Every priest of God goes through an initiation procedure which is parabolized by the consecration rites for the priests in the pattern God gave to Moses, Exodus 25:8-9. The rites of the Levitical priesthood are therefore an analogy for the actual heavenly processing of "real" priests. All those made prefect above are a nation kings and priests, Exodus 19:6; Revelation 5:10. And men on earth specifically selected by God are "numbered among them" as "priests of the Most High God". Moses, David, the prophets, Jesus, and his disciples are examples. As Jesus chose the twelve, he also chose Paul as Judas Iscariot's replacement, John 6:70, 15:16. So the disciples had their replacement and God had His. Therefore the human rituals and selecting procedures of men in the various churches and Bible schools are just that ... rituals .... without authorization, effect, or force! They are "hirelings" of men for human purposes, John 10:12-13. Observe that even a "prophet" does not qualify to select for God. Man-made "hirelings" are not figures of authority empowered and endowed from on High by the Highest! Just for your perusal read (1) Numbers 16:1-21 concerning the usurpation and presumption of the priesthood and (2) Leviticus 10:1-3 concerning offerings from the wrong spirit, II Corinthians 11:13-15.

Every priest ordained by God must first be washed with pure water. In the "pattern given to Moses" the laver with the "foot" and the ten lavers of Solomon served for this purpose, Exodus 30:17-21; I Kings 7:38-39. In heaven the "water" is the WORD of God, Revelation 1:15, and the ten lavers are "ten instructors" (Angels/Virtues) whose "bellies are full of the WORD of God" and who are very skilled at straightening out our thinking. They are reservoirs and rivers filled with "living waters", John 7:37-38. The absence of devils on the living spirits of men makes those initiate priests clean in every sense of the word. In a technical sense all men on earth are dirty for two reasons: (1) demons form badgerskin veils covering our bodies, and (2) our bodies are clay envelopes holding us. Devils constitute the "filthy rags" that covered Joshua the priest as seen in the vision of Zechariah, Zechariah 3. However, Joshua was to undergo a heavenly "anointing" or "crowning" even though he had already been anointed and crowned as a priest by men. Clearly man's ritual had no force or power. But after the heavenly ordination, Joshua received spiritual authorization. Power is derived only from the "Crown" (God) and the four Archangels are "crown princes" with power to endow! Zechariah 6:5,11,14. I also have a covering of "grave-in-images" around my temple (body), Isaiah 30:21-22, a "badgerskin veil" which I will divest at the set time, Exodus 36:19. "To badger" means "to harass, and torment", analogous to what devils do to all men. A badger is an unclean animal (symbol for evil spirits) under the priestly code of Moses, Leviticus 11:8. Yet it covered the tabernacle which was "holiness to the Lord", even as ALL MEN are "holiness to God", Acts 10:9-16,28. What does this teach you about the body status of all human beings? YOU HAVE A BADGERSKIN VEIL OF DEVILS COVERING YOU too, even though you may wish it were not so, or doubt it, or even reject it!!! YOUR BODY is that temple Moses was teaching about and that tent is your allegory, I Corinthians 6:19. I do not like this either! But truth and the way God "fixed" things in this life cannot change just because we loathe it and cannot stand thinking about it! You must learn to accept and face spiritual reality when it becomes "bitter herbs".

Let us review everything Moses had to "do according to pattern" to understand what is done in the spirit to every man as he becomes a priest in heaven. First consider two AUTHORITATIVE "qualifying" statements: (1) Hebrews 5:1-5, and (2) Psalm 75:4-7. ONLY GOD SELECTS MEN ON EARTH TO BE HIS MINISTERS (PRIESTS). NO HUMAN INPUT IMPINGES UPON HIS SELECTIONS, Acts 9:10-16. And He "manifests Himself" directly and personally to those chosen persons, John 14:23. If that man does not want to be drafted, Jonah will show you that he has no alternative. If that man is wrestling scriptures that upset his cherished but erroneous doctrines (kicking against the pricks), God will set him straight. Paul is your example, Isaiah 27:1-5; Acts 9:4-5. There is no "discharge" from completing God's purposes, not even death, Jeremiah 20:7-9, Song of Solomon 8:6-8. What I am showing you obliterates man's interpretation of Hebrews 1:1-2. I AM a "son", SUN, SØN (my "crown") of God. So in a sense Paul and I agree. Every priest must serve within the Temple (God/heaven, Revelation 21:22/Isaiah 40:22) and/or within God's temples on earth, that is within the minds of men as ("thoughts"), consciences, leaders, teachers and guardians. In this way they "reign on the earth" and "sit in Jesus' throne", . Paul "knew in part", whether you want to believe it or not, I Corinthians 13:9-12. He could not possibly understand certain mysteries before time to "unseal" them, Daniel 12:9; Revelation 10:1-7. So... I will tell you now that ALL MEN ARE SONS, ARE ANGELS, ARE FLAMES OF FIRE! There is no difference between Jesus, the angels, and your next door neighbor! (Do you need a lesson on "ONENESS" with God?) Consider this: JESUS AND THE HOLY GHOST are seen in "the pattern" as TWO CHERUBIM (angels) fixed to the right and left ends of the "mercy seat" (Throne), Exodus 25:17-19. This is the "trinity" that churchy doctrines love to talk about. But do they really "know" what they are talking about? YOU must "LET GO" of "two-day-old manna" (2000 yr old concepts) because today's new light has exposed the "worms" in them. Hebrews 1:4-8 which "slights" the angels is a big fat fuzzy worm! Eat it if you are a bird (a chicken for instance). Jesus tells you WE ALL HAVE THE SAME GLORY, Zechariah 12:8-10; Luke 20:35-36; John 17:22. You must "LET GOD" refreshen your mind with "hidden manna", Revelation 2:17. References for these points are Exodus 16:16-20; Revelation 10:7, and Proverbs 4:18.

We have acknowledged the fact that every son and daughter spirit rising must be educated by God (washed) by the teaching angels (lavers), Isaiah 54:13; John 15:3; Hebrews 12:22-24. So Moses washed Aaron and his sons, Leviticus 8:6. Even though Paul received many "baptisms" as a Pharisee, he had to be washed by the Holy Spirit with the baptism of heaven to become a priest to God! Matthew 3:11. Aaron was also "mitred and crowned", Leviticus 8:9. Therefore all the son and daughter spirits returning to God at death must be crowned and covered by the residency of God's words in their heads and it must become their new thoughts, Isaiah 28:5, 55:8-9; II Esdras 2:38-48. God's fleshy priest on earth is "crowned" when HIS WORD administered by the Holy Spirits become his new thoughts, Psalm 91:4; Proverbs 4:7-9; Isaiah 62:3. "Crowned" angels from above become his "living crown of life", Revelation 2:10. And the WORD OF WISDOM is a crown for the wise, Proverbs 9:1-5, Song of Solomon 8:1-4. These female "stars" of Her crown are an army of "Virgins" (Virtues), Song of Solomon 6:10-13, Revelation 14:1-4. So it is the placement of the WORD OF GOD AND WISDOM which "crowns" His priests. Earthly men cannot perform this rite! Carefully read John 3:27, and I Corinthians 2:11-15. This is a "heavenly" consecration!

Moses also anointed Aaron's head with oil, Leviticus 8:10. In the heavenly analogy, Zechariah saw Jesus and the Holy Ghost as two oil trees, who pour oil on all God's priests above and below, Zechariah 4:11-14. You are familiar with the fact that Jesus was called "the branch" (Isaiah 1:1), and his "hang-out" was the Mt. of Olives in his role-playing days. Review our letter, THE SIGNIFICANCE OF OIL. Oil in this sense is WORDS OF GOD which chasten and correct His servant's ways and actions, Psalm 141:5. God anointed David with oil in his "priestly" days, Psalm 23:5. "Oil" counters demonic thought in-puts, John 14:17,26, 16:8-14; II Corinthians 10:4-6. Blood from the "consecration RAM" (?) was placed on the ear, thumb, and big toe of Aaron and his sons, Leviticus 8:22-24. What does this mean in the consecration rite? Jesus is the Lamb of God. Who is this RAM of God? The "ram" is the Holy Ghost, the left hand of God's power, the "staff", God's "other Comforter", Psalm 23:4; John 14:16. And how is this "ram" slain?... Daniel 8:3-7. He is slain when men are slain, because we are his body members "slain by the Dragon", I Corinthians 6:19; Revelation 18:2,24. Look at Abraham's attempted sacrifice of Isaac, Genesis 22:8-13. The "ram" saves the son! The ram's blood is identified as the spirits (life) of men, Genesis 9:4, who rise from death and become controllers of God's priests. They must teach us (anoint our ears). They must dictate the works of our hands (anoint our thumbs). They must guide our feet in every path (anoint our big toes). All this is done with WORDS by the "just spirits of men made perfect", the "ram's" blood, Psalm 91:11; Hebrews 12:22-24. Now you have knowledge of the real heavenly "anointing and crowning". This is what God does to those who enter the Kingdom of Kings and Priests above and below. Thus we dispense with "schoolmaster" analogies and the powerless practices of man's traditions and churches. And the Kingdom of kings and priests from above is within all those on earth who have "living crowns". All do press into it! Luke 16:16, 20:37-38.

Now let me recall a dream. I was in a classroom. I saw a very stern woman, a teacher at the head of the class. She had a pointer in her hand like a rod which she kept shaking and pointing at me commanding me to "Read! Read! Read!" John was given "a reed like unto a rod" and was told to "go and measure", Revelation 11:1-2. A "rod" is a man of God or a "branch" from the Tree of Life (the Father), Isaiah 11:1, 61:3. It is written that "paper reeds grow by the mouths of brooks", Isaiah 19:7. In order to measure heaven a ROD of REED or man of God must READ the WORD of God written on paper, which is written waters from heavenly brooks, John 1:1, 7:38. All this is found in the BOOK, Revelation 10:1-7,9. My name is "John". I "act" a role. God has caused me to measure the TEMPLE (Revelation 21:22) and those who worship in it, Hebrews 12:22-24. I have measured the ALTAR, the HOLY CITY, and its WALLS. We have measured the OUTER COURT and discovered who is left out. To MEASURE is to make ME SURE or to A-SURE ME. Thus God is the temple and men are His sanctuaries. The ALTAR consists of twelve chief priests (Archangels) according to the pattern of Elijah the prophet, I Kings 18:31-32; Matthew 21:42. These are empowered to "alter" the behavior of the "just spirits of men made perfect" and to "build" with them (Psalm 127:1) through their fiery lectures as fast as they rise. Every generation preceding ours has risen and worships therein, Psalm 145:4-7,10-13; Revelation 7:11-15. The Holy City is ALL MEN who constitute its buildings, I Peter 2:5. And heaven is like a twelve-story building (Psalm 122:3-4) or twelve worlds or heavens stacked one on top of the other. Each of the twelve "Orders" of children has a heaven for its residency as Moses gave each tribe an inheritance in the "promise land". The WALLS are warring angels and "virgins", Psalm 104:4; Zechariah 2:4-5, who become guardians, teachers, and consciences for men. They are your brothers and sisters from past generations who are all glorified, Isaiah 41:2-5; Romans 8:21. All this I read from written waters in the BOOK, Ecclesiastes 11:1. The OUTER COURT is this earth environ, the prison chamber for Satan's family whom God left out of glory. These have accumulated in this "valley of decision" (Court-decision), Joel 3:14, where they have BOWED AND CONFESSED BEFORE OUR SUPREME COURT JUDGE! Here they await terminal execution. God A-SURED-ME (measured me) and I assure you that these things are true. I also received a commandment from my Father to confront Satan, Babylon, and their family and to tear them into pieces like paper. This I have done, am doing, and will continue to do as my purpose for being born, Jeremiah 1:5,10. I am an "attack person", a man of flesh and blood whose credentials are found in Jeremiah 50:44-46, 51:20-24; Ezekiel 32:2-10, 35:3-6. I am an "unprofitable servant doing my duty", Luke 17:10. Devils have retaliated with a blow to my "rib", Genesis 2:22. But I have annihilated their minds, Isaiah 27:7. A "Son" of joy (Isaac, Genesis 21:6), is born and God and Mother Wisdom have laughed! Psalm 37:11-12. Proverbs 1:20-30.

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