The Wedding Feast

I do not like to talk about this, but the wedding feast of God is just that. On earth men have participated in marriages that God did not set up. Devils are very instrumental in getting men married to one another. Sexual lust plays a major part in human choices. Oftentimes men choose a partner who excites them sexually or one who is the most attractive that they can find. Wealth also plays a part in the human selection process. Men and women also choose the person with the most money or earning potential as a possible mate. These are not the best reasons for choosing a partner but men on earth do that. Devils are right in the middle influencing human choices. However God has blessed men no matter what choices they made. But because God has not joined men in these earthly marriages, devils can easily break them up and reshuffle the pairings. Here in the US the divorce rate in the first five years is 50%. And some people have been married two and three times or more and still have no happiness or success. Because of unfair divorce laws, unseemly practices by divorce lawyers in an unwieldy legal system in the US, many people refrain from marriage to avoid future legal hassles, judges, court, and greedy uncaring lawyers. Add to this scenario the sexually promiscuous who relieve their demonically inspired sexual urges with many partners ---- all contrary to the laws and ways of God. Many children are born in all these relationships with "strikes against them". Now you see why all earthly marriages shall be dissolved for the ones God made in the beginning.

 Concerning Heavenly marriages you might ask, "How can this be done when Jesus said, 'There is no marrying or giving in marriage' up there"? Good question! Here is the right answer. Noah showed us that God calls matched pairs into the ark, an analogy for the Archangels' teaching schools. The male does not enter without his given female, nor does the female enter without her God-given mate. God joined these pairs together before He began the earthly exercise. We were all paired as nursery mates when God finished His labors and rested! If you need a link to see how Noah's ark links, try Peter's vision of animals on a sheet where the animals symbolize men with very little understanding. When the sheet rises back up to Heaven, the animals end up in the Archangels' classes. Enoch received a key which reveals the pairs God formed in the beginning, Enoch 79. Our rising and seating is by birth order and number in the feast of love. This is revealed in the way Joseph seated his brethren when he feasted them in Egypt. Men are the days of time and one sun and one moon equals one spiritual day. Enoch was taught that the matched sun-moon pair are directly opposite one another coming through the gates of heaven and there the sun transfers light to his respective moon. This constitutes one matched pair of spiritual time and it is the equivalent of one spiritual day. This is how the matched pairs "discover" one another. They are already "married" and have been that way before Adam was sent down. Therefore there is "no marrying nor giving in marriage up there" and yet it is a wedding feast! There is the joy of discovery and introduction of the matched pairs. These pairs have matching birth numbers also. Do not expect that you will go up there and find your old spouse who died before you. That will never happen. All ID's are completely changed and all are renewed and glorified. No one looks like a human up there and no one speaks earthly languages. They are instructed to in no wise reveal who they were on earth or to act like they ever dwelt there until God erases the memory of the earthly experience from all our minds. Up there all things are "new". For a more in-depth discussion of this, please read:

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