The Judas Spirit Today

HEADLINE: "Judas Iscariot, Simon's son which should betray him ...he was a thief and had the bag and bare what was put into it ...And when he had dipped the sop he gave it to Judas Iscariot ...and after the sop Satan entered into him ...and he that was called Judas went before them and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him. But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the son of man with a kiss? ...And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver", Matthew 26:15; Luke 22:47-48; John 12:4-6, 13:26-27.

Just as the twelve tribes of Israel symbolized twelve types of experiences that God's 12 orders of children must undergo on the earth-stage (III Hermas IX:161-248), even so the twelve disciples represented 12 characteristics found in the ministries today. I think every Christian has heard of "doubting Thomas" and Peter the "would-be-brave" coward whose actions have coined the term, "the Peter principle". At this time we will discuss the "Judas spirit" and the "Judas tree". We are "trees of righteousness" planted in God's earthly garden, Isaiah 61:3. We will see where and how the spirit of Judas may be identified among ministers today. One thing our Lord and Savior taught us is that we should "provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass for your purses, nor scrip for your journey ... freely ye have received, freely give", Matthew 10:8-9. Paul also said, "The love of money is the root of all evil", I Timothy 6:10. Jesus commanded ---- no, the Father Himself commanded ---- Jesus' disciples to "Follow ME"!! So a true disciple follows GOD'S ORDERS! HE DOES NOT TAKE MONEY OR GIFTS FOR DOING THE LORD'S WORK! II Kings ch. 5. No money collections are kept by God's true disciples, because all collected monies are for and given to the poor and needy, Acts 4:34,35, 5:1-11. The question still applies that Elisha asked Gehazi, "Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants?" The answer obviously is "No"! But that deceptive spirit of Judas and Balaam which makes men love money has crept into today's churches and ministries to make them break a direct command from God ..."take neither gold, nor silver, nor brass, nor scrip" ...but... "Follow ME"! Do as you see me do!

Before we discuss the "root of all evil" or the "love of money" in today's churches, how many of you ever recall Jesus or Elijah, or Elisha just once taking up a collection from the people "to do the Lord's work"?!? When God sends His disciples into the vineyard to work, He does not pay them with cash! "Whatsoever is right I WILL GIVE"! ... not the congregation will give! Every workman is worthy of his hire, but God pays a "penny-thought", or a "piece of His mind" ...that is, greater understanding and knowledge of truth, Psalm 19:7-11, Proverbs 3:14,15. With these spiritual pennies that God gives, one may purchase "wheat, barley, oil, and wine" ... all spiritual... from the Archangel Gabriel, the Black Spirit, Revelation 6:5-6. ALL this is more and more light and understanding as "puzzle pieces" to build a complete picture of God's will and purposes, and knowledge of "mysteries" hidden from the human mind. God does not pay His ministers with metallic gold, silver, brass, neither with scrip, nor paper money. As we said every workman is worthy of his hire. And Leviathan pays his "human hirelings" whom he "called" to work the fields of humanity and to take care of the vineyards of men with ... gold, silver, brass, and scrip. He also pays in Cadillacs, houses, lands, fine clothes, sheep, cattle, and menservants and maidservants. All they have to do is feed the people "hog's swill" and to teach whatever other doctrines he demands! Blind sheep and "spiritually dead zombies" will be convinced to pay for such lies. These dead and dry branches of the TRUE VINE will present to the preachers "tithes and offerings" in hope of avoiding those intimidating hellfire curses.

Mixing of the "Priesthoods"

Under the priesthood established by Moses, the priests were commanded to attend the duties of the tabernacle which included a constant killing and burning of fleshy sacrifices. They could do no "outside" work, and the people were required to take care of them and provide for them and their tabernacle. That was under the Levitical priesthood and the Old Covenant. Jesus himself is the New Covenant and the tabernacle ministered to is God and Heaven itself, Revelation 21:22. Men cannot take care of Heaven nor can they take care of the "needs" (?) of angelic priests. Therefore the requirements commanded by Moses under the Old Covenant cannot possibly apply in the Heavenly priesthood! Nevertheless LEVIATHAN found a scripture to misapply, an angle (not angel) to get men to do the very direct opposite of what God commanded His disciples to do, to "follow me" (Him)! Leviathan said, "Ye shall not surely die, "for it is written (to the Jews under the Old Testament and priesthood), 'Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse," Malachi 3:8-10. Here we go again! Just as the devil quoted scriptures to Jesus on the mount of temptation when he hungered and thirsted ... this "tree of knowledge mixed with good and evil" tells the preachers to get cash during this world famine of hearing the WORD of God (as opposed to hearing the words of "hirelings") ... in direct contradiction to God's command to His disciples. This is a misapplication of an Old Testament text. "Will a man rob God and Jesus"? Yes!! Leviathan can get him to transgress God's command in Matthew 10:8-10 [right] if he quotes deceitfully Malachi 3:8-10 [wrong]. Men choose to abide by the wrong "8-10"! What a pity!

"Love of money" is the evil root that was implanted in Balaam and caused him to make an attempt to curse Israel. Balak tried very hard to pay him. Today the churches succeed in placing a powerless "curse against Israel" revealed in the "GOOD NEWS" as EVERY HUMAN BEING IN EVERY GENERATION. The church of Pergamos had the "cursing for pay business" as a characteristic problem, Revelation 2:12-17. Many Christian churches today retain that undesirable quality. They "curse" men with death in the lake of fire for the very trespasses Jesus died for, forgave, and carried on his back! They also demand 10% of their members' earnings to hear such deceptions! The fact that Jesus "did away with death and condemnation of men" does not matter nor prevent their ranting, John 8:10-12; 2 Corinthians 3:6-11. Church-members will be shamed and intimidated to "fork over that cash" ...10%... their "hire" for lying-service mixed with some truth!

Do you remember Eli's sons!? Read I Samuel 2:12-17,22-25. Our purpose is to consider verse 22, and link it with the problem of the church of Thyatira. Once Leviathan "hooks" you into cursing mankind in hell-fire for cash, he brings with him seven devils more wicked than himself and a different kind of "twist"! Read Revelation 2:18-29. Thyatira means THIGH ATTIRE or THY ATTIRE, Isaiah 64:6. Some women coming to worship in the congregations have beautiful, shapely legs and dress in sexy, figure-revealing clothing. So just like Eli's sons were blasted, the spirits of fornication array themselves against some preachers and they cannot keep their pants on! Some preachers have secret "sexcapades" with some naive sisters who come to worship. One sister had a paternity suit filed against one priest who participated in a "sexcapade" with her. This madness made the prime-time news on TV. The spirit of Jezebel (Babylon) poisons their eyes and minds with lust for sex! We all know of three famous televangelists who were ensnared in this activity and two of them are entangled in a law suit over charges in this matter. Those who deal with masses of people will have such "temptation-problems" from Babylon whether they are married or single, Revelation 13:4-7, 17:1-6, 18:1-3. David and Solomon fell, and many preachers have been thrown into that "bed of Jezebel"! All this extra madness because Leviathan brought seven more devils with him on a single "Judas root".

Now let us deal with you Ephesians out there, Revelations 2:1-7. This church lost its first love. One's first love is found in the First Great Commandment. This is one's sole MAJOR duty, Ecclesiastes 12:13. But the Father Himself blended the Second Great Command into the First now we must love our fellow man as we love the Father in recognition that each man is a "cell", a piece of the Father Himself! Like Jesus told Leviathan when he came to tempt him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve". But some ministers and churches and earthly ministries have forgotten their first duty and command in certain instances (like collecting and keeping cash for personal use). They are following church rules and traditions, by-laws, and practices according to the precept and commandments of men. They made vows when they joined these churches to abide by their rules. So men, church organizations, bishops, and higher priests are their preferred choice to serve before serving God. Even Leviathan gets preferential treatment on some doctrinal themes before God does! What a shame! If they find some practice going on in their organizations contrary to the will of God, some will keep silent to stay in the "graces" (?) of their leaders! ... rather than to fight it and change it. Churches censure and "silence" those who "rock the boat" or "make waves". They may also cast them out if they persist. Many preachers have submitted to darkness rather than light to preserve "order" in their organizations as if their perception of order is the goal of service rather then gaining and retaining greater light. They will not put a talent of light to (use) "usury" because it might upset their doctrinal position! These men have lost their first love just like the church of Ephesus. Collecting "tithes and offerings" and retaining some of it or all of it for personal use is a "fraud" given to the churches today by Leviathan! If you are a "priest of the Most High God" as Elisha was (even while the earthly priesthood of Levi was in effect) cannot do that! The Heavenly priesthood under God Himself has different rules! Gehazi found that out the hard way! Leviathan has given preachers a misaligned scripture under a passed away priesthood to support their doing so. We can see that God is not involved in today's churches. If He was most preachers would be "lepers white as snow" or falling corpses like Ananias and Sapphira. God is HOLY and He does not PLAY! Whatever you give to God or someone else gives to God cannot be retained even in part by GOD'S MINISTERS for their personal use. He told us, "I AM thy shield and exceedingly great reward"! YES! HE IS my cash, my "goods", and pay for my labor. I said HE IS! Now if you are a "human hireling called" by the Dragon, you can take cash, goods, Cadillacs, even women ... and retain your flesh color and avoid the casket for a while. All offerings to God should and must go to the poor. So we can say, I suppose, that the greedy and misguided Judas-preachers are also "poor". They are very deficient in the Spirit of God! Matthew 5:3. READ IT! God personally pays His ministers, but it is not with mammon! Matthew 6:24. If preachers are not serving God in these mammon matters, they are serving another "master", Genesis 4:5-7, NEB. And we do mean READ that flavor from the New English Bible! It is a spiritual FACT that Leviathan rules the earthly churches, Deuteronomy 32:17-18,32-34; Daniel 7:21-22; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15; Revelation 13:4-7. Do you know any church or churches that do not accept and keep money for their personal use? ...or any preachers who do not "take their cut" of collected monies? IF YOU DO, you just might know a true "man of God"! "Hirelings" take their cut or "hire" and will be upset if they do not get enough!

The church of Sardis had the problem of practicing "dead works". We have told you in the "GOOD NEWS" that a new era has arrived. It is different from the "gospel of Moses" and the "gospel taught by the disciples". Different rules apply under the "gospel of the JUDGE" in the END OF TIME. Under the dispensation of the Supreme Judge and the COURT:

1. Collecting money for personal use by preachers is VOID and PROHIBITED! That practice went out 2 days ago (2000 yrs ago) with the advent of Jesus and the New Covenant. Jesus (rather the Father) commanded those following His orders not to take cash for personal use. It was the practice among Jesus' followers to give money to the poor and Judas KEPT the money bag.

2. In this JUDGMENT HOUR the Supreme Judge acknowledges "Sin is a demon", and Satan was created to be the cause of sin and to supply the negative contrast to God's nature and order in His teaching PLAN. Earth-style "confessions for sin" wherein men blame themselves rather than devils are now VOID and INVALID under COURT jurisdiction. It is disorder NOW! Romans 7:14-25 comes closest in expressing the position of the COURT ...that "SIN IS A DEMON"! Pharaoh and Egypt are responsible for enslaving mankind in SIN WORKS! "Confessions for sin" was done under the "gospel of repentance", but it is an error in understanding of what sin is now that the JUDGE HAS DEFINED IT!

3. Under the Heavenly Priesthood in effect right NOW ... the earthly-church practice of baptism and footwashing with natural water is relegated to the closet of relics and antiquity. They have no power and effectiveness as evidenced by the fact that Leviathan still "masters" the churches. The true spiritual waters are WORDS from God. It is words of truth which can wash a man's mind and change his character when they become part of his new way of thinking. The spiritual real thing counts, not the "figure" or parabolic symbol for it. Devils are not afraid of natural water. They have gone down with many Christians in the process and came up with them, their power still intact.

4. "Sacrament" is not eating unleavened bread made with flour and water, or crackers, and drinking grape juice or wine. These practices are symbols pointing to the real thing going on upstairs! Bread of Heaven is WORDS of truth the new ones redeemed from among men learn ... about His PLANS and purposes for our FAMILY. Real WINE is "GOOD NEWS" of the salvation, forgiveness, and justification of every fleshy human being placed in a womb ... without the loss of a single one!! Most men and "elder sons" do not drink this until they PASS OVER. We gave you two huge cups of the BEST WINE in The Merits of Mercy. "Sacrament" is what you have been getting in the "GOOD NEWS", your Father's own bread and wine!

We have found out from the Judge that "those in the flesh (form) cannot please Him," Romans 8:5-8. Fleshy men are "filthy and marred clay-vessels" which ALL must be made over again in spirit-form, Psalm 2:8-9, 14:2-3; Isaiah 64:8; Jeremiah 18:1-6. So the "true worshippers" do it "upstairs" in spirit form, John 4:22-24. Satan has contaminated earthly churches and religions so that their offerings "stink to God" (but not to the preachers and worshippers submitting them)! God does not accept nor respect their sacrifices, Joel 1:3-13. The trees in this analogy are men and the fruit bearing trees are the supposedly faithful. But there is no fruit. See "The Judge's Inditement, Psalm 45:1", August 7, 1991. So no matter how the churches try to cleanse themselves in their outmoded traditions and practices, they cannot shake free of Leviathan's Egyptian-style encroachments. Men must leave spiritual Egypt (this world) and Pharaoh (Satan) in order to worship God rightly! Therefore "I have called my son out of Egypt", Exodus 4:22-23.

So the ministration of the Court in this Judgment Hour has practically "killed" most church traditions and practices so that the "canned" ritual services of the "Sardians" is like many dead sardines in a can. How many of you relish eating sardines?! The Laodicean church had the problem of conceit coupled with self-righteousness. In an earlier letter we called them "LOUD- I see- ans" or those quick and vocal about proclaiming to others how right and perfect their church doctrines are and how great their church is. This is in effect the same thing the Pharisees did in blowing a trump to announce their good deeds for admiration and praise of men. Many church organizations feel that they "have need of nothing" (except more cash)! BUT these churches are just as naked and imperfect as the others. God found the Laodicean attitude quite imperfect. Pride and arrogance come from Leviathan. Organized churches will do well to realize that the following texts exempt no one and no church: Daniel 7:21-22, 8:11-14; Matthew 24:1-2, and Revelation 13:4-7. All men and all religions are like Cinderella in the fairy tale. Those scriptural shoes fit ... even though we may not like it and refuse to accept it!

Judas Today

Let us go back and review our HEADLINE to locate the Judas spirit, one of the traits which characterize the whole religious ministry. Judas was keeper of the money bag which was for the purpose of giving alms to the poor. In the churches all who possess, "keep", and control "tithes and offerings", monies which are for the poor according to the practice of the disciples of Christ and the priesthood under the New Testament ...all of them sit in Judas' place! Those who "skim" from the offerings designated for the poor and charities and keep part of it do wear Judas' shoes! In the churches, the preachers control much of this. Recently a news report on TV exposed how certain televangelists who beg for money on TV programs are really operating scams!! Special prayer requests were not honored while the "offerings" accompanying them were kept, and frequently letters go unanswered. Monies collected for charitable causes are "clipped" so much for "operating expenses" that only a small fraction actually reaches those in need. In short Judas was a thief! Those who take and keep money specifically collected for the poor do rob them and steal from God. "Inasmuch as you do it to the least of the children, you do it unto me"! In addition to those crimes, they deceive the contributors and betray their trust. Those who enrich themselves financially from use of the name of God are like Judas ... giving God a deceitful "kiss of honor". Instead of selling all they have and giving it to the poor and then following Jesus as he advised a young rich man, like Judas these gain all they can even begging from the poor to enrich themselves while "claiming" to follow Jesus. Thus they betray Jesus with a "kiss", Psalm 2:12.

What would you do for thirty pieces of silver? I have heard it said that "every man has his price", but when Satan attempted to tempt Jesus with the wealth of the world kingdoms, Jesus rebuffed him! Men will do many things--- even kill other men for monetary pay. In the churches the kiss of betrayal is a false honor of Jesus and use of the name of Jesus for more than just money. Betrayal causes the death of Jesus' BODY. The 20th century Judases today cannot crucify Jesus again, but they can kill HIS BODY spiritually. The BODY OF CHRIST is ALL MEN which includes (not excludes) both the dead and dry branches of the TRUE VINE known infamously as the "sinners among men", the "prodigal sons" and "children of disobedience." It is these whom God forgave the most who will also love him probably more than you do now. The BODY OF CHRIST is not just the members of Christian churches only. What can preachers do to "kill" the BODY OF CHRIST? Teaching lying and false doctrines about God and bearing false witness about His judgment can bring about spiritual death. Compassing sea and land to proselytize men with that poison makes them "two-fold more the child of hell" than the evangelists luring them! And then they go about "parroting" those lies and blindfolding the eyes of others! Matthew 23:15,27-28. One more thing! Because "hirelings" fail to recognize the WHOLE BODY OF JESUS, they have preached the curse of eternal death on the biggest portion of that BODY, the very ones Jesus was born to save and to shed his blood for their redemption and eternal life! Jesus took their sins upon his own back!! Jesus did not die for the righteous! He died for the "sinners", the very ones preachers preach in the lake of fire. I say Christ gave them the GRACE of eternal life. But "hirelings" give them hell in their doctrines passing the greatest portion of Jesus BODY through the fire, Ezekiel 16:20-21. THIS IS BAALIM ...YES! ... and the doctrine of Molech in the churches! II Kings 17:16-17; Jeremiah 32:35. So preachers with Judas-lips do betray Jesus' BODY with (1) lies... LIES!... telling men dirty lies! and by (2) preaching Baalim in their "doctrines of condemnation and death of men" ... even though Jesus did away with the practice! Malachi 3:6,17; Luke 9:51-56; 2 Corinthians 3:7-12. Go ahead! Make my day! READ IT! We bear no false witness against GRACE-JESUS!! Do YOU?! Some Judas spirits in the churches bear false witness against the GRACE of Jesus from pulpits. Neither do we lie on the Supreme Judge about man's fate in final judgment, Isaiah 25:6-8, 57:16-19, 66:22-23; Malachi 3:6,18; John 5:22, 8:15; Revelation 5:13, 15:3-4. YOU tell the lies and YOU believe them!! Many human souls have been pulled into pits and the muddy ditches because of Judases preaching in the churches! ALL OF THIS is done for "hire", not just for thirty pieces of silver, but for hundreds and thousands of dollars! Men do pay out of intimidation and fear of the "curse" thinking they are at risk of damnation (Malachi 3:8-10)... Balaam-style tactics! This mixing of priesthood practices twists men's arms to make them pull out their wallets. But "tithing" to take care of priests under the Levitical priesthood went out when Christ came in. He is the New Covenant. Our "temple" is not Moses' tent Nor a man-made building of bricks and mortar, but Heaven and the Father Himself! And His priests are Jesus and Archangels. We cannot give them anything except pure hearts as offerings to God, but they can give everything to us and take care of our temples, our earthen-tabernacle bodies. They can pay tithes to us, namely God's jewels, gold, and silver which are WORDS of truth and light! Judas-preachers do not want "words" because they cannot spend them. They want cash! For that cash, Leviathan will mix the covenants and priesthoods and get men to transgress a direct "order" from God through Christ to HIS followers. You still cannot serve God and mammon. You can serve either God OR mammon. God simply does not need anyone's money to do HIS WORK. No one can "pay" Him and no one can repay Him. ALL MEN ARE ALREADY "SAVED". Churches, preachers, and televangelists cannot save anyone! Giving them cash does not further "salvation", but it makes the Judases among them happy and fattens their wallets! GRACE-JESUS purchased our salvation freely without conditions or charge before all of us were born today. He himself is the gift of God to us ALL! Isaiah 53:1-6.

The Judas Tree

Every tree has roots, branches, and leaves and so does the Judas tree. The Judas tree is not a tree of righteousness. It is more akin to the "tree of knowledge of good mixed with evil". But firmly ensconced in church traditions in every denomination is this implant. (I really mean IMP PLANT!) It has branched into every church organization and is in their leaves or "hireling ministers". We have said that monetary distributions as practiced by Jesus' disciples was strictly for the poor and not for the disciples unless Jesus specified otherwise, John 12:4-6. Under the tradition of Peter and his followers, monetary goods and properties were not for the disciples nor the "givers", "but for the needy", Acts 4:34-5:11. Paul's record is clear. He gathered from others not for personal gain but for the many needs of the poor. Paul labored with his hands for his needs. But because of the Judas seed, very little of the original intent of money collection and "bounty" is practiced by most ministers and churches. Today they want collections for larger and more glamorous buildings which God will burn very shortly. They want radio and TV time to help them expand and collect even more funds. This activity is not FOR the poor and needy among humanity. IF the poor get 1% of what they take in, it would be amazing! There are some ministries which do help the down-trodden and the cast-offs among men. But they are small and deficient themselves. I am not writing about them. They are doing a "good" work out of great need. But the Judas-seed has grown into a great tree overshadowing all the world churches. It is because of the spirit of covetousness, stealing from the Holy Ghost (as with Ananias and Sapphira), greed, fraud, the vain desire for greater stature and preeminence and greater ministries among the churches and churchmen, and the spirit of disobedience to defy an "order" from Christ regarding a disciple's conduct in his office, Matthew 10:8-10. The churches and preachers today stand at the tree of knowledge of good mixed with evil on the mount of temptation. They do hear and believe the Serpent as he tells them, "Ye shall certainly collect and keep gold, silver, brass, (Cadillacs), and scrip in your work, for it is written in Malachi 3:8-10 (under an obsolete and "done away" priesthood).... that 10% of their income is yours!"

The Judas tree is a money tree and the love of money is its roots. This tree has branches and leaves represented by the various church denominations, individual churches, and ministers over them. The Dragon of Daniel 7:21-22, 8:10-14, and Revelation 13:4-7 standing on the mount of temptation with them has quoted Malachi 3:8-10 which applied under Levi to get them to defy a direct "order" from God under Christ! WOW! Now they all stand naked before the JUDGE like Laodicea in the middle of the Outer-Court floor of this earth! The "mark of the Beast in the hand" has been defined in some instances as man's love for money ... in which men and preachers will do many things to procure it ... even sin. Do you know any church or preacher whose hands are void of this mark!?? Do you know any church or minister who does not wear Judas-style shoes?! Do you know a church or minister who abides by God's command through Christ in Matthew 10:8-10 !??... who truly "Follow ME"!??? Many prefer to follow the example of Judas and the Dragon because he mixed covenants and priesthoods to bring about evil using a misplaced text ... exactly the crutch lame preachers needed to speed them to collection plates! But if you know a minister whose hands are clear of the mark of the Beast and who is untainted by the spirit of Judas before and after the sop... then you just might know a REAL "man of God"!


Judas was a disciple and his characteristic is invasive and pervasive in the churches even though he was the most infamous of the twelve disciples. (That is one reason why jesus prophesied that the churches would be "asleep", Matthew 25:1-5). He was a greedy, covetous thief who "kept the money bag" for distributions to the poor. Judas betrayed Christ with a deceitful public display of honor, a kiss which resulted in the crucifixion of his BODY. If the Dragon was to eventually take over ... as Jesus prophesied he would in Matthew 24, we should have guessed that he would use the Judas trait as an entry so he could gain control. The dragon made preachers cast aside Matthew 10:8-10 for a "dead horse" in Malachi 3:8-10, as churches and preachers stand before the tree of knowledge of good mixed with evil while on the mount of temptation. God and Christ's words are cast aside as true sons of Adam and Eve are likely to do. Contributed money and goods which went to the poor and needy according to the rules of the early Christian churches is now an exception and not the rule. Money is now the contribution of choice preferred by today's ministers. The custom set by the Holy Spirit in the disciples' days is a thing of the past. Money is now "kept" by preachers and church-groups for personal use, building-funds for larger, costly buildings for God to eventually burn, Matthew 24:1-2. (He is burning all cathedrals, temples, mosques, shrines, and churches. It will all burn to nothing with this wicked earth ... very shortly!) If the poor get anything, it is a smaller miserable pittance or a few old and used "goods". They may get very little money from preachers, if at all. Several TV ministries were exposed in a recent news show for fraudulent practices dealing with contributions and personal requests. The spirit of Judas penetrates and permeates the church-denomination-tree from its root to its least influential leaf. The whole system is "on the take". They "cry Lord, Lord and do not the things that I say", Matthew 7:15-27. I suggest that YOU READ THIS! They name Jesus in their words and sermons, but it is a deceitful honor just before they "twist arms" for money. They crucify his BODY by teaching lies ...LIES!... telling men dirty lies about God's nature and His judgment. They tell half-truths about sonship and deny most of God's sons and daughters their birthright. Their love is short of the Glory and many have a huge LOVE-GRACE debt they must make up. They love to drink old wine spiked with the poison of asps. Leviathans "master" them; Pharaoh enslaves them and refuses to let go; Babylon has made them drunk on lust, lasciviousness, sex, and sodomy. So their congregations become dry trees bearing no fruit, Joel 1:9-20. Errors, false doctrine, and lies make their members spiritually dead, "zombies" ... two-fold more the child of hell than the preachers! The rest of the BODY OF CHRIST (dead and dry branches of the TRUE VINE or "sinner" men) is condemned to hell-fire and brimstone in their judgment doctrines. This is the Baalim and Molech practice. Thus they literally betray the whole BODY of Christ in all these ways. So the Judas spirit is not the execepion but the rule in today's churches! The "GOOD NEWS" is a WORD mirror before the JUDGE and the HEAVENLY COURT. Who's shoes are you wearing?... Judas' shoes? ...or Jesus' shoes? Like it was with Cinderella in the fairy tale, if the shoes fit and seem to be the ones you are wearing, then you possess the Judas spirit or the Judas spirit has possession of you, John 13:27. The vast majority of "hireling" preachers in the churches cranked out by the Bible schools and theological seminaries are graduates made in the mold of Judas Iscariot ... many unwittingly. Their name brand is in their hand and the collection plates, cash, "the mark of the beast" for many! Revelation 13:16-17.

Men are sinking deep in sin far from Heaven's peaceful shore. BUT just remember this: GOD LOVES YOU; MOTHER GRACE LOVES YOU: JESUS LOVES YOU; ALL HEAVEN LOVES YOU; and I LOVE YOU! We extend our hands to lift you up! Won't you take them, PLEASE?! I can tell you this, "LOVE lifted me!" Go ahead and sing it!

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