You Cannot Serve God In A Strange Land

HEADLINE: "Let us go, we beseech thee, three days journey into the wilderness that we may sacrifice unto the Lord our God ... I am sure the king of Egypt WILL NOT LET YOU GO, no, not by a mighty hand ... How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land? ... Ye worship ye know not what ... the hour now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in SPIRIT (FORM) and in truth ... they that are in the FLESH (FORM) cannot please God ... Woe to the inhabiters of the earth (in FLESH FORM) and the sea for the devil is come down unto you having great wrath for he knoweth he hath but a short time", Exodus 3:18-19; Psalm 137:5; John 4:21-23; Romans 8:8, and Revelation 12:12.

As you know the "psychodrama" ACT starring Pharaoh, Moses, the Egyptian people, and the Israelites was a revelation for our analysis, Romans 15:4. It was a long, drawn-out allegory referring to devils, God, and ALL HUMANITY. Pharaoh symbolized Satan in his role. The Egyptian people represented the kingdom of devils everywhere, and Israel parabolized all of mankind in every generation of TIME. NOW ... YOU must go back and reconsider that episode to understand what God was revealing to His Heavenly students about our earthly situation. Satan and devils have enslaved humanity by forcing men to work sin works as their slaves! That is why the "Woe" was announced to mankind in the Revelation text in our HEADLINE. ALL MEN are the "seed of the woman" or Mother Wisdom, and MANKIND IS IN TROUBLE, because Mother Wisdom caused the Father to kick out Satan, Babylon, and their children (angels) from heaven, Revelation 12:13,17. Devils hate Her for doing that. In almost every area of human life including worship in all the various world religions, "good" comes insidiously mixed with evil. In this world we experience the "double deal" in everything in every way! The "good" is not fully good, and evil comes masquerading as good. Too many of our "choices" involve choosing the lesser of two or more evils! Your Father is holy! He will have no part of a deceitful offering contrived by craft of devils even if men think it is wonderful. Ask Cain about that! Genesis 4:5.

In this life WE ARE MARRED in clay-form in the hand of God, the Potter, by demonic (Egyptian) captors and we need a "make-over", Jeremiah 18:1-6. Babylonians have filled us brim- full of the wine of sex in all its forms. All men have drunk it and most men are drunk on it. They cannot keep their clothes on when they should. We gave you two cups of the best wine in the "GOOD NEWS". In the sight of God (not your eyesight, nor the opinion of your church, nor in the viewpoint of your most esteemed preachers, neither in the eyesight of any church or religions), His earthly human vessels of clay are "marred". Each man's personal badgerskin veil, devils waging warfare against him, is the cause of it although we are in God's hand! Habakkuk 1:4; Matthew 12:43-45; Romans 8:18-22. I think you will agree that His opinion is the ONLY one that counts or has weight (clout). These are the WORDS of your JUDGE-CREATOR- SAVIOR-DESTROYER. Devils have "conditioned" us into behaving like beasts, Psalm 49:20. This "mars" or defiles us before Him, Psalm 14:2-3; Daniel 7:21-22. Peter saw the transition from this, Acts 10:9-16,28. Every "marred" vessel of ignorant men will end up as a temple vessel in the ALTAR-ing schools of the Archangels, Isaiah 11:6-10; Revelation 6:9-11. There God remolds and renews us as spirits in SPIRIT FORM, Malachi 3:1-3.

Marred clay vessels of flesh and blood cannot please God very much and our earthly faces are identifiable with the sins angels saw us involved in, Romans 8:8. Therefore flesh and blood (clay) cannot enter into heaven where all stigma and memory of sin associated with any spirit is erased 1 Corinthians 15:49,50. Why do we displease Him one may ask? He sees us brim-full of wine of fornication and enjoying that condition. He sees "Leviathan" masterminding the churches by quoting scriptures and teaching preachers and congregations that his slip-shod darkness is great light, Luke 11:34-36, Job 41:1,18-25, Psalm 50:16-21; Isaiah 27:1; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Revelation 13:4-7. Despite how you and other humans feel about your personal church and other denominations, God finds them polluted by demonic "dung", Ezekiel 4:9-13. He will accept no bread offering even with a small piece of dung on it! The problem is that demonic "strangers" have become our "vinedressers" faking-out our "hireling" ministers by pretending they are God and Christ or the Holy Ghost! Isaiah 61:5; Luke 20:9-15; John 15:1-5. Human ministers cannot see demons on them and around them as they do this. They are lulled by "unctions", dreams, and speaking in tongues which devils are empowered to duplicate as Moses experienced it with magicians he could see. Some men are frightened at the very thought of devils and do not want to think that these little midget monsters are on them, let alone in them! They cannot "face" knowing the conditions God set for the human "exercise", Ecclesiastes 1:13. To teach this "reality", God told Moses to cover the tabernacle (an analogy for your body) with a "badgerskin veil". A badger is a fierce animal "unclean" under the laws of Moses, an analogy for demons. Later He taught Paul "your body" is His temple. In the Revelation He taught John that the unclean spirits are "the Beast". FINALLY IN THE END He revealed what all this means in the "GOOD NEWS" ... devils are "badgerskin veils" on the bodies of ALL men!! The invisible nature of this war is very unfortunate for man. Even the true priest of God is fed while the devils on his body try to fight the angels as best they can, Psalm 23:5. But God speaks a "strait and narrow" WORD-PATH for His human priest on earth, Isaiah 27:1-6. With every man and woman full of Babylon's wine and the churches under control of Leviathan whether or not they want to accept Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 13:4-7, and Matthew 24:1-2 ... do you have to wonder why in God's eyesight WE ARE "FILTHY" MARRED VESSELS? Psalm 14:1-3; Isaiah 64:6. The dung on us is evil spirits holding on to our bodies and resting in our body openings ("clefts of the rock", ) to avoid the FALL, Matthew 12:43-45. They refuse to LET US GO as in our HEADLINE. But at "daily sacrifice" time, the body of flesh, our own personal dust and dirt will be left behind along with the evil spirit "dung" hanging on to them, Romans 7:24; Hebrews 13:11. Our spirits (the blood of sacrifice) are brought to the ALTARing schools for alteration, 2 Corinthians 5:8, John 12:24, Ecclesiastes 12:7, Hebrews 12:22-24. Another analogy for what we have discussed here is spiritual "circumcision". Our spirits get "cut-out" (hewn) from the body. We are the "trees of righteousness" and "lively stones"! Now we can understand why "those in the flesh" cannot please God. Really "those" refers to the demons on us and in us. Because of dirt on us (demons) and our beastly behavior, we cannot please God! Would you want to kiss a cute little dirty-face, runny-nose baby with a smelly diaper on ... even if it was yours?! Think about it! If he is cleaned up and nicely dressed, you would be glad to pick up the child and give him a big hug and kiss!


There are other reasons why God tends to keep His distance so-to-speak from His babes in the flesh other than our beastly behavior and worship of devils rather than of Him Deuteronomy 32:16-19,31-34. We are "dead to God"! We are spiritually "sick". And we are asleep spiritually. Many of us are wearing soiled diapers and we have spit up our milk over our bodies and it is soured. Among the bigger children among us, too many of them have "stinking feet"! We have explained what this means in the letter, "Footwashing Is A Commandment", November 11, 1990. But if you are a recent reader, we will explain the spiritual meaning of these things. Please keep in mind that we are explaining the conditions of ALL HUMANITY regardless of race or nation, not just Catholics, Christians and Jews. Every human being on earth is FAMILY whether he knows about God or not and whether he is a believer or not. In this letter we are addressing mankind collectively as a family group---ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. So any one man's problem is everyone's problem, 1 Corinthians 12:26.

1. The "spiritually dead". Matthew 8:22; Ephesians 2:1-3. Spiritual "zombies" are human beings, "dead" because the "good" works and ways of God are not functioning in them although they may have families they take care of, jobs, and friends they converse with every day. Their speech is greatly controlled by devils and that control is manifest by filthy talk, profanity, cursing, backbiting, bitter words, and tale bearing. They cause trouble by gossip and lying and break tyey peace, James ch.3. Devils use these "clay vessels" as microphones to address, to corrupt, and to deceive other men directly. Other men cannot perceive that devils are talking to them. All they see is another human being and thus they are vulnerable and may be "suckered" by that man's devils. Also, devils on the listeners may persuade them to agree with and believe any plotted schemes, Isaiah 28:14-18. It is dangerous for us to put our faith and trust in men because too many men are "zombies". God is not pleased with these vessels nor their works. A remolding is on the agenda for such clay vessels and our Potter is an expert at renewing them. After all, they are temple vessels too! While in this life snakes are coiled inside them. They are for "unclean use", Romans 9:18-23. From our HEADLINE you see "the king of Egypt WILL NOT "LET YOU GO" to serve God!

2. The "spiritually sick". These are part-time obeyers, the hypocrites, backsliders, and the practitioners of religious zeal as a matter of fashion "because church-going is a tradition". The spirit spoke of these in Isaiah 1:2-6. If you claim to be a follower of God and Christ, but you "short-stop" when it comes to doing all God desires for whatever reasons, ... then you are spiritually "sick". Paul said that those taking communion were "sick" if they did so with a divided heart. You simply cannot serve God and mammon, Matthew 6:24. You cannot bless God with your mouth and curse your brother "because he made me mad!" James 3:8-10. You cannot tell little white lies, Proverbs 12:22. Either make the tree good and the fruit good or make the tree corrupt and its fruit corrupt, Matthew 12:33-37. If you sing in a church choir on Sunday and curse, swear, and lie during the week, you are a part-time Christian "practitioner", and you are "sick". This is why the TRUE VINE (man) is delivering poor-quality, bitter wine, Deuteronomy 32:32-34; Isaiah 5:1-4. You cannot play church or Christian games with God! READ Joshua 24:19-20. This war is serious! No one is more acutely aware of this than the devil. If you gamble with sin and the devil, you will lose and become his slave, John 8:33-36. Furthermore your Father may "take away" dry branches from the VINE at any time! The "sin-sick" do not please God. They need Him more as a Physician! Matthew 9:11-12, 12:43-45. Sick vessels are stolen temple vessels in the hand of Pharaoh (Satan), and again from our HEADLINE, devils will not let them serve God rightly in this "wilderness of sin".

3. The weak. A spiritually weak person is a believer who struggles to live an acceptable life before God. He is not strong, but he can stand for God if the trial pressure is not too great. The qualities of righteousness are outside his heart. He measures up to them with difficulty because the lure of temptation still has a tenuous hold upon him. The weak are described in the parable of the sower, Matthew 13:19-22. They can stand prior to the pressures that cause them to fall. God is not satisfied with weakness. He desires strength in His children. He wants us to stand against the mental and physical assaults by the powers of darkness. Job is an example of a strong man that God was able to brag about to the devil's face. Devils love to assault feeble Christians because they can make them fall by increasing the pressure on them. A weak man in the flesh cannot please God much. The weak need strong men to surround and support them. If strong companions are absent, they are vulnerable and may fall when devils blitz them mentally and send "zombie" friends to help influence them in errors.

4. Spiritual sleepers. A spiritual sleeper is a "virgin" in a dream-world unaware of "reality". THE WHOLE CHURCH-WORLD was described as sleeping before the appearance of the bridegroom, Matthew 25:1-5. Closing your spiritual eyes can be and is a major problem for the whole church-world. Who will wake them up? And if they wake up, will they be willing to garnish their thinking (modifying their doctrines) and accept spiritual and scriptural reproof of their errors in doctrine (take extra oil)? Psalm 141:5. Will they qualify to enter the feast and marriage of God to His entire FAMILY which includes ALL HUMANITY? The church "elders" in the "field" of this earth (Matthew 13:38) are offended at God's mercy to His prodigal children (Luke 15:25-28). The offense is due to "strange apparel" (devils on their bodies) whose ideas of bitterness and meanness are able to influence them. Since the wedding supper consists of WORDS concerning God's UNION and ONENESS with all humanity (John 17:12,21-23), the bitter elders desiring to punish God's prodigals will excuse themselves from receiving or believing the "GOOD NEWS". These are your foolish virgins who have no extra oil. Sleep is not a good state to be in on this battlefield. God is pleased with watchful, wary men on guard against demonic deceit. Therefore Jesus admonished his disciples to "watch and pray" with him in the time of his passion. But even his disciples acted a true example of the church-world. They all slumbered and slept. Those in the flesh cannot worship God properly in the ways that please Him. Therefore the true worshippers are angelic Watchers, "eyes" in the wings of the Archangels. Very few men in the flesh really please God. We know Moses, Job, and Jesus did please Him. Now a question for your personal inner reflection: "Is God pleased with you and your performance"?!

5. Stinking feet. In "Footwashing Is A Commandment", we learned that "feet" are special members of the BODY of God, or men in general in whom He dwells and walks, 1 Corinthians 6:1-6, 12:14-15. "Pharaoh" (Satan) gives God's feet many problems so that they cannot serve God as it pleases Him. "Feet" can develop a stinking odor to God in several ways. Manna is "angel's food" previously delivered to God's writers. If those WORDS are 2000 years old or more, they are at least two spiritual days old. God is in the process of refining truth over an extended period of time to prevent perverse devils from grasping it readily and presenting a warped version to man. Because God is clarifying the focus as time proceeds, men should not cling to a previous "turn position" when the focus will be turned again and sharpened even more, Proverbs 4:18. The brightest light for best vision, is not at sunrise or sunset. It is at high noon. Because of these PLANS, to time-release light and intensify the focus only at the very END, our TEACHER had Moses and the Jews warn us about clinging to 2 and 3-day old manna like "barnacles". TIME and modifying the focus of His WORD causes old manna to "breed worms" and exude a stinking odor which DISPLEASES GOD. I did not say that odor displeases you and your denomination. So ... "you feet" stuffed full of old doctrines and ideas from Old and New Testament scriptures ... do carry worms! Because you are asleep you cannot tell which words have become caterpillars and which have become cankerworms! Joel 1:4-5. Your odor leaves much to be desired! Ecclesiastes 10:1. Adhering rigidly to your tradition and commandments and old concepts ... even though they formerly came from heaven makes you inflexible. That makes it difficult to give you refined and brighter focused light, Matthew 15:8-9. You are like a stuck brightness or focus button on a TV set that cannot turn to make a clearer, brighter picture. Because God sent Jesus to "turn the focus knob" to increase our knowledge of the real truth, he got into many disputes with the scribes, Pharisees, and priests in his day. But his WORDS were the brightest words on earth, John 12:46-50, 15:22-26. NOW ... IN THE END ... GOD IS REVEALING EVERYTHING TO JOHN IN THE "GOOD NEWS"! Daniel 12:8-9; Revelation 10:7-11. God's PLAN to dispense the WORD is like Israel on the march in the wilderness. You cannot stop and stay at a "resting place". "Feet" must move!

6. Spiritual "bad breath". Men also have bad breath. When Jesus breathed on his disciples, the act symbolized God giving Adam the breath of life or the spirit power of life, John 3:8, 20:22. What is spiritual "bad breath"? Consider Revelation 13:5-7,11, 16:13. Any human "sheep" used as a "microphone" by devils to teach demonic errors against the bright and refined WORD in this END today has "bad breath", Isaiah 43:27, 59:13-15. Teaching a false judgment doctrine (contrary to the judgment revealed Revelation 15:4) which purports that most of humanity will be burned with devils in damnation is "super-stinking" breath to God. It lies about His judgment "decision" and bears false witness against Him! Racist hate-doctrines denying our collective "birthright" and "oneness" with God is a bullfrog! In fact all doctrines conflicting with what your Father is revealing in the "GOOD NEWS" is "bad breath". God loves, saves, and justifies ALL human beings and will lose no one. If your doctrine says other-wise, your breath stinks to God, even if you brush your teeth daily and use mouth-wash!

7. Babes in "soiled diapers". Spiritual babes are wearing wet and "soiled diapers" and many are asleep in dreamland. What is spiritual "dung"? Paul said the teachings he learned from his Pharisee teachers is "counted as dung", Philippians 3:5-8. Many of you are holding to rudiments of ideas and doctrines as taught by former and present day teachers which are more than "2-days old". They are "partial knowledge" meaning some parts right and some parts wrong, 1 Corinthians 13:8-12. You are reluctant let go of them, because those ideas are popular and highly esteemed among men. In fact you are comfortable with them. But those errors are an abomination to God, Luke 16:15. A majority vote among churchmen and theologians cannot determine what is truth. Many "man-made" "hirelings" getting monetary pay for their services and teachers degreed by human- run schools are wearing "soiled diapers" and they are stuck to their "bottoms". "Dirty-bottom" spiritual babes in Christ "stink" before God! Some of these new babes even burp up sour milk and vomit all over themselves! An example of a (milk) "first principle of righteousness" point is to know that God is Holy and will not tolerate corruption in His priesthood. See Hebrews 5:12-6:3. Some man-made churches are debating the ordaining of "Sodomites" (homosexual men and lesbians) into their earthly priesthoods! Now read Romans 1:24-28. God has not changed! Malachi 3:6. Leviathan "masters" the earthly denominations (I DEMON-NATIONS)! Do they not "stink" to you because they have spit up sour milk all over their bodies? Isaiah 28:7-13; Jeremiah 5:29-31. So foul-smelling babes whether asleep or awake cannot serve God! Pharaoh will not allow them to clean themselves up nor free them from his tasks assigned to them! When Pharaoh (Leviathan) demands a warped work in his churches, he expects his human preachers to comply! AND THEY DO! God burnt Sodom and removed Lot from it because of such demonic reversals in the nature and order He created for man. He loves homosexuals as His captive children, but because of the demonic snare to their minds and bodies, they cannot be His priests!! But they will be set free!

8. "Filthy rags". This is how the spirit described human "self -righteousness" based upon human works and self-flattery, Isaiah 64:4-6. Devils covering our bodies and holding on to avoid the pitfall have been parabolized by God as a "covering of graven (grave-in) images" ... images of Satan in their selected clay graves, stone tombs, and wooden caskets, Isaiah 30:1,22. Do you remember the "GOOD NEWS" letter, "The Second Resurrection", 3-10-87? This concept was explained in it. In Jesus' parable he referred to a man's covering of devils as a non-"wedding garment" meaning "strange apparel", Zephaniah 1:7-9; Matthew 22:11-14. A man's demons on his body will cause him to be offended at the WEDDING-WORDS (food). They will ride him as their "horse" out of the feast of love in anger, Isaiah 30:8-12. They cannot eat the "fatted calf" and will not let their human slave eat it either. Joshua the high priest was clothed in filthy garments in Zechariah's time. Evil spirits covered him but God blunted their influence ... It was time for God to apprehend him to Himself for His purposes, Zechariah 3:1-7. Few men are chosen or apprehended and invited as guests to the "marriage supper" God is serving in the "GOOD NEWS", Matthew 22:8-10. As you can see most men in the flesh including churchy "elder sons" are not pleasing to God while residing in the "field of this world" or spiritual Egypt. Tell me, why should my Father have to beg (entreat) some "screw- ball" hireling preachers down here to "accept" His love, grace, and mercy to His prodigal sons and children of disobedience? Pharaoh will not let them "sweeten" their bitterness as branches of the TRUE VINE, Isaiah 5:1-5.

9. "Crowns of pride". What is pride? It is something that helped Satan to a great fall. It is a word for a group of lions touted as the "king of beasts" ... and Satan is described "as a roaring lion", 1 Peter 5:8. "Crowns of pride" are head-demons who influence and regulate our thoughts and behavior, Isaiah 28:1,14-28. ALL MEN have these "crowns of thorns" as God had Jesus illustrate as an example of the passion all men suffer. As thorns pierce and enter the head, so do the words of devils, 2 Samuel 23:6-7; Isaiah 27:1-4. Even as our bodies are God's temple, devils project their thoughts and ideas as "pictures" on our mental walls (screens), Ezekiel 8:1-12. DO LOOK UP THIS TEXT AND READ ALL OF IT. Here, the "image of jealousy" is an image of Satan and in verse 12, "chambers of imagery" refers to the mind. God is very wise in ways of teaching these things. Because devils control most of our mental hearing and reasoning the greater percentage of the time, men are extremely vulnerable to manipulation. Most men are flattered into thinking they can create and originate their own thoughts, Proverbs 16:1-3; Jeremiah 10:23. This is ignorance of the conditions God fixed for the earthly "exercise", conceit, and pride in man that devils love to exploit! The door leading to light opens when a man learns and believes there are spirit influences capable of misleading the mind and he begins to question the "voices", pictures, and dreams entering his head. Here in spiritual Egypt devils make it a point to prevent men from being able to serve God by mind control. They refuse to "let go" and allow the VINE branches to produce all the fruit (of righteousness), Isaiah 5:1-5. Here is another reason why we must LEAVE EGYPT (this world) ... "three days journey" ... as required by the Potter to be (re-)made and become capable of worshipping God in SPIRIT (FORM) and in truth.

10. Clod-sod impediments. In the very beginning God created a "spirit" FAMILY, Secrets 30:8-12. We are spirits --- not clay, not dust. A cocoon, a body of clay was made for man secondarily and the spirit person was placed in it for the negative experience in the education PLAN instituted by God. While in the womb of earth or fleshy body, we get a contrasting "exercise" with the powers of darkness and then leave the flesh for higher education, Eccleslastes 1:13, Romans 8:18-22. Clay never was a part of us from the beginning, and it will not be a part of us in the end, Ecclesiastes 12:7. The "clay-suit" is vulnerable to devils. They can grab it and hang on to it or enter inside its openings. Devils in our SIN-US cavities do not have to hold on to avoid falling, but surface clinging devils do. And who knows what goes in the mouth? I do! A clod-sod body is itself dirt! If you are dressed in it, even if devils are absent from it, YOU ARE "DIRTY"! The body ages and decays. It grows feeble and loses its power to function. ..because God wanted us to desire to leave when our departure time approaches. Paul asked, "Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?!" ... because devils work through man's flesh, brains, and nervous system, Romans 7:21-24. He also acknowledged that to be present with the Lord one must be absent from the fleshy body, 2 Corinthians 5:1-8. In order to serve God one must be circumcised. This means he must be cut out of the clay by the Father's cutting voice when he calls the birth-order roll. This removes "natural" dirt and dust as well as dirty, defiling evil spirits, that "crown of thorns", and the "covering of graven images".


We have given you ten reasons why man cannot serve God as a FAMILY in spiritual Egypt. God requires that each son leave Egypt, experience "circumcision" from the clay, and PASS OVER to the "promise land" (heaven) so that we can serve Him in spirit (form) and truth untainted by demonic mental in-puts (thorns). Pharaoh does not accept polite requests to let men go, nor does he accept angry ones ... not from God, His ministers, nor angels ... "no, not by a mighty hand" as God assured Moses. Because of the conditions God set for the negative experience in this life, we cannot serve or worship God in this place as inhabitants of this world. Ten EARTH PROBLEMS prohibit us. The vulnerable "body of this death" weighs down the spirit, so that we slumber; we are sick; and we are dead to God. As a FAMILY we are divided against each other and against God by demonic "pretenders-to-be-God". God requires that His son leave Egypt (this earth) so he can be remolded to worship and please Him up above. Pharaoh will not let our fleshy FAMILY members worship Him rightly! (wrongly, ... yes, but rightly, "NO")! Therefore A PASSOVER is required for each FAMILY member, Isaiah 11:5-12; Acts 10:9-16. For the true worshippers of God do it up above in spirit (form) and in 100% truth.

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