Its Leaves Are For the Healing of the Nations

In one of the earlier letters we showed that Mother Wisdom is the TREE OF LIFE, Proverbs 3:18. Of course we realize that this is in conjunction with the Father since they are one as husband and wife. As the fruit of Her womb She produced the twelve nations of God that populate earth's surface, Secrets XXV:1-3 (LBB), Psalm 87:3-6; Isaiah 66:7-10; Hosea 1:10, III Hermas IX:162,163. These things were seen by John in Revelation 12:1-2,4,17. (The dragon is the one who has lied to us teaching that other men are of no relation to us and that some men are not our brethren, Secrets XXXIV: 1, II Esdras 7:22-25). Of note is Revelation 22:2. Speaking of Mother Wisdom as the Tree of Life, it says Her leaves "were for the healing of the nations."

This message is the command given to the archangel Raphael in Enoch 10:4-7. Since you know in these last days it is "as it was in the days of Noe," Luke 17:26, we should have expected Raphael to execute his command given to him in Enoch's time. He certainly fulfilled it as witnessed by the letter series you have received. Now let us see how the "leaves of the tree of life heal the nations". Look at Enoch 24:25. Notice that Enoch 24:4 says "its leaves and blooms and wood wither not forever". The contrast is seen in the statement Jesus made in Luke 23:28-31 and Matthew 15:13. Devils are parabolized as the dry trees which are continually cast out of the "good ground" (our clay bodies) at death. This kind of parable was shown to Hermas in III Hermas II. As you know, God has fulfilled III Hermas 111:1-5 by HIZ MERCl shown to you in this letter series. Enoch saw them withered in appearance in Secrets XVIII (LBB). But as you read the account of the heavens seen by Enoch in the book of Secrets realize that the account is a vision where God was showing him "former things from the beginning," Isaiah 44:7, 46:9-10 and contrasting the difference as shown by Jesus in Matthew 25:31-33, and Luke 16:24-26. Satan used to be in heaven as a fugitive and a prisoner until God threw his family in "the pit", Secrets XXXI:4, XXIX:3,4, Revelation 12:7-12. So when you read in Secrets, do not think devils are in heaven. THIS TIME WE STRESS Isaiah 66:14 BY WAY OF Isaiah 65:13-15 FOR ADDED FLAVOR. Getting back to our point, devils are the "uprooted, dry trees," Ecclesiastes 3:14; Matthew 7:19, 25:41.

If you are persuaded in the God of Love, you know He made our spirits immortal and only the body of clay dies which is not an original or integral part of us, II Corinthians 5:1,4,8, Ode 28:8,7, Secrets XXIII:2 (LBB). Devils as a whole never understood the mystery of death, Wisdom 2:22, 3:2-3. So reject Satan's doctrines on that subject, Ode 18:7,8. Christ has OPENED THE FIFTH SEAL in this letter series, Luke 20:37-38; Revelation 6:9, 20:12, and he has also fulfilled II Esdras 7:(36) by revealing to you "the pit", as explained in this letter series. Since all the spirits of men are the immortal sons and images of God, what if men are parabolized as leaves on the Tree of Life? Let us link up some of Mother Wisdom's parabolic symbols which show that MANKIND TRANSFORMED INTO ANGELS ARE ALSO HER "LEAVES" WHEN THEY LEAVE THIS EARTH, (1) She is "the moon" covered with blood, Genesis 37:9-10, III Acts 17:24-28; Revelation 6:12; Baruch. (2) God spoke in parable that our Mother would cover Herself with Her children, Isaiah 49:14-18; Malachi 3:17, (3) Therefore to Hermas She parabolized Herself as both the Church and the "tower" built up by mankind, the "lively stones", I Hermas II:31-33, III:38. From these three equal parables we see that Mother Zion, or Wisdom, or Jerusalem considers mankind Her Body as God does, because we were "born in Her" and half our spirit portion is a part of Her.

Now let us look at more direct proof to illuminate the parabolic word "leaf". Look at Secrets XXI:6 (LBB). Remember that God's word is not given in a slack or lack-a-daisical manner. That text is a direct proof that righteous men are Wisdom's "leaves". They are first revealed as Her leaves because they exhibit the glory of holiness. She is holy, Wisdom 7:22-30. According to Psalm 1 the righteous man is a "tree planted by waters whose leaf does not wither". In this first sense righteous men are Her "leaves for the healing of the nations". Therefore the prayers of the apostles and prophets have been in the gap as a covering for all men, Ezekiel 13:5, 22:30. But God's Words they wrote are a covering of truth for you if you believe. We are certain that the doctrine of God's LOVE which they wrote can heal the twelve nations of mankind if they could receive it in this life, Matthew 22:37-40; John 8:31-36. Surely the nations would be healed if each one could love every man as himself. This trend of thought brings us to the heavenly reality of all men acting as Mother Wisdom's leaves, John 12:24. We realize that all men are transformed angels in heaven and become part of God's army of guardian angels, Psalm 149:5-9; Isaiah 13:1-5; Hebrews 12:22-24. They act as leaves and cover us as consciences and teachers, Psalm 91:1,11; Amos 9:8-9, III , II Hermas VI:7-17. God has also covered all men by His two hands, Jesus the right hand and Pravuil the left hand, John 10:28-29, "palm leaves," II Esdras 2:29. In this way we see all heaven as "leaves" or coverings fulfilling Psalm 145:4-7,10-13. So God and all His Great Body act as a covering for mankind where He is a shadow from heat and a covert from storm, Isaiah 4:5-6, 32:1-2, 33:20-23.

When we learn love and mercy and forgiveness, we begin to bud and make leaves doing the kind of thing that the angels do. The beginning of mercy and love is like a bud, Isaiah 6:13, 61:3,11; Joel 2:28. Accordingly when Christ comes to judge or "visit us" we cannot help but bud forth because He is an excellent teacher, Adam & Eve, Apocalypse of Moses XXII (page 147). The only way I could possibly learn love and mercy is from God. Devils certainly were a blocking veil of badger skin before, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 13:5-7. From heaven Jesus blasted the veil away, and now I can see scriptures as they are, Isaiah 25:3-8; II Esdras 13:1-11. After I was taught I was astounded when I looked back at Romans 5:18. I could only ask myself "How often have I read this whole book and never had seen the salvation of all men even though it is written plainly"! But Jesus a palm leaf of God (right hand) covered me from the noise of lying demons who had taught me while I hungered and thirsted at the table (the bible), Psalm 23:5; Habakkuk 1:4. Christ fixed my mind to his and God's thoughts and caused me to recognize my Father, Isaiah 29:18-24; Malachi 4:5-6. Surely Eli- Jah (which means "my God", Matthew 27:46, "the Lord", Psalm 68:4) has come in the form of Pravuil the other Comforter, John 16:7-15. Since then I have acted like a leaf through prayer, asking God to forgive all men and give them life, I Timothy 2:1-6; Hebrews 5:1-5. Today I realize my prayers were answered before Adam was put in a body of clay, Secrets XXIII:2, IIV:1-3, Enoch 108:11-15. Hopefully, you can see why Satan was terrified at Enoch's writings. There was too much peace in them for men and a great frontal attack on them which makes our world like "Goshen" by comparison, Exodus 9:26. So you can see much of what we have written has been deliberately done to terrorize devils but not men. For us the "leaves" (meaning the Words written by the prophets, apostles, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the angels' words who convinced us of the "real truth") have been a comfort from the hot wrath of the dragon! The bites of the Dragon, the old fiery flying serpent have not permanently hurt me because I look to Jesus on the cross and beyond Moses and men so that Jesus healed me! Mark 16:18; John 3:14-15, 12:32; Revelation 12:9. Because I believed the Word, he showed me the "mystery of God and godliness of Life" contained in the scriptures. So I "left" the doctrine of death and condemnation, preferring "the Gospel of Justification and Reconciliation" which is the Gospel of Peace. When you "leave" that dung you also will became a covering for your brethren on earth's surface, not as a curse to some but a blessing to all, Genesis 12:2-3; Numbers 22:5-6; Philippians 3:1-9. When you speak right, you can heal your students and congregations by loving them as yourself, Zephaniah 3:9. Do not all devils around you fulfill Zechariah 11:15-17? As false Gods in the "temples" they will never tell men the real truth, I Corinthians 6:19-20; II Thessalonians 2:23. You can be useful to the Father if you do so. The parable of the prodigal son and his elder brother can heal all who are bitten by the fiery dart of offense at God's mercy. If you look to Jesus and use him as a shield in front of you, no man or devil will prevail against your teaching of the real truth. Please do not take the attitude of some who may learn these things, Isaiah 3:6-8, since you are in positions of leadership. You can be the repairer of the breaches where you reside as it is written, Isaiah 58:6-12.

Let us look at a technicality of the Spiritual Law of Moses, Numbers 5:2, 19:16,19. Technically, all of us "in the pit" are in a state of defilement, not because we are innately unclean, but because Satan's dead and unclean images hold on to our bodies, Matthew 12:43, 13:31-32; Revelation 18:2. They refuse to let us go so as to avoid falling through the pit. Because this is the case for all men, God commanded Moses to put those defiled by the dead outside the camp, since we in such case are outside of heaven. On the seventh day we will be clean as we take the sprinkling by Christ, Hosea 6:1-3. He rose as a King sprinkler on the third day, John 2:19. Here is the most profound meaning of the seventh day. Read Barnabas XIII:1-8. We are at present completing the last few years of the sixth day wherein sons of understanding must be reborn in knowledge according to the pattern in Genesis 1:26-31; Revelation 10:7. We must refrain from being "beastly", Psalm 49:20, 73:22. LOOKING AT THE MOST HIGH AS OUR TEACHER RATHER THAN JESUS ON THE CROSS, WE LOOK BEYOND MOSES, THE BRAZEN SERPENT, AND MEN KNOWING IN PART. BECAUSE THE UNCHANGING FATHER COMMANDED IT AND TOOK THE TIME TO WRITE IT ON STONE, WE TRY TO REVERENCE THE SEVENTH DAY SABBATH (SATURDAY). But because these demons will not stop holding on to us, we are in a technical state of being defiled. In that regard, it is impossible for us to keep the Sabbath perfectly holy even though we try. The true seventh-day wherein is absolute holiness for all mankind will come very shortly when God removes the remaining children out of this earth. At that time all devils will be removed along with our technical defilement according to the Spiritual Law of Moses, Isaiah 64:6; Ezekiel 20:35-38. So the true Sabbath is yet to come as God showed Enoch, Secrets XXXIII:1.

How do these things fit in the judgment scheme? We who keep the ALLEGORICAL ACT OF SABBATH REST AND WORSHIP have been a sign pointing to that true Sabbath to come on the big 1000-year seventh day in heaven. Since we are technically defiled, we are no "cleaner" than those who do not rest on Saturday. A second technicality is that this is still the sixth day with God. Can those who fail to rest on Saturday be guilty of breaking His Sabbath Rest according to His perfect knowledge in Secrets XXXIII:1? What if the Father justifies His sons against all accusations using His superior understanding which is altogether Spiritual? Notice that God has not changed His Rest to the first day of the week, Sunday, Ecclesiastes 3:14; Malachi 3:6. Deceptions teaching vain reasons He did not command for doing so are still errors. But you can worship God any day you please with no need to justify it. But please do not say it is God's Rest Day. Such lies are abominable. WE ARE SHOWING THAT SUNDAY WORSHIPPERS CANNOT BE CONDEMNED for doing so. Nevertheless, when we do all in our power to please the Father, then He will be with us as He was with Moses and Aaron even though a "badger skin" veil or demons cling to our bodies, Isaiah 27:4; Ezekiel 35:10-13. Notice that Raphael's knowledge and understanding heals the understanding of those who keep Sabbath (Saturday) and Sunday. Praise God for truth! Here are major keys founding this paragraph. (a) The witness of the Father, Isaiah 55:6-11, Secrets XXXIII:1, XXI:1 (LBB), (2) The witness of Jesus, Psalm 109:31; Isaiah 53:11; Matthew 5:18-19, 19:17-19; John 1:19-23 because he knew no man could keep it altogether perfectly because of what we wrote in this paragraph, (3) The witness of the Holy Ghost to Barnabas III:1-8. Now read I John 5:1-10 and notice that I have taken the witness of the trinity as superior and authoritative above any thoughts. If you recognize that rivers of water come from the throne and if you look there for your water, you will not have to fade like a leaf as in Isaiah 64:6. See how green I am! One more thing, those who do not read the Old Testament or the works of Moses will not understand everything. Moses' Law is Spiritual, as you can see, by the way Jesus related spiritual defilement to our inability to keep holy and perfectly even the ALLEGORICAL PROPHETICAL ACT OF SABBATH WORSHIP, Romans 7:14, 15:4. Let us be thankful to God for unveiling the meaning of His thoughts, Ode 12, Isaiah 25:3-8, 29:18-24; Luke 24:45; John 1:1. Nobody understood everything and everybody failed to understand much, Isaiah 9:2. But I am blessed in having God and the angels as my teachers.

Let us summarize the net weight of the message in this paper. In the paper "Perfect Love, A Beattitude: Must Be Attitude of Your Heart", September 15, 1974, I took you to the throne of the Most High concerning His authority and the 4th Command. Once we got there He made me look at Secrets XXXIII:1 and Barnabas XIII:1-8. HE SHOWED ME WHAT HE MEANT. God means business when He says, "No accusing or pointing fingers"! No authority is greater than His, and no understanding is superior, Proverbs 21:30. This way seems like a strange work, and a strange act, but do not wonder as a despiser in unbelief, Isaiah 28:21; Habakkuk 1:5. GOD HAS RESPECT UNTO YOU AND ALL MEN, Enoch 41:8,9, Leviticus 26:9, Ode 17:12-14, and HE WILL KNOCK DOWN ALL WHO OPPOSE HIS WILL, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Ode 7:12-17, 8:15-22, 39:1-11, Isaiah 35:37. Notice how God upholds all who appear to have fallen, . You cannot fail by reverencing the Almighty and His Word above the partial understanding of men who are short of His Glory. "Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come (to justify mankind, Psalm 109:31) and worship Him that made the heaven.. .", Revelation 14:7. At this time it is His pleasure to get all of us to "turn over a new leaf when we preach, because there is healing in it and comfort for the brethren, Isaiah 40:1-2. God has fulfilled Enoch 39:1,2 with Isaiah 66:14, teaching us we are really angels and all the heavenly hosts also are part of His Great Body. Justifying by His Mercy, God has fulfilled Joshua 5:9; Isaiah 25:8, not suffering us to "throw the first stone, to accuse, point fingers, or speak evil of our brethren". Going further He used Peter to teach me He does not consider one member of His Great Self unholy or unclean, Acts 10:28. Sin in men is devils' work because we were created upright, Ecclesiastes 3:14, 7:29. All this is because God has lifted up Himself to heal all men AS THE TREE OF LIFE, and the loftiness of men must be made low, Enoch 10:4-9,21,22, Psalm 12:5, 109:31; Isaiah 2:10-22, 33:10. It gives me great pleasure to step aside for God! Isaiah 43:13. Praises be to our Father!

And now my fellow seventh- day Sabbath keepers, what if Jesus justifies all men who have worked on Sabbath with John 5:8-17 and proves to us that he was continually in accord with God's HIGHEST THOUGHT CONCERNING THAT DAY? JESUS DID NOT TELL THAT MAN TO COMMIT A SIN, Isaiah 53:9. The spiritual always takes precedent over the natural according to God's "time- release" schedule. What if Jesus says he carried their "appearance" of sin to the cross 2000 years ago and the CHASTISEMENT OF THEIR PEACE was on him? Isaiah 53:5-6. Jesus is showing you how he has fulfilled Daniel 9:24, "to make an end of sins", Isaiah 53:11. Jesus is the way, so let us rejoice in his superior wisdom NOT SHORT OF THE GLORY in justifying all men in love, Romans 14:13. God and Jesus have fulfilled Testament of Gad 1:23,24. Praise God and Jesus for their matchless grace! Brethren, no man can accuse you and please the Father, Proverbs 30:10. Now fellow Sabbath keepers, let us refrain from vexing our other brethren with our Sabbath knowledge which is short of the Father's glory and Christ's knowledge, Isaiah 11:12-13. We will be pleasing to God if we take His SUPERIOR SPIRITUAL THOUGHT AS CHRIST SHOWED IN John 5:8-17. LOOK BEYOND THE BRAZEN SERPENT: SEE JESUS ONLY AND REJOICE, John 3:14-15, 12:32. God is for you! Romans 8:31-39.

You can see my brethren how Jesus the right palm (leaf) of God's hand has covered every man under all circumstances. The "mystery of God and godliness" has now removed the appearance of sin associated with God's appointed rest day, I Timothy 3:16; Revelation 10:7. Personally, brethren, I am very glad to see us all get off "free" to the exceedingly great vexation of devils who made a great snare out of the fourth commandment. God knew in the beginning demons would do that, so He kept the real secret hidden (except to Barnabas) and now proves our adversaries are liars. Now read Zephaniah 3:14-20 and Micah 7:16-20. Why don't you praise Him now?

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