The Book, Tree, and River of Life

The Book of Life is really God's head and the names of His children are all written in the epistle of His heart. As you know God has a photographic mind. Men on earth need books and computer disks and back-up tapes to record their data because they lack long term memories and even lose what they have remembered in a short term. The Father's Book of Life contains no earthly names. Devils have given men many of the names they have and many men have the same name. There is no such earthly confusion with God. Everyone has a different unique name which no one knows except the recipient in the beginning. Men on earth do not know their Heavenly God-given name. We will learn our names when God calls us and we rise to Heaven. Christians in the churches make a big deal out of the Book of Life and they really do not know what it is.

 The Tree of Life is actually your Father and your Mother and those two are ONE! The branches and leaves of that tree are us. Angels of glory are the leaves and the fruit. The roots of the tree are in the clay. That refers to men on earth embedded in clay bodies. All humanity forms the roots of that tree. The roots are peculiar and differ from the roots of natural plants. These roots all rise at certain times and become leaves and branches bearing fruit. You see God does things in an intriguing way that causes joy!

 The River of Life is the WORD of God flowing from His mouth and mind. All of us both man and angel constitute a "throne" upon which He rests. Because we all will be of one mind, we will all be "cisterns" holding the water of life. Out of our bellies will flow rivers of living water only when we speak words of life. There is no condemnation and death pronouncements against mankind in these waters. Anyone speaking "hellfire" judgment words to condemn mankind does not carry waters from the River of Life! Those waters come from the floods of the Dragon whose hope and desire was to destroy all God's sons and daughters if he could. He called many preachers to push and overspread his lie that he is very successful against God's will as if his will shall prevail over God's will. He called many to the ministry as "accusing attorneys" before the Heavenly Court to help him charge men with legal infractions. The Court does not recognize swill from the Dragon and it is not considered holy water to God and Heaven. Such doctrines and worship services offering such sacrifices to God, Christ, and Heaven are rejected and offensive. Judas-preachers not sent by God who are in it to make an income are not aware of the mess they have made. Not only do they poison the sheep on earth, but they irritate Heaven! You judge a river by the water it contains and doctrines of death and condemnation of men are not waters from the river of life. Please beware and be aware of what you drink. Some great letters to read on this subject matter are:

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