matthew 6:3-4

Dainty are her ways of feminine charm, III Hermas IX:15, X:17, Proverbs 31:29-31

Imbibed by a heart understanding and warm, Proverbs 9:1-6, Song of Solomon 8:1,2

My love need fear no pain and grief from me, III Hermas X:19

For I am her true love and shall always be, Exodus 3:14, Song of Solomon 7:6, Psalms 46:11

I extol my true love as all I live for, Psalms 87:2,8, 137:5-6; Proverbs 8:22-30

Her gentle kiss my life dear I give for, John 10:15-18, Psalms 2:12, Song of Solomon 8:1

She is the breath I breathe, My Father's BRI- DE (DE RIB), Isaiah 54:5; Wisdom 7:24-26

My sweet red rose to remain by my side, Isaiah 52:1-2, 60:1-4; Acts 17:24-28; Revelation 6:12, 12:1-2.

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