HEADLINE:"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years", Genesis 1:14.

Time can be measured in two ways, (1) naturally and (2) spiritually. Natural time is the revolution sequences of the earth, sun, moon, and stars in relationship with one another and in terms of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Natural time simply parallels spiritual time as a point of reference. Spiritual time is God's absolute time. It determines the commencement and the affects of God's works. Events occurring in heaven and on earth are regulated by spiritual time. One must be able to check the sun, moon and stars to tell what time it is. And spiritual time can be very fast so as to shorten the occurrence of an event as measured by natural time. To determine spiritual time one must first be able to recognize who is the Sun (son), who the moon is, and who the stars are. God also has a spiritual clock with "hands" who determines minutes and hours. IF...one can see His Hands and recognize their position, he might be able to tell absolute time provided that he has learned how to read a clock. If you look at God's clock, you see (C) a (LOCK) which requires a KEY to open the meaning of its FACE!

Let us not discuss so much natural time and mechanical clocks which parallel the spiritual. Let us determine what spiritual time is. The term itself suggests its meaning, namely "spirits". We are more familiar with "Sun" referring to more famous sons, like Jesus or an Archangel, Psalm 19:4-5; Malachi 4:2. But ALL male human beings are "sons" of God. ABSOLUTELY, the Father Himself is the Great Light and all the stars are little images of that light, Psalm 84:11; Isaiah 60:19-20. How many of you know who the moon symbolizes? If you do not know, then a key piece of the puzzle is missing. How can you tell "sacred time" which is based on "lunar months"? The "moon" parabolizes God's Wife, Mother Wisdom. KEY to Her identity came from Jacob and Joseph, Genesis 37:9-10; Psalm 87; Proverbs 8:1,12-32; Matthew 11:19; Galatians 4:26. She is the Woman of Revelation 12. Her "opposite" and counter-part is "Babylon", the "mystery" woman of Revelation 17, Satan's wife. The "stars" are also identified by Jacob and Joseph as the "children" according to the blessing of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Genesis 22:15-22. God is the Father of ALL NATIONS whose glory Abraham only symbolized in his acting role, Psalm 87; Matthew 23:9. And this light is superior to the surmising of those who boast of inferior "fleshy" (deathly) lineage which profits nothing, Hosea 1:10; John 6:63; Galatians 4:28-29. Possession of a "carnal mind" regarding who is a Jew and who is not is like a cloudy night, so that one cannot see all God's stars, Romans 8:5-6.

Now let us talk about God's clock. Twelve Archangels (angelic priests) who oversee Twelve Orders of children in the Twelve Heavens form twelve hour indicators. These twelve Archangels also symbolize the twelve months of the spiritual (solar) year. According to his month, each one of them becomes the "Holy Ghost" influencing events on earth. These priests are rotating teachers. Heaven is the righthand of power, and the earth is the left. Jesus is a primary teacher of those "just spirits of men made perfect" (Hebrews 12:22-24) who are drawn up to the righthand as a daily sacrifice, Psalm 44:22; Ecclesiastes 12:7; Isaiah 27:12-13, 60:4-11. We now have identified the "hands" of God's clock. The big hand is Jesus, because he was given the role and glory of the Father in his work, Psalm 110:1; Mark 16:19. He indicates the minutes, who are the "just spirits of men" who teach at their appointed times, Revelation 3:21. The "Holy Ghost" or "Priest" of the month is the "little hand" of God's clock, because he must teach men on earth through men on earth, principally through God's earthly chief priest of flesh and blood. One noteworthy "hour" is the "judgment hour". So you know what that angel's message is all about, John 16:7-11; Revelation 14:7, 18:2,10. Now we know that God's spiritual clock is designated spirits!

The Sun (son), moon, and stars (children) determine "time" by their movement or revolutions, Ezekiel 1:14. God appointed the "order" of the stars, and people form days, months, and years. One can determine absolute time by observing the brightness or intensity or the amount and degree of Highest truth held by these people...IF...one can locate them and compare their understanding and influence in heaven to the absolute truth that God knows. ALL "time-leaders" are designated as such by the Father. Only Heaven (the just "spirits of men made perfect") knows which person on earth God has directed them to hear and learn from. This "little child who leads them" is the one the Holy Ghost uses as a microphone to teach God's new students rising daily, Hebrews 11:40. He becomes a "left-handed" glove in whom the Holy Ghost abides. (Who has ever heard of such a thing?) Whoever the hour, day, month and year are, they influence and determine where we are in absolute time.

God's clock is too High and complex for human observation. It is His prerogative to move His hands when He pleases. Therefore "no man knows the day nor the hour" and "time and season" is in the Father's power, Matthew 24:36; Acts 1:7. But the signs are observable, such as the "time of the end" outlined in Matthew 24. We can approximate where we are by comparing our spiritual light and knowledge with specific time indicators and a natural time scale. Look at the following scale where your keys are Genesis 1:27,31; Psalm 90:4; 2 Peter 3:8. One day = 1000 earthly years.

A. Adam is created at the end of the 6th day of creation and awakes on earth.

B. Adam transgresses on God's rest day and does not complete it, but lives 930 years.

C. Jesus is on earth between 6 BC and 27 AD.

D. Our 1986 (approximately) and very near point D.

E. God's REST begins when the whole "FAMILY" shall be together in peace at last.

Looking at our time scale we see that Adam's life almost spanned the first Sabbath Day of God's Rest during the first week of creation. Man has been on earth for 6000 years, but that is the end of a Thursday and the beginning of a Friday in the 2nd week of creation. The first Friday of the first creation week was the day Adam was placed on earth. The 2nd Friday has great significance when you compare it with Jesus' words concerning his collective body members of ALL MANKIND. For two days man is to be in the heart of the earth, but the third day man MUST rise! This 2nd Friday coming marks the removal of ALL MANKIND ON EARTH FROM EARTH TO HEAVEN. It is the final phase of the first resurrection, Revelation 20:4-6. The huge body of mankind which comprise our generation will be raised to heaven. It will be one gigantic PASS OVER conducted by Jesus and the Holy Ghost whose work was previously acted by Moses and Aaron. ALL men remaining on earth's surface will rise from this earth together, Isaiah 25:6-8, 66:14,22-23. It will be a spiritual "birthing" for our whole generation, and we will become fully mature children with the glory of heaven. For 1000 years we will REST together and devils will have to face their punishment.

Point C marks Jesus' time. He said, "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. Well.....we are dawning toward the third 1000 year day in which the BODY OF CHRIST, his collective temples of mankind, must be raised. The time of Jonah was given to mark the time, Matthew 12:39-40. On the third day Jonah rose up out of the sea a converted person ready to do God's will. In Hosea 6:2-3 it says, "After two days He will revive us: the third day He will raise us up (from the "living dead", Isaiah 26:19; Matthew 8:22; Ephesians 2:1,6) and we shall live in His sight (Hebrews 12:22-24; Revelation 7:9-17, 20:12). And then shall we know"...I Corinthians 6:19, 12:12-27; Ephesians 5:30. Jesus said this time would be like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, Luke 17:28-29. Jeremiah prophesied that "no man will remain" on earth, Jeremiah 50:38-40. No humans will be left, but only birds and beasts and these are also parables for demons, Isaiah 34:8-15; Revelation 17:8, 18:1-3. And devils will be shut out of heaven and left to their curse for 1000 years on this second Friday and will be terminated, Isaiah 24:16-22; Revelation 20:5,7,10,14. Scriptures teach that after Lot left Sodom (ancient name for Satan) and Gomorrah fire immediately fell from heaven and devoured the cities. Therefore this day is appropriately called FRY - DAY. "Fire" is another term for the WORD of God, and "burning" them with it means to have them experience its effect. If the WORD demands that they fall, its "burning effect" would be would be all devils falling simultaneously in never ending circles (bottomless pit). When the WORD requires the Kingdom of darkness to dissolve and disappear, the "burning" will be the lake of fire scenario that most religionists anticipate. When the fire glows red, it will be the drowning of Satan's forces in the "Red Sea" as prophesied by the loss of Pharaoh's army. Whatever form of flame the WORD (FIRE) takes, only devils can be "burned" by it, Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 14:12,21-22, 41:11-12; Matthew 23:33, 25:41; John 16:7-11.

When you look at point "D" on the natural time scale and all the signs of the earthly events mentioned in Matthew 24, you know it is time for the return of the son of man. It will not be Jesus coming down here. YOU are that "son of man" about whom Jesus was prophesying. And "WE" shall PASS OVER and "return" to heaven where we were "first born", Psalm 87; Acts 10:9-16:28. There we will meet our real Father and Mother in a super-ecstatic FAMILY REUNION! Every eye will see Him there. Spiritual time can be shortened very quickly by the lightening-quick movements or messages of the spirit which speed up the hands of God's clock. so absolute time may be advanced MORE than some earthly time watchers may realize. We might also add a very significant "TIME" variable, the deaths of me, since MAN is the "SPIRITUAL TIME" OF THIS WORLD. The killing of men by devils is a demonic "clock accelerant"! You do not know the intensity (hour) of light of God's "gloved" little hand or "earthly priest" if you do not recognize his work. Nevertheless unbelief and ignorance of men has no bearing on the speed of God's clock. Only the intensity and degree of Highest light and God's message is of spiritual significance. Heaven knows in absolute terms where the "hands" are, but men on earth can only approximate absolute time using the signs Jesus mentioned and a natural time scale. We acknowledge that time has been shortened....but to what extent? Let the kingdom of darkness quake in fear as they ponder an answer. They have a direct and personal concern with whatever the time may be....not mankind! For them it means an execution phase-out of their dark order and eternal extinction with no remains. Praise God! For our generation it means it means a real entry into the true "promise land" of Heaven, a home-coming, and a super-"Jubilee".

Complimentary to solar time is lunar time. A lunar year consists of 13 months having approximately 28 days each. This is called "sacred time" or the "sacred calendar". The "moon" of course is the symbol for Mother Wisdom. She has twelve daughters called "Virtues" or "virgins" who are counter parts to the major Archangels. They are found in I Hermas III:83-91 and III Hermas IX:15-17,24 (LBB). Their job is to assist the Archangels in the "birthing" of men. Their everyday chores in the earth can be found in Proverbs 9:1-5, III Hermas IX:141-143,121-126. "Virtues" are the powers of the Archangels. Jesus has 144,000 of them to assist him in his work, Revelation 14:1-4. They do battle against the powers of darkness in the minds of men as our "good consciences" and protect us as "guardians", Song of Solomon 4:9-15, Proverbs 9:1-5, Song of Solomon 8:1-4. The "moon" rules against the night (while devils seem to have control), Genesis 1:16. So our sisters are "trench fighters" for men on earth. Whatever "goodness" we have is from their influence or "virtue". All who are "borne" of the Spirit to any degree are "carried" by them! The bible mentions three signs concerning the moon which can only be recognized spiritually.

(1) The moon has turned black meaning "Mother" has become a "judge"against the powers of darkness, Ezekiel 32:7-8; Daniel 5:27; Revelation 6:5.

(2) The moon has turned into blood or Mother has been revealed as the "Mother of all mankind" by virtue of "covering Herself with them all" as with a garment, Psalm 87; Isaiah 49:15-18; Joel 2:31; Acts 17:24-26; Revelation.

(3) The moon shines with the brightness of the son or speaks through God's priest backed by the authority of the Father Himself, Isaiah 30:26.

So Mother Wisdom and Her daughters of Zion have a great work to do. Maintenance of peace on earth is part of their job as well as "keeping" and teaching those who are born of the Spirit. Their work compliments and supports the work of the major angels. They bear the brunt of the battle for man on earth, Psalm 91:11, Song of Solomon 6:10,13, Revelation 14:1,4, 19:14-16. The "holy days" of the Levitical priesthood were based upon lunar time. So our sisters will mark our FAMILY holidays in our future life.

Having read this information think about the events occurring in the spirit world and the signs of the times in our natural world. Look at our natural time scale. What time is it?.....It is shorter than you think!!

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