1. The Potter's Field

2. Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart And Arm


4. Keep the Commandments

5. A Hymn to Hem to Him

6. The Significance of Oil

7. The Dynamics of Salt

8. "Amen"

9. I John Saw These Things

10. Keep the PASSOVER

11. RIB-BANDS OF GOLD, Psalm 19:10

12. Can You Drink Jesus' Blood ?

13. Rendering All the Fruit

14. Treading the Winepress

15. I Will Dwell in Them and Walk in Them

16. Behold The Fig Tree

17. Does He Mean So ?

18. The Astounding Judgment of God

19. The Anointing

20. Who Told Them They Cannot Die ?

21. Now That We Know They Have Flesh

22. Advantage, God !

23. Getting In Line With God's Mind

24. Court Verdicts for the Valley of Decision

25. The WORD

26. It Is Done

27. Good News

28. Winning the Mind Game

29. Two Ways

30. What Time Is It ?

31. Why All The Wrath

32. The Second Resurrection

33. The Swiftness of the Judge

34. Chess, the "Master's" Game

35. Something to Consider

36. Sounds of Victory

37. The Beast That Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is

38. Leviathan

39. Leviathan: the Imitator of God

40. As It Was in The Days of Lot

41. I Send You Elijah The Prophet

42. Little Foxes That Spoil The Vines

43. The Second Day of Trial

44. Jesus, Our Standard For War

45. The GOVERNMENT Rests Upon His Shoulder

46. The Color Of LOVE

47. A Fool's Mouth Calls For Strokes

48. The Beginning Of Revenges

49. The Wonderful One

50. Negative Chess: The Way God Plays It

51. The Book of Life

52. The Book of Death

53. The Glory Of The Judge

54. My Teacher, God

55. Le Eagle

56. The Ark of God

57. Pharaoh Won't Let Go

58. The End-Last Day Son

59. Addendum: FAMILY REUNION

60. The Tree of Life

61. We Must See God

62. Footwashing Is A Commandment

63. This Is (God's) Your Life - When I Rise

64. I Will Pour Out My Spirit Upon All Flesh

65. They That War Against Thee Shall Be Nothing

66. The Fruit Of The Earth

67. The Merits Of Mercy

68. When The Lessons Of The Rainbow Become Living Love In Motion

69. You Cannot Serve God In A Strange Land

70. The Judge's Inditement, Psalm 45:1

71. Jesus Walked the Mighty Sea

72. GRACE, The Story You Do Not Hear

73. Thy Judgments Are Made Manifest

74. The Judas Spirit Today

75. The Temptation of Abraham: The Temptation of God

76. GOD'S LOVE Like No Other Love !!


78. Your Descendants, Lineage, and Ancestry

79. Letter to Gloria

80. April 3, 1993 Letter

81. Helen Letter

82. Man Is the Time of This World

83. Letter to Ben

84. The Way WE Walk

85. Mother Wisdom

86. The Weight of God's Way

87. A Better Way

88. Seeing From the Right Eye

89. A Host Against the Daily Sacrifice

90. He That Hangs On A Tree

91. He Looked For Judgment

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