April 3,1972


We thought it wise to send you a copy of a treatise consisting of utterances '"unlawful to be uttered," II Corinthians 12:4. This paper to date has been received well by almost all church bodies throughout our country, both Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish as well. Judging from some of the comments we have received, we feel that all of the groups have found something of value in the letters. Presently, almost all of the Catholic and non-denominational seminaries have completed reading or are completing the reading of this work. We are anxious that you also should read the series in its entirety to form your own conclusion about the merits of the letters. Notable religious bodies and persons which have read this work include The United Presbyterian Church, The United Methodist Church, American Baptist Convention, Cardinals O'Boyle, McIntyre, Cooke, National Council of Churches, Rabbinical Assembly, all non-denominational seminaries, etc. TO NAME A FEW.

These letters MUST NOT Be read with the NATURAL eye, I Corinthians 2:14, nor must babes read them for the purpose of debate, I Corinthians 3:1-3; Hebrews 5:13-6:3. This work is an illumination of hidden secrets of the parables both in the Old and New Testament gospels as determined by scripture. It is also a proof of the authenticity of spiritual writings misnomered as apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, and it will show beyond a shadow of a doubt the agreement between all the biblical writings from God. Allow me to urge you to take time out of your daily schedule to read this work thoroughly. This is not a rehashing of the traditional doctrines that we are used to hearing, but it is an inspired work, a product of the Spirit. Please make use of these spiritual alms and gain them as talents knowing that God works in mysterious ways, Matthew 11:16-17,25-26; Luke 6:26, 16:15. Those scriptures are geared to get your attention that although I am unknown and of no reputation, this word is known of God and precious in His sight. Observe this parable: Luke 14:16-21 where (1) verse 18 means ministers who are too involved with their own '"talents" to show interest, Matthew 13:44, (2) where verse 19 refers to bishops and denominational leaders overly interested in ONLY those ministers under them, Lake 9:49,50, I Timothy 6:17-18, (3) where verse 20 is novice ministers too proud of their personal ministries and their own personal congregations, Ephesians 5:21,24-25,31; I Timothy 8:1,6,7. Please read these letters in the numbered sequences because each one serves as a basis for understanding the one immediately following it. May God bless you and make your research fruitful in understanding.

Glorify God,


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