HEADLINE: "In transgressing and LYING AGAINST THE LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood, JUDGMENT IS TURNED AWAY BACKWARD and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter. Yea TRUTH FAILETH; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the Lord saw it and it displeased Him that THERE WAS NO JUDGMENT" ... "Who shall not fear thee and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for ALL NATIONS SHALL WORSHIP BEFORE THEE: FOR THY JUDGMENTS ARE MADE MANIFEST", Isaiah 59:13-15; Revelation 15:4.

Those of you who have been following the "GOOD NEWS" reports are aware that the trial of Satan's family has been in session for the past seven days (7000 yrs). ALL the time man has existed on earth has been a "court trial" in the middle of the floor of the Outer Court of this earth. Unfortunately the bodies of men and animals have been used as court seats for those devils being scrutinized by the continuing circuit of new heavenly jurists most recently redeemed from among men ("daily sacrifice"). These must witness devils' works and render their personal verdicts against them, Psalm 149:6-9; Malachi 3:18; Hebrews 12:1. Human beings on earth have been unaware of this trial ... that THIS IS FINAL JUDGMENT FOR DEVILS ... better known as the Great Judgment. Devils have lied to the churches all these years, and men have been greatly deceived in all generations. Devils taught men that the Great Judgment in THE END would be a trial session for the purpose of disposing of unregenerate men along with devils in the lake of fire and brimstone, Enoch 68:4,5. Now consider that era from the 16th century to the present, the time U. S. religious historians call the "great reformation" and the spread of great light. Hell-fire judgment doctrines was a major theme of that so-called enlightening time. Take a good look at our HEADLINE. See how great a flood of Leviathan light was "hog's swill" (or the devil's (hog) will) for the "saints" of those generations! Daniel 7:21-22, Job 41:18-22. The great human teachers, famous in Christian religious history were "puppets and parrots" for the powers of darkness in the middle of the floor of the Outer Court! Isaiah 43:27. Those who rose up as heavenly students to witness the charade against men saw Leviathan poison men on earth, and those born into the "net of deception" regardless of church denomination were immediately overwhelmed and devoured by the Dragon. They were born into a church-trap already set, Revelation 12:4,17. These are the "doctrines of Balaam" which place the curse of damnation on human beings for the price of tithes and offerings, Revelation 2:14. These are the "doctrines of Baal" which teach a "sacrifice of men through fire" of hell and damnation. THINK back man! Think! Think again woman! THINK! Such a thought of doing these things to men --- NEVER ENTERED THE JUDGE'S HEART! Jeremiah 7:31, 19:7; Luke 9:51-56, Enoch 68:4,5. The dramatic stage "act" Israel participated in along with the ancient nations to cause their children to be sacrificed to idol gods (devils) accompanied by a strong reproof from the prophets was a prior rebuttal for the education of our later generations. You see, God knew devils would have men teach such a lying doctrine. Therefore some of our brothers and sisters were burned on altars so that we in our time could learn a lesson in love and not believe the lies devils teach against Him. He will not burn His children in damnation (sacrifice them) according to Satan's will, hopes, and desires in the lake of fire! Song of Solomon 8:6-8. Man is not on trial and cannot be judged by the Heavenly Court when the powers of darkness alone are on trial! John 5:22, 8:15 VS John 12:31, 16:7-8,11, 17:12. It is imperative that we take this new (really old) light of the END-TIME and look back at our TIMES and see where and how Leviathan crushed the stars, our former generations, Daniel 7:7, 8:9-12.

The Heavenly students and jurists in the Inner Court have a higher and wider perspective of this trial than men on earth have in our fleeting days of bondage to Pharaoh and our problem of being born in ignorance (blindness). To men on stage caught up and engrossed in their personal roles (lives), there is no court trial going on, and to many there are no such things as devils. You expect such statements from blind "zombies" and you get them, for they are microphones and amplifiers for devils controlling them! The upper jurist-witnesses can see devils on us and in us as devils show them who caused all their problems when they sojourned as pilgrims on earth. Devils also show them how they managed to keep their hold as those students learn to love all men the way God does. They must also render a perfect judgment verdict against our Accusers, Proverbs 30:10. Men have been warned about "messing around" with the Book of Revelation. In the "GOOD NEWS" you have learned that the WORD is "Ark contents" which only a chief priest chosen by the Father can handle. And "John" alone will be used by the Father to reveal "everything" in the END OF TIME. NO MAN can by "study" open seals "fixed" by the Father on His WORD, Isaiah 29:9-15; Daniel 12:8-9; Revelation 5:1-5, 10:7-11. (Here is something for you Paulists who think Paul knew everything. Paul "knew in part" and he said so! All scriptures did not come by inspiration from God. Some of it is "badgerskin" inserts from devils. And anyone cannot rightly divide the WORD by "study". It is "shewbread" lawful only for a God-selected priest to eat!) Jesus could open the "seals" on the WORD and "John" can and does open them for you (God does it) in the "GOOD NEWS". I said that to humble your minds! NOW ... LOOK at the "righteous judgment" of the Supreme Judge regarding ALL HUMANITY! Isaiah 51:4-5. See the WORDS of superior "jurists" in the Inner Court of Heaven and observe how their TRUE WITNESS of the Judge's VERDICTS and DECISIONS regarding ALL HUMANITY differs drastically from what theologians, Bible schools, and preachers have told us all these centuries! Look at our title and HEADLINE: "ALL NATIONS SHALL WORSHIP BEFORE THEE (not burn in death) ...for such a "thought never entered your Father's head ... "FOR THY JUDGMENTS ARE MADE MANIFEST". This means His VERDICT is made and MAN I (will) FEAST! ALL former "prodigals" dine at the Wedding Feast of God and the Lamb! Isaiah 25:6-8; John 2:1-10. You must warn preachers and "hirelings" of men about the lies they continue to speak against the SUPREME JUDGE and His legal DECISION! "Hog swill" (doctrines of condemnation and death of men) is not food even if you are a "prodigal"! 2 Corinthians 3:7-11. It (Satan's will) shall not be done to one human sheep! Matthew 18:11-14; John 6:39, 10:28. Only the Judge's will is done on earth as it is in Heaven! Psalm 2:7-9, John 12:32, 1 Timothy 2:3-6. USE Revelation 15:4 as BIFOCALS $ FOR YOUR SLEEPY EYES and look at the darkness in today's denominations! It will discern the spirits for you! Who's words are right about judgment, those upper angelic witnesses or the earthly spirits in today's churches and preachers?! You might know some highly esteemed and respected preachers and churchgoers who are FULL of "hog swill", the same brand fed to the "prodigal son". If you shine our HEADLINE on their judgment doctrines, it reveals those men to be blind as bats and without a real bat's sonic "radar" which directs its flight. For them, sonic "radar" would be I SEE (the) SON or I-SEE-SON... if only they could see! Matthew 11:25-27. All of them are in the ditches of the earthly Outer Court below. The righteous VERDICT of the SUPREME JUDGE for humanity is that all of us must worship before Him forever and ever! Isaiah 2:2-4, 25:6-8, 60:4-11, 66:22-23, Enoch 10:9,18-22, Secrets 23:2. Can you read and understand English?! So the Holy Spirits in Revelation 15:3-4 have a true and better witness of Court matters from the Inner Court than blind "zombies" and sleeping virgins on earth. Here they do not know that the Great Judgment has been in session, nor do they know who or what group is on trial! YOUR FORMER TEACHERS and many self-presumed Bible scholars are liars for devils! Isaiah 43:27. "Strangers" are shepherding human flocks (church congregations) and "alien" husbandmen are tending the TRUE VINE, Isaiah 61:5; Luke 20:9-15. So why should Deuteronomy 32:17 "shock" you where it says, "they worshipped (served) devils"? Deuteronomy 32:32-34. Everything written about ancient Israel applies to all of us NOW. For we have learned in the "GOOD NEWS" that ALL MEN are "princes of God" and hence "Israel"! Genesis 32:28; Deuteronomy 32:8; Hosea 1:10, Acts 17:24-28, III Hermas IX:161-163,LBB, Psalm 82:6-8. Holding to 2-day old darkness is "worms" and will get you no "brownie points" with God regarding the brotherhood of all mankind. Use of such references to them as "gentiles", "heathen", "infidels", or "strangers" stinks to God! Parroting Paul's 2-day old partial knowledge (adoption theory) on this matter makes you spiritually "senile" ... "when that which is perfect is come", I Corinthians 13:9-12, Matthew 23:9. The "hirelings" of Leviathan love to quote Paul on "church-going" so they can maintain and service their "blindfolds"!

Lies! Lies! They All Ate Dirty Lies! Ezekiel 4:12-17.

The 5th Command teaches us to honor our heavenly Father and the 9th Command teaches us not to bear false witness. The crime is exceedingly great when we dishonor God by lying about His nature and bearing false witness about His judgment. Men have defamed God's character, maligned Him, and slandered Him by teaching devilish lies. This is blasphemy! Here on earth men sue other men for defamation of character. If God was like men, then many preachers would be out of millions of dollars in "tithes and offerings" that they collect just to pay for their fines! Your human forefathers in all the world religions ate "hog swill" while on earth! Every "prodigal son" is given that garbage to eat in the churches because of the "famine of hearing the WORD OF GOD" here in "spiritual Egypt" (the earth) which continued until the END OF TIME. Let us be emphatic, perfectly clear on this point! Daniel 12:8-9; Amos 8:11-13; Luke 15:14-16. Notice verse 16 of the Luke text says, "no man gave unto him". Leviathan the "master" of earthly religions, gave men HOG-SWILL from his own mouth! Job 41:18-25; Isaiah 27:1, 61:5; Daniel 8:11-14; Revelation 13:4-7,11. Hog swill is the WILL OF THE DRAGON, that God should lose His entire family and should destroy them in hell-fire along with his invisible household. He needs revenge against God for kicking him out of heaven and damning all his progeny, Revelation 12:7-11. He especially hates the Woman for causing it all, Revelation 12:1-4,17. So all of Her sons and daughters sent down from heaven to experience the "negative exercise" in their earthly sojourn are victims of Satanic wrath as fast as they are born, Ecclesiastes 1:13; Acts; Romans 8:18-22 10:9-16. "Men are born for adversity," Proverbs 17:17, and "the reproaches of them that reproach thee have fallen on us", Psalm 69:9. The "church-trap" of all world religions is a major feeding place: "strange shepherds and alien vinedressers" feed men (Satan's) HOG SWILL regarding God's nature and His judgment. I ought to make Isaiah 61:5 a part of our HEADLINE as a strong reason why the following texts are true: Isaiah 5:1-5; John 15:1-6, and Deuteronomy 32:32-36. The demonic vine of Sodom is entwined as chains and bonds among the branches of the TRUE VINE, Matthew 12:43-45; John 8:34-36. Therefore the preachers and teachers of the past and today have spoken like the Dragon amplifying his lies as demonic "microphones", Revelation 13:11. They are "hirelings of men" who told lies! ... lies! ... feeding men dirty lies! ... about the Supreme Judge ... and His nature as God! Psalm 50:16-21. They have done character assassination to God! Let me make myself very clear: ALL WORLD RELIGIONS including Christian churches are "mastered" by Leviathan, Genesis 4:5-7,NEB, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 13:4-7. Your Father's decisions about us are still a "legal", Court matter! So go back to our HEADLINE and READ! It is the OPINION of the Supreme Judge that --- what men have been taught in the churches by Leviathan is "backward judgment ... lies ... and no judgment". This has "displeased" the Supreme Judge in Court. So he sent JUDGE JESUS as "shewbread" (show bread) to SHOW US His righteous judgment in the Outer Court in a "showcase" trial of a woman caught in the act of adultery. See Grace the Story You Do Not Hear, September 25, 1991. In it Jesus showed God's "grace", which He as Supreme Judge has the authority to grant. Leviathan did not like this and had men smite Judge Jesus in the face! Isaiah 11:1-4; Micah 5:1-3. Judge Jesus delivered a WORD of mercy for all mankind to the Outer Court. And for this angry devils in their human slaves had him crucified! GRACE is "order in the Court"! But hell-fire judgment doctrines in the churches is "disorder", and "confusion" or "Babylon" in the Court.

Now let us add up the sum of our thoughts. Honorable human teachers have taught us judgment doctrines totally backward and the reverse of God's will and PLANS. Men were given HOG SWILL, a lie that condemns men to death in the lake of fire even though Jesus "did away" with it! II Corinthians 3:7-12. Such doctrines defy Christ by denying his power of "GRACE" (2 Timothy 3:5) as a Judge, and they lie on the Supreme Judge! This effort by devils against our FAMILY has been called "backward judgment ... a lie ... and no judgment". They are void of GRACE and are a false witness about what God will do in the absolute END. Down in the earth those dwelling in darkness cannot see, but the heavenly jurists in the Inner Court of Heaven have a perfect perspective of legal DECISIONS made by the JUDGE. The JUDGE requires that ALL NATIONS COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE HIM continually (not burn in eternal death) ... THY JUDGMENT IS MANIFEST! Isaiah 2:2-4, 60:2-12, 66:22,23. It is also "manifest" to me that we in our generations have been lied to! We heard lots of dirty lies! ...coming from invisible Dragons who control the churches and church doctrines in all religions, II Corinthians 11:13-15, Revelation 13:11. Trusting men as teachers is very dangerous! Psalm 31:19; Jeremiah 17:5-9. We have bid you to trust your Father's LOVE, Mother "GRACE", and the love shown by Judge Jesus in his words, work, and death on the cross! And ALL of this can be found in the "GOOD NEWS"! In previous letters we explained to you why "You Cannot Serve God In A Strange Land" under Pharaoh (Satan). Satan pollutes church doctrines so that their meat and drink offerings "stink to God" and are unacceptable. The worship of men in FLESH-FORM cannot please God, so that the true worshippers do it up above in SPIRIT FORM. To God men on earth are "filthy, marred clay-vessels" who all must be made over again, Psalm 14:2-3; Jeremiah 18:1-6, Matthew 9:16-17. The heavenly vessels are FULL of GOOD WINE! But you get old wine full of adder's poison in earthly clay-vessels, and "judgment turned backwards ...lies ....and no judgment" ... all of which "stinks to God" and is unacceptable as a sacrifice.

I want to reiterate the warning of Revelation 22:19. Do not attempt to speak against the JUDGMENT MADE MANIFEST, the angels' words concerning the VERDICT of the Supreme Judge regarding ALL MANKIND in Revelation 15:3-4. It is God's peace and His good will to all men which is for ALL PEOPLE, Luke 2:10,14. I suggest that you forget HOG-SWILL taught as judgment doctrines in all the churches. Angelic Jurist-Witnesses have given you a PERFECT testimony from the inside concerning the JUDGE'S DECISION in both texts above! Why should you have your earthly name removed from the Lamb's book of life? Don't be stupid!

Manifest Destiny: MEN -I- FEAST

You have a rendezvous with God, your "manifest destiny," at the feast of LOVE, Romans 8:29-30, Secrets 23:2,LBB. YOUR presence is required! As of now we are invited guests on earth attending while still in FLESH-FORM, Matthew 22:8-10. This is the Marriage Feast of God and the Lamb to ALL MANKIND. In other letters we have called this celebration our FAMILY REUNION. God cannot be ALL that He is until all His body parts (cells) are perfected and up above with Him! So there is a place prepared for each son and daughter spirit God created, Secrets 23:2, 49:2,LBB, John 14:2-3. Perfection classes have been likened unto a marriage feast. Jesus and Mary ACTED an analogy of what happens there, John 2:1-10. Up above they serve the WINE OF JOY which we have called GOOD WINE saved for the END, Isaiah 25:6-8. So the WORDS (water) of Jesus can be turned into "GOOD NEWS" (WINE) of the "salvation of all mankind" without the loss of one human sheep! Lies served in the churches as bitter wine of death and condemnation of men have enhanced our appreciation of eternal life. Now it is more valuable to us and we will not take it for granted (even though it is "granted") as we might have casually taken it otherwise. So God has let Dragon lies fester to His own advantage. Now we even sing about immortal life which we have always had! Wisdom 1:13-15, 2:23,24, Psalm 82:6-8. It has always been impossible to take this immortality from us! For WE are not the clay-costumes of flesh and blood that we seem to be to men and devils on earth, Secrets 30:8-12. Death begins our "life" above, Hosea 13:14, Ecclesiastes 12:7; II Corinthians 5:1-8.

We have called the "daily sacrifice" of human sheep a PASS OVER from earth to Heaven where newly redeemed men from the earth attend the Archangels' altaring classes. There the beastly nature of men is "altered" and they become golden vessels of honor in the House of God by the "Marvelous GRACE of our loving Lord", Psalm 49:20; Isaiah 11:5-10; Acts 10:9-16. The curriculum for each course is the "wedding food". In addition to "GOOD WINE" the "fatted calf dinner" is served. It is the sermon of the Archangel Phanuel whose symbol is the "covenant" Calf. In the "GOOD NEWS" we learned that this is the RAINBOW COVENANT message that ALL MEN ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE FATHER evidenced by "built-in" proof, a rainbow seen in a blood smear in the presence of light or a sunbeam. This is God's "proof" of His own Paternity! You must be in the light to see this! This is the major theme of the "GOOD NEWS", the "sonship" and daughtership of all human beings created. WE ARE ALL FAMILY and men below are in desperate need of understanding this! Such knowledge will go far in combating the devil's hatred and use of man against man in our "battle of Armageddon". Bread, milk, apples, grapes, figs, pomegranates, nuts, and other fruits are also served as WORDS in the "GOOD NEWS" as part of this Feast. These items paid as "tithes and offerings" by the angels to God's human "priest" are acceptable to serve the "passengers" who PASS OVER and "watch" events below. But what the churches are feeding men is rejected for consumption of the new and rising spirits redeemed from among men, Joel 1:13. It "stinks to God" and is full of worms, Exodus 16:15-21. "Manna" is "bread-words" given to former Bible writers, John 6:51,63.

As a matter of FAMILY REUNION men rise up for renewal (remolding) in the exact sequence in which our spirits were born at the beginning, Secrets XXV,LBB, Psalm 87. This was before God initiated our earthly sojourn and "stage-life" starting with Adam. Only the Father knows our true spirit names and the order of our birth numbers. He is the only one who can "call the roll". No man can "die" until God calls his spirit name. We are saying that no man has ever "killed" any man!! The power of death is totally in the Father's control! Deuteronomy 32:39; Revelation 1:18. What does this acknowledgment of God's authoritiy tell you about men accused of killing other men or "seeming" to have power to kill others, or to commit suicide? Huh? If you "judge by appearance" and think like a "natural-minded" man, you will be blind and ignorant of the powers vested in and kept by God alone. This does not excuse Babylon for her vicious intent out of extreme hatred, Jeremiah 51:35; Ezekiel; Revelation 18:5-8,24 35:3-15. God has "used" devils' penchant to destroy the bodies of men for His advantage. They must "help" Him "reap" and build up His household. This is what He was showing us in the way Solomon and Hiram built the temple. Nevertheless devils must be destroyed for shedding man's blood out of spite and madness! The first place where the process of man's "orderly removal" is revealed is in Secrets 68:4,5,LBB. Enoch reveals that on the very day and hour a man's spirit is born, that is the same day and hour he dies (rises). We are the "days" of spiritual TIME. Each son and daughter pair (sun/moon pair) is one day of spiritual TIME, the equivalent of 1000 earthly years. Where a feast is involved is the ACT where Joseph fed his family during the famine. God had him seat his brethren according to their birth order to reveal the seating protocol for the FEAST OF LOVE, Genesis 43:31-34. This was done because heretofore in this earth or spiritual Egypt, there has been a famine of hearing the Word of God ... until the END OF TIME, Daniel 12:8-9; Amos 8:11-13; Revelation 10:7-11. In the END this "Joseph" (John) is to (feed) reveal everything including the seating protocol for the FEAST. As we said only the Father can "call the roll" and "set" us according to our birth orders, Psalm 22:29-31. So it is not the latest advances in medicine, or eating healthy foods, or bodily exercise that prolongs life. Those things may improve the quality of life. But when God calls your spirit name ... you will rise (die)! and not a whit sooner or later, Psalm 147:4; Isaiah 48:13.

Now --- something we do not like to mention to men below because many are married in their earthly "acting" roles. Many of us had "stage" spouses when we lived on earth. BUT ... the Marriage Supper like its analogy, the marriage in Cana with Jesus and Mary, is a REAL marriage supper! The paired individuals that God joined together from the beginning are introduced to one another. The unions are eternal for there is no marrying or giving in marriage up there. There is this introduction of already married pairs who have been joined in God's mind for thousands of earthly years, even from the beginning. The paired individuals are taught directly opposite one another in the "altaring" classes. Enoch was also given this key in Enoch 78:11-13. Another KEY is the way the animals entered Noah's ark, an analogy for the way men enter the Archangels' ALTAR-ing schools. They entered paired, the male with, not without, his female partner.

Up there we also find out to which "Order" of angels we belong. There are twelve Orders in our FAMILY. We also find out which of the TWELVE HEAVENS is our permanent "home place" and who our Archangel "governor" is. Because men are still in basic training on earth, we are also assigned guardianship duty and teaching roles as well as "jury duty" (against devils) and military service. Only when all men are called up will the guardianship and military duties be over. Then only devils will be left to fall and burn, while we celebrate FAMILY REUNION. This too is a FINAL VERDICT by the Supreme Judge ... for "thy judgments are made manifest", Isaiah 14:12,21-22; Matthew 23:33, 25:41, Enoch 10:9,18-22, 68:4,5, Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 25:6-8, 41:11-12, 66:22-23; Revelation 15:4. This last line is "pomegranate wine", Song of Solomon 8:1-5, (lots of seed words).


The JUDGMENT OF THE SUPREME JUDGE IS FINAL and fixed, 2 Esdras 7:(70),(112)-(115). The Great Judgment was decided in the beginning. Enoch had it all in Enoch 10:9,18-23, and 68:4,5. Both aspects of the JUDGE'S VERDICTS can be found in these lines. It took all those words from Enoch's writings to this "GOOD NEWS" IN THE END and all those years from Adam's days until now to make the JUDGMENT VERDICTS of the Supreme Judge MANIFEST to men on a much wider scale and an "open basis". You have a great advantage over your other brethren on earth because you are reading the explanation for "everything" in the "GOOD NEWS". It is "manifest" that we have heard lies about God, His nature, and His intentions as JUDGE. Devils told us He would include us in their penalty and "called" the "hirelings" of men to spread that bad news lie! But GRACE defies that lie. We see that esteemed preachers, teachers, and religious men in all the world religions have been "parrots" for devils feeding us with fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Their doctrines are a mixture of both good and evil. We are against the evil parts of it, not the good parts. The "judgment" doctrines as "fed" by the world religions have been lies! ... lies! They fed our generations LIES!! "Aliens and strangers" (demons) did this as invisible vinekeepers and shepherds, as false Gods, fake Christs, and imitation Holy Ghosts! We ate HOG SWILL and God calls that stuff "backward judgment ...lies ...and no judgment". But thanks to His mercy we know GRACE the Story You Do Not Hear, and we are recipients of His kindness. We are blessed to be invited to the Feast of LOVE at this time as "guests"! Praise His name!

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