Here is an invitation for you to see the FINAL ACT that God is engaging on behalf of ALL HUMANITY. This is the FEAST OF LOVE and a home-coming welcome for ALL "prodigal sons". He will do this for ALL "prodigals" on earth now! Tell Lucifer, "All slave chains shall be broken" and "God will take from him what he seems to have"! Saint, sinner, agnostic, gay, or devil worshipper, you cannot get away! YOU SHALL BE CHANGED, Jeremiah 18:1-6. You have just as much "choice" in this as God gave you in whether or not to be born! (If a Bible verse is underlined in blue, click on it to view the text in a window). You can look forward to wearing "the best robe" Revelation 19:8; God Himself will welcome you with a hug and a kiss; you will be given a wedding "ring" for your finger 2 Esdras 5:42. You will also get the best shoes with your new wardrobe Ephesians 6:15! And best of all you will be glorified as the "angels of Heaven" Matthew 13:43; Luke 20:36. Jesus Christ himself has told us that "elder sons" on earth, the preachers, will not like this. They will argue with God for punishment and REFUSE to join Him in this feast and avoid entry into the Father's joy! You can expect this from church "elders" and you will get it! See Luke 15:15-32. DO NOT EXPECT THAT ANY PREACHER WILL AGREE WITH GOD'S ACTIONS OR APPROVE OF IT! This is really God's last battle! This drama is like a five-year-old kid having a temper tantrum because he cannot have his way. Do not follow the kid! Follow your Father! No one in Heaven, nor on earth can help the preachers now. They are "in the face" of the ALMIGHTY and have challenged Him! They are much braver than Job and a lot "dumber"! Job 1:6-22. They are arguing nose to nose with your Father over this love-issue. But it is what the Father knows that counts! What the preachers know is wanting! And what is the heated debate really all about? Preachers allied with demons want God to dump the "prodigals" still bound by Pharaoh's tough chains into hellfire with demons! These are your children, relatives, neighbors and friends "caught in the very act of sin" and the preachers "stone them" every Sunday! The Father does not throw stones! He builds up His House with them! The Father has rejected the preachers' approach and instead He has called them upstairs to FAMILY REUNION and the Feast of LOVE! The preachers are mad about it! However, these scriptures cannot be broken! God is not "competing" with "human doctrines" and man-made "plans of salvation" taught by the churches. Every day He is applying unconditional GRACE and giving ALL MEN the "free gift of righteousness", doing His own thing over and above the objections of the preachers! Romans 5:15-22. This "big party" is an on-going reality in Heaven that has been in progress there before the "elder sons" were aware of it! This makes the preachers' judgment doctrines damning men a pack of impossible lies! Isaiah 25:6-8, 66:22-23; Revelation 5:13, 15:3-4. Obviously God is not like the preachers and THE PREACHERS ARE NOT LIKE GOD! "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts", Isaiah 55:8-9. The preachers are at variance with YOUR Father by showing a very poor love-attitude and by refusing reconciliation! "Because iniquity has abounded, their love has waxed COLD"! Matthew 24:12. But not YOUR Father's LOVE! Who is on the Lord's side?! Do you love your blind and spiteful brother more than you love your dear Father?! Because God is FOR you, "who can be AGAINST you? Romans 8:31. The answer is "elder son" preachers in the churches allied with demons! Who will lose this confrontation with God? Again, it is the preachers and "the Accusers of the brethren"! They can whine and pout all they want, but GOD LOVES ALL PRODIGALS out there, and He will "draw you to Him" on your last day ... even if preachers can't stand it! Matthew 5:44-48. The Father is turning the "jerks, bull frogs, ugly ducklings, and idiots" that you see around you (and YOU may be one of them now) into beautiful royal "princes and princesses of the Most High God"! And He is doing this "without the consent and approval" of the preachers, the "elder sons" on earth! Isn't God's love so much better than human preachers' love?! And who will love God more? ... the preachers or the "prodigals"? Those He forgave the most ... the "prodigals"! Luke 7:40-48. You can run to your preacher with this if you want to, but Jesus has warned you of the reaction you can expect! If you love God, why not serve Him!? Go and tell every man you see the real gospel love-story. Tell them your Father has "bested" the "elder son" preachers! This is "joy to the world, good will toward men, and tidings of joy which shall be for all people", Luke 2:10,14.

Let me recap our discussion just to make the point crystal clear. All "prodigals", the so-called "sinners" who "died lost", whom preachers condemned to hell are "found alive" in the bosom of the Father getting hugs and kisses. They are dancing around His Throne and enjoying a huge gala party! In the meantime blind preachers on earth unaware of these events are lying against them and against God every Sunday concerning God's actions against them in the Great Judgment. Does this crime seem like such a trivial matter that Gabriel and the Heavenly Court should allow it to fester without reproof? God forbid! You Christians who push and teach these lies have some repenting to do and some major apologies to make both to your Father and the Heavenly Host members you blasphemed! Revelation 13:4-7,11.

NOW... to all you "prodigals" out there, LISTEN! Demons and "elder son" preachers like so many Goliaths are lobbying God to have you burned in hellfire. BUT...you have a real Champion and a Hero, God Almighty Himself, your loving Father! HE WILL HAVE NONE OF THEIR STUFF! The Great LOVE has stood up for you against devils. He will free you from every slave-chain, trap, snare, and prison-hole wherein in you are bound. He has rejected the counsel and legal advice of the preachers to burn you, Isaiah 54:6-13, 57:16-19; Malachi 3:6,17. "DAD" will rescue YOU! He will never let you go! Jeremiah 31:3. YOU SHALL BE CHANGED! Jeremiah 18:1-6; Romans 14:4,11. There is only One who is holy and REVEREND, Psalm 111:9, Matthew 23:8. The others are small, mean, and bitter pretenders! The name of that One is God Almighty. Give Him your respect and honor. How do I get men to understand the depth of "God is Love"?! 1 John 4:8.

There is an on-going eternal FAMILY REUNION "party", the Feast of Love waiting upon your arrival. The Almighty Himself will draw you there ... no matter what the preachers say and think! No devil and no preacher can stop Him! Can you say, "Amen"?!

God is fighting the final battle on behalf of all humanity. He must fulfill His part of Malachi 4:5-6. He is ELI - JAH of the end-time and He will take the hearts of the children and return the allegiance of all of them from "elder son" human preachers to Him, Isaiah 2:10-17. Just as Elijah put the false priests and prophets to the sword in his day, ELI - JAH has dropped Hi-SWORD on the preachers albeit benignly! Again, just as Abraham moved to free Lot and his household, these last days are just like the days of Lot. The Father has moved to free His "lot" of humanity. And just as Moses and Aaron were sent to free the captive Hebrews, God has also come to free humanity from the slave-chains of a demonic Pharaoh. Peter's vision has shown us that all ignorant men were first born in Heaven and sent to the earth for a time to face the Dragon. Then they return to Heaven where they originally came from Psalm 49:20; Acts 10:9-16, 17:24-28. The parable of the "prodigal son" shows us what God, the Judge-Creator Father is doing for ALL "sinners" who "die lost". He has called them ALL upstairs for the FAMILY REUNION celebration despite the "man-made" church doctrines on requirements for salvation and protests of the "elder son" preachers on earth! Every human being created from every previous generation is alive and well in Heaven surrounding the throne of the Father with ceaseless praise and honor Isaiah 25:6-8, 66:22-23; Revelation 5:13, 7:9-17. Knowing these things were true because men are dying every day in every nation, Jesus told the Pharisee critics, "Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you", Matthew 21:31. You cannot undo what God is doing no matter what you think, what you write or what you read or believe! You simply cannot tell God what to do! Isaiah 40:12-14, 43:13; Daniel 4:17,34-35. On earth the preachers and the churches have created human doctrines (of devils) which lie on God saying He will burn the "prodigals" with demons in hellfire. These judgment doctrines are demonic wishful thinking, which set the preachers as opponents to the Father's will and on-going work of drawing up all "prodigals" for the big party. These considerations are more than a mild disagreement between the Father and His "elder" sons, the preachers. The church has become an advocate for devils and the epitome of demonic deception. By arguing the cause of Lucifer to damn all those he has in chains, the church is blasphemous and an abusive pawn for the Beast. The church has become a mouth-organ for a "nest of vipers" (demons) "blaspheming those in heaven", Revelation 13:4-7,11. Every past generation of mankind is in Heaven now! Psalm 145:3-14. They are no longer "prodigals" but they have been converted into the angelic Heavenly Hosts! Hebrews 12:22-24. By defining and condemning most men of past generations to be "lost" and "damned", by marking them as "unsaved", by judging them mercilessly, by assuming their souls to be dirty, the church in effect is blaspheming those same generations now in heaven, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 13:4-7.

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