The greatest folly began when Satan decided he was a worthy opponent having a chance to outwit God. Now YOU MUST SEE THE CONCLUSION OF THE MATTER, Isaiah 14:16-17, (Isaiah 47:1,3; Nahum 3:1,5; Revelation 18:2,24...You are to understand that God is talking through His prophets directly to Satan's wife and her invisible daughters in the texts in parenthesis!!), Ezekiel 28:16-19. You cannot "loosen seals" on the BOOK, Isaiah 29:10-12; Revelation 5:1-5. Now read what Jesus showed me is in the two edges (Hebrews 4:12) of the WORD OF GOD. The powers of darkness must feel the heat of the SUN, Revelation 10:1, 16:8-9. I tell you it gives me very, very great pleasure to blast our enemies---especially those around you (Habakkuk 1:4) as a "badgerskin veil". These dregs are not for you, Isaiah 29:4-6, 51:21-23. We do not wrestle flesh and blood, Ephesians 6:12. God's prophets have always spoken dual messages. And the kingdom of darkness has always known that His prophet was a messenger to them also. God cannot use fearful cowards as a "SWORD" or microphone ("ephod") to address Satan directly...as I know most of you are. I am not afraid to "rouse" the Dragon and stir up his forces. Observe a statement about Satan's wife in Job 41:10. Behold, I AM your answer! Jeremiah 50:44-46; Ezekiel 35:5-6; II Esdras 13:1-11. YOU MUST READ this and review the texts as the Spirit presents them. God's word is a "scrambled" word-puzzle, Isaiah 28:9-13. Men and devils have tried to fit the "pieces" together, Psalm 50:16-21. But the Psalm text says, "I will reprove thee and 'set' them in order before thine eyes". All you have to do is READ and observe how the JUDGE and the COURT judges Satan, Babylon, their children clinging to our bodies, Matthew 12:43-45; Mark 9:1.

THE HEAT OF THE SUN, Revelation 16:8-9

Who told demons because they are "spirits" they are immortal and cannot die? Who told them they would "toast" on the flames of hell in a constant fall forever and ever---endless - ly?...that is an endless - lie! I have "GOOD NEWS" even for you. The churches have not known "the mystery of iniquity", nor the "Wicked" as Paul called them in, II Thessalonians 2:7-8. The doctrines of error in the churches concerning salvation, the judgment, death, and the "mystery of iniquity" are the doctrines of devils. They arranged the scriptures into a doctrine of "death and condemnation" (II Corinthians 3:7-11) as it pleased them to form a veil for men. Consider what those on the Sea of Glass were singing about the churches on earth: Deuteronomy 31:30, 32:16-18,31-34; Revelation 15:3. You must READ those texts. As most of you know I use the King James version of the Bible. It speaks God's WORD in English, Genesis 11:6-9; Psalm 19:1-6. So I do not want to hear any "barrier" and "limiting" doctrines saying that version is corrupt via translation errors, and because the original scriptures were written in Aramaic and Greek, Psalm 78:41. You just do not comprehend the extent of the Majesty and potency of His glory in all times, all languages, all places, and all the affairs of man and devil...do you?! Daniel 4:34-35. There is no defeating of Him in any language or Bible translation. READ Isaiah 52:15. You do wear a veil! Many of you grabbed a "pearl of great price", knowledge that God is SAVING ALL MEN. But that is not "all there is to it". There is much more to learn....IF....you can avoid offense, Matthew 10:40, 11:6, and keep the "arrogance" of your education out of the way, Isaiah 43:27-28.

COURT SESSION CONTINUES, Ezekiel 32:2-10, 35:11

Included is a drawing expressing the "net effect" or THE WEB(B)-ING God used to "draw them out", Jeremiah 50:44-46. As a "director of prophecy", when God "works a strange work and acts a strange act" for prophecy (Isaiah 28:21-22), HE DOES IT to the "Nth degree". I am a "lure". I am bait in an "ambush"! For those of you who think it is great, honorable, and desirable to be elected for such glory (?), I am covered with devils like bees on a hive! (They are in "Court" facing the Supreme Judge "directly"! He is in me and speaks through me.)...And these devils fight back! So the honor is counter-balanced by hell you cannot imagine. You know what they did to Job and he was not personally "assaulting them" like I am. But this is the "glory" of being God's "lure", I Corinthians 4:9-14. It is bright as the "light of seven days" right now because the messages of the 7 Archangels are to committed to paper, Isaiah 30:25-32. "Towers" do fall because the "grounded staff" (Holy Ghost working directly in God's human priest) speaks "TO CONVINCE THE WORLD OF JUDGMENT BECAUSE (ONLY) the prince of this world is JUDGED", John 16:8,11. At the same time God, Mother Wisdom, and the Hosts do wear black judgment robes to cause "darkness in the heavens", Ezekiel 32:2-10; Daniel 5:5,27, 9:21; Revelation 6:5, where the "Black Spirit" is the Archangel Gabriel! See also Joel 2:1-11. UNDERSTAND THAT DEVILS ARE DRAWN UP IN GOD'S NET, Ezekiel 32:3. (And you better be glad that you are not his net). Those being "judged", therefore have a "SEAT" before the JUDGE who also uses that "seat" as HIS BENCH. But it is an ELECT-RICK "CHAIR" which "charges them" before the JUDGE, Psalm 149:5-9; Isaiah 54:17. For mankind our world is like the land of Goshen, but for devils "Court session" has caused great darkness!! As we said in previous letters, only God can teach the meaning of His creations, and only God can explain the meaning of His WORD. Man has not known that he is really an "angel" temporarily stuffed in a clay cocoon, and a son of God created in the beginning. Churches have been ignorant of this, Matthew 11:25-27; John 5:37. There has been a very lengthy "famine of hearing the WORD of God," Amos 8:11-12. Devils stepped in to feed the churches exactly as it was prophesied, Isaiah 61:5; Ezekiel 4:12-13. If you ever believed most men will be lost; if you ever taught hell-fire judgment against human beings; if you believed God writes down sins against men; if you ever believed some men are not sons of God; if you ever believed the first resurrection occurs in the future and the dead are somewhere in limbo....then YOU were full of dung; you were loaded with the "doctrine of devils"; you pushed asps' poison from the vine of Sodom (see Song of Moses, Deuteronomy 32:31-34); you carried a "badgerskin veil"; YES...YOU worshipped devils by honoring the human ministers they control, II Corinthians 11:13-15. I DID IT TOO....ONCE. But the "Watchmen that went about the City (Heavenly Jerusalem) found me, they smote me; the KEEPERS OF THE WALLS took away my veil", Song of Solomon 5:7. Now it's your turn! Your veil must be ripped off before you can learn God's doctrine, Isaiah 28:9-10,18-20.

SATAN IS THE "MAN OF SIN", Isaiah 14:12,16; Ezekiel 28:9,19

The worst thing that Satan did was to "think"...to fight against God. As a created thing, it takes God to tell him who and what he is, and why He created him, Job 38:33-36, 40:19; Ezekiel 28:15. God took a L-O-N-G time to convince us of who we are and to convince us of our relationship to Him. We are really angels (son and daughter spirits) temporarily stuck in a clay mold or fleshy body. Adam was an actor of prophecy whose body of flesh was shewbread to show Satan what is to happen to him in his final end. As an object of prophecy Adam's body and bones dissolved to nothing. "Death" was an unknown term in the beginning...something never before heard of nor seen. So God had to "show" Satan what He meant when He sentenced him to "die" for his rebellion in Heaven. Adam was uninformed and unaware of these preliminary events. TRUE DEATH IS YET TO COME. It will be a "new" occurrence, Wisdom 1:13,16. God has shown the kingdom of darkness what they can expect continuously using the bodies of dead men which "prophesy" to them. In time even bones dissolve to nothing. In true "DEATH" devils can expect to dissolve and disappear without leaving a trace!! Only the immortal living spirits of men, the "little pieces of God" cannot perish. Satan assumed that he is "ALIVE". But he is a non-living, highly sophisticated teaching tool. Yes...he is a God-made "ROBOT"!! YOU NEVER ASSUME about yourself!! THE CREATOR MUST TELL THE CREATED WHAT HE IS!! Who told Satan he is a "god"?! Why did he corrupt himself by his own brightness?! Why did his kingdom presume that they cannot die?! Prepare yourself for what is written in the "BOOK" revealing the "mystery of iniquity" and "mystery, Babylon". "MAN" is a prophetic "code" word. It is a contraction for MA-de AN-gel or M-echanical AN-gel (like Pinocchio the puppet in a fairy tale). The body of man is made from dust...as God has shown Satan. It is called "flesh", Genesis 2:7,23. In the absence of the spirit of man, the body is "dead", James 2:26. It begins to rot and return to dust, Ecclesiastes 12:7. There are different varieties of dusty, fleshy, bodies, I Corinthians 15:39. HOW ABOUT THESE APPLES?!...Satan is made of dust...Ezekiel 28:13; II Esdras 8:2; Wisdom 2:16, 7:8-9. The gold and silver that Satan is made of is DUST! He is a dusty "ROBOT" of great sophistication having "built-in" musical instruments: "viols", Isaiah 14:11, pipes and tabrets, Ezekiel 28:13. Therefore the best graven images, parables for demons, were made of gold, silver and precious stones, Daniel 2:31-34. Devils have their own type of dusty "flesh" which is invisible to men on earth. These "revelations" tell of the "Wicked" and "man of sin" ...Therefore the generations of men have been fulfilling Isaiah 66:22-23, when they "return and discern" as the "Watchers of heaven", Malachi 3:17-18. Again I ask, "Who told devils they are indestructible"? Again I say, YOU do not assume what you are! The CREATOR MUST TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE AND HOW HE MADE YOU! Well! Well! Well! My God! Mystery of mysteries!...We have a mechanical, dusty, "robot-face" fake angel made by God's hands and having musical instruments "built-in" in his own type of invisible flesh. And this amazing "puppet" thought he was a "god"! HA! HA! HA! Just one more time, I emphasize the word, "man" is a contraction for home-MA-de AN-gel. You see, it was prophesied that Satan "would be a MAN in the hand of his destroyer" (God), Psalm; Isaiah 14:16; Ezekiel 28:9 of Solomon 2:30-33, (Lost Books of the Bible). Oh, yes!!...devils.....YOU ARE THE MEN OF SIN!! So how has your smart-mouthing and blasphemy profited YOU? You mocked over men's dead bodies, but to what avail? Isaiah 47:1,7-9; II Esdras 15:46-56. Because YOU ARE TOTALLY AND FULLY DUST, YOU SHALL BE DISSOLVED...JUST LIKE THOSE HUMAN BODIES OVER WHICH YOU MOCKED AND LAUGHED! Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 14:12,21-22, 41:11-12; Ezekiel 28:18-19. All the mysteries were not revealed to Satan and his firstborn before they fell, Enoch 16:3, . So many devils will be "shocked" when they learn this as the ELEC-TRY-"CITY", Babylon. Leviathan (prophetic code reference for Babylon), your mother whose name means HATAN LEVI or hating Levi (God's priests in "pattern" of Moses), has her own type of flesh!! Job 41:1,23,34.


Since devils have laughed at man and mocked both God and the Hosts, Revelations 13:4-7, God waited to the last to mock and laugh at them. "He that laughs last laughs best" as the old saying goes. Wisdom bore God a special SON for this purpose in the end and in "His old age", Psalm 87; Isaiah 66:7-8; Daniel 7:9; Matthew 23:9, as revealed in the prophecy of Genesis 18:10-14. This son is chosen to make heaven laugh at devils in the JUDGMENT HOUR, Psalm 37:10-15; Proverb 1:20-30; Ezekiel 35:10-14. As Babylon and her family have done to mankind, we are ordered to do back to them, "double times double", Jeremiah 51:35-39,47-49; Revelation 18:5-9. We cannot use human cowards in our ARMY! The "GOOD NEWS" has come to you via Christ's "Terrible Army" of Virgins! Song of Solomon 6:10,4-9, Revelation 14:1-5, 19:11-15. You men (humans) on earth must come up and SEE how God judges the powers of darkness! In the meantime the written WORDS from the BOOK will have to do, Revelation 10:1-7,9,11. By our ads in the newspapers all over the world, we have flashed "lightning", the blessing for mankind, for a day, Matthew 24:27. We have "scattered fire over the city" of Babylon, Ezekiel 9:5-7, 10:1-8. "A rumor" has spread through the kingdom of devils, Jeremiah 50:11-15, 51:45-48, and we have fanned them into a frenzy, Jeremiah 51:1-2; Luke 3:16-17. This is the work of the Holy Ghost to "convince the world of judgment because the prince of this world (only) is judged," John 12:31, 16:8,11. We invite you to LAUGH with us!! Isaiah 30:29-32; Ezekiel 35:14.

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