The Glory of Angels

Secret of Enoch 30:8 And there came evening, and there came morning the sixth day. [Friday]. On the sixth day I commanded my wisdom to create man from seven consistencies: one his flesh from the earth; two, his blood from the dew; three, his eyes from the sun; four, his bones from stone; five, his intelligence from the swiftness of the angels and from cloud; six, his veins and his hair from the grass of the earth; seven, his soul from my breath and from the wind. 9 And I gave him seven natures: to the flesh hearing, the eyes for sight, to the soul smell, the veins for touch, the blood for taste, the bones for endurance, to the intelligence sweetness (sc. enjoyment). 10 I conceived a cunning saying to say, I created man from invisible and from visible nature, of both are his death and life and image, the knows speech like some created thing, small in greatness 11 and again great in smallness, and I placed him on earth, a second angel, honourable, great 12 and glorious, and I appointed him as ruler to rule on earth and to have my wisdom, and there was none like him of earth of all my existing creatures.

Luke 20:35 But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage: 36 Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.

Already we have learned that we will shine with the brilliance of the sun. It is written that God's children are "like the stars" in glory. Modern astronomy has discovered that the stars are really distant "suns". This verifies the scriptural analogy of man being equal to the stars and man as a "sun" of God! But what do angels really look like? In some parabolic visions angels have appeared with wings and in others they are seen without wings. Winged angels is a kindergarten analogy. It is to show men that angels can fly, because the only experience men had with flight in the early days was to see birds flying. Man could relate to that. Therefore God showed them in vision with wings. But that is a juvenile analogy for instructing babes. In other visions angels appeared as tall young men without wings. This is a more mature form for more mature minds. Gabriel appears as "the man". And those angels that interacted with men after Jesus rose appeared as men. Jesus himself was mistaken for a gardener. In all these appearances they had no wings. But all had the power of flight and were capable of moving through solid matter as if it was not there. Jesus was solid to the touch as doubting Thomas found out. To avoid frightening the disciples as Moses frightened the people God had them tone down their brilliance so men could see and accept them. So Jesus after the resurrection appeared different from his appearance at the transfiguration scene. Peter, James, and John witnessed God do this to Jesus. In all human beings our brilliance as "children of light" and "second angels" stuck in flesh is turned down and hidden. God can turn it up at will as He did with Moses' face! This act intimidated the Jews who could not see that God had made Moses become a living lamp before them. He had to wear a bonnet with a veil covering his face to keep from frightening the people. But we will have to grow accustomed to our own face!

How will we move? On "Star Trek", the TV series, "Scotty" operated a "transporter" and beamed the crew around to different places on the ship and on planets below. They could beam through solid matter to places that supported life. In Heaven we do not need a transporter. We move from place to place by thought. You just think of where you want to go and you are there. In "Star Trek" the crew used "communicator" radios to talk to each other from great distances. In glory we do not use instruments to communicate with one another. We can communicate telepathically. This is how angels reach men on earth now. Our spiritual ears are receivers and "pictures" are portrayed on our mental screens. This is how Heaven imputes thoughts for men today. In glory we may talk verbally when face to face with one another or telepathically depending on the circumstances. It is nice to hear a voice when face to face. But if you are in one Heaven and the one you want to talk with is in another, telepathy is the mode of choice. Now another question. How does our communication affect God? If you want an idea as to how God hears all thing at all times, consider "the Borg" in the Star Trek series. The Borg think as a collective. The thoughts of all the members of the collective are heard at once by all the members at once. With God, He hears everything we say and think at once! But He also has to listen to demons' words and thoughts also and that part is a very disgusting part of His work. If you saw "Star Trek: First Contact" you learned about the Borg and now you have a small idea of what God hears ... all things at all times at once. But He has power to tune out any or all of it at will.

What is "our glory" really like? God created man in His image and likeness. When you see a man you see the "proper form". The likeness of God is not the "glory of birds" ... no feathers and wings! All angels are sons of God and the new rising spirits attain that glory. As "second angels" stuck in the clay, our true glory is hidden. Men are afraid of our own light. It is therefore toned down for the earthly exercise. But as God illustrated with Moses, He can turn up our light at will. Our glory is the same as the glory of the angels there now. However one can change himself into whatever form he wants as a mature glorified spirit. I suppose those of you who want wings like a bird can have them if you want to. You may look a little "juvenile" but if you want to, it is okay! Here is a description of our glory from the Archangel Remiel as he informed Baruch. The following is what you can expect:

II Baruch 51:8 For they shall behold the world which is now invisible to them, And they shall behold the time which is now hidden from them: 9 And time shall no longer age them. 10 For in the heights of that world shall they dwell, And they shall be made like unto the angels, And be made equal to the stars, And they shall be changed into every form they desire, From beauty into loveliness, And from light into the splendour of glory. 11 For there shall be spread before them the extents of Paradise, and there shall be shown to them the beauty of the majesty of the living creatures which are beneath the throne, and all the armies of the angels, who [are now held fast by My word, lest they should appear, and] are held fast by a 12 command, that they may stand in their places till their advent comes. Moreover, there shall then be 13 excellency in the righteous surpassing that in the angels. For the first shall receive the last, those whom they were expecting, and the last those of whom they used to hear that they had passed away. 14 For they have been delivered from this world of tribulation, And laid down the burden of anguish. 15 For what then have men lost their life, And for what have those who were on the earth exchanged their soul? 16 For then they chose (not) for themselves this time, Which, beyond the reach of anguish, could not pass away:

II Esdras 2:42 I, Ezra, saw on Mount Zion a crowd too large to count, all singing hymns 43 of praise to the Lord. In the middle stood a very tall young man, taller than all the rest, who was setting a crown on the head of each one of them; he 44 stood out above them all. I was enthralled at the sight, and asked the angel 45 'Sir, who are these?' He replied, 'They are those who have laid aside their mortal dress and put on the immortal, those who acknowledged the name 46 of God. Now they are being given crowns and palms. 'And I asked again, 'Who is the young man setting crowns on their heads and giving them 47 palms?', and the angel replied, 'He is the Son of God, whom they acknowledged in this mortal life. 'I began to praise those who had stood so valiantly 48 for the Lord's name. Then the angel said to me: 'Go and tell my people all the great and wonderful acts of the Lord God that you have seen.'

Set your mind on your heritage. This is what you really are. The problems of the flesh pale in comparison to our glory to come. We are on earth for a short while. Forget about judging and condemning your brother. This life is just an "exercise" with the contrast to our real nature from demonic tools. We never have been wrestling flesh and blood. It has always been a war with "the robots", demonic tools! Prepare your heart for Heaven. This is the END and it will not be long for our generation. Hallelujah!

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