(In black and white with no small print)

Zechariah 2:8

"For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath He sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye."

Why Our Sites Are 100% Different

[1] We don't peddle some tricky technique or convoluted mechanism for "salvation" that requires some type of unique process from the past or labyrinthine set of beliefs. It is all common sense when read and digested. Centuries of squabbling over Christ and they still don't get who the Son of Man is.

[2] We guarantee 100% the family destiny of all our brothers and sisters. If you cannot vouch 100% for each and every brother and sister, then you insist on not being your "brother's keeper". Your love is no love at all regardless of your religious or academic standing. For all your praying and thinking, you do not know us or our Father. Your research is worthless where LIFE is concerned. We don't engage in language studies or quibble over words and meanings where a brother's destiny is concerned.

[3] Our spirit is 100% pure and undiluted. God's family members are sacred, holy, and inviolate in His eyes and ours. There are no cracks in our being.

[4] We do not judge "after the flesh". Our logic is synchronized 100% perfectly with and through God's plans and work. The acts done in this temporary realm do not phase us. Absolutely everything is a part of God's purpose.

[5] Because of the previous points, there is no second-hand class status for anyone. There are no unique sons, no lesser or greater brothers and sisters, no smaller or greater "rewards". We are all in service for the family one way or another.

[6] The Father is 100% in us. He makes no family distinctions and lives in and through us completely. This statement sent Jesus to the cross. Any denial of this places you with the Pharisees.

[7] We absolutely claim no money. No one has to pay a single penny for his own being and destiny. How embarrassing it is for the money-grubbers when someone informs them that God has absolutely everyone in the palm of His hand forever. Now what are they doing for and to you?

[8] We know who to blame and judge. The demon world is judged and evaluated for the tool it is in God's expert hands. We do not go after victims. Print this out from your computer and take it to your local church or minister. Or send it to the television money grabbers who put a price on your soul for their own profit. And don't come accusing us of allowing sin to go unhindered. Two thousand years of Christianity and the world is still full of crap. Now let God show you His perfect work.

[9] As for you preachers, theologians, writers, "prophets", "judges", "believers" ... heaven is being populated each day without your consent. Tough, if those ugly ducklings and jerks are being turned by God into beautiful princesses and princes of the Most High. If you have a problem with that, then it is your problem, not theirs or ours.

[10] "Only God is good" and only He is really good at what He does. Jesus endured much "for the joy set before him". What the religious world offers is no joy at all. There is no marvel in their "plans of salvation" that badger you to go breathlessly chasing after some unseen ghost if only you can get your hands on it. But we stand in amazement at what our Father is doing!

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