HEADLINE:"Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city (a) to finish the transgression, and (b) to make an end of sins, and (c) to make reconciliation for iniquity, (d) to bring in everlasting righteousness, and (e) to seal up the vision and the prophecy, and (f) to anoint the Most Holy", Daniel 9:24.

Once before I asked you in the letter, "Court Verdicts for the Valley of Decision"..."Can you keep pace with the speed of God's Chariot?", His horses, and horsemen? Several supporting texts were used to show that God's works and motions are independent of man's ability to understand on earth. Those who cannot run with the time and speed of the Archangels get "left in the dust" so to speak. The problem for the earth is that God does not always let his left hand know (mankind on earth) what His Right Hand of Heaven is doing! Nevertheless, "Surely the Lord will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret to His servants the prophets", Amos 3:7. Such a prophet sits in heavenly places via the spirit (and his mind and ears are above) in the "feast of the Lord". He is among the angels of the Presence and is privy to the counsels of God. God said, I "will take My rest and consider in my dwelling place (both man's body and Heaven) like a clear heat upon the herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of the harvest" (the gathering of men's spirits to heaven), Isaiah 18:4. And the (enlightened of God) "remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as dew (spirit shall be upon men) from the Lord, as showers on the grass, that tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth upon the sons of men", Micah 5:7. So God does not wait on men to grow up spiritually and get out of kindergarten before He does marvelous works. If you do not understand, you will be left in your ignorance!! God's horses move like lightning! Ezekiel 1:14. Therefore a spiritual definition of lightning is "the motion of the Archangels" or their delivery of God's message. We therefore expect the lightning quick motions of the Spirit to be too fast for human eyes, ears, and minds to comprehend. God will not hinder nor stop His program just because YOU are a babe, and as a babe YOU are too unlearned and ignorant to keep up with the speed of His works, Isaiah 48:6. The Spirit does not tarry while churchy "virgins" sleep in the darkness ... oh so comfortably! Matthew 25:1-5.

These things are being written because many concepts presented in the "GOOD NEWS" are "SUPER-FAST". They have offended the sentimentalities and ignorance of some kindergarten babies who are too far back to see God's Chariot and the WORD (message) riding in it, which is "current" news in TIME and SEASON with Heaven. Now whether you hear or forbear..."all things are yours" including what God is doing right now for the salvation, reconciliation, and JUSTIFICATION OF ALL MANKIND. These things belong to OUR PEACE! It is "manna" for those truly born of the Spirit! Spiritual food can nourish those who really live in the spirit. We have chosen Daniel 9:24 as HEADLINE NEWS to inform YOU of where your Father is and to attune you to His works at this time. It is the WORDS God's Charioteers and horsemen are preaching in Heaven. The "GOOD NEWS" books and letters explain in detail the subjects in the "HEADLINES" we have itemized. This prophecy is not some future event yet to occur. OPEN YOUR EYES! Those of you who trust in men you consider to be spiritual, who are also "too far back", will not see this good which has come, Psalm 31:19; Jeremiah 17:5-6. What is to follow is really for the consumption of mature spirits in the fullness of the stature of God, THE JUDGE, who can appreciate where His mind is at this time. The fleshy and "carnal mind", the "in part" thoughts of the past which have become "worm infested manna", and "out of tune" doctrines are all irrelevant today. The black horse, symbol for the Archangel Gabriel delivered the "good news" to Daniel concerning Jesus' work..."once in the END". Gabriel is also a JUDGE with God's balances", REVELATION 6:5-6. Is he too swift for your mind? If so... see that you "do not hurt the oil and wine" in the "GOOD NEWS" because of your ignorance and infantile unbelief! Here is where the Spirit is: Daniel 9:24.


The first part of Daniel 9:24 concerns 70 weeks of spiritual timing. We have learned that MAN is TIME in the spiritual sense as the "constellations" of importance upon which TIMED events are based, Genesis 1:14-16, 15:5. Suffice it to say, very few would doubt that we are in the time of the END. According to Hebrews 9:26, Jesus had a work to do, "To put away sin once in the END by the sacrifice of himself". The BODY OF CHRIST WAS SACRIFICED AS WORDS "once in the END", not as flesh, John 6:53,63. The prophecy of Daniel 9 also refers to Jesus' crucifixion which had not yet occurred in Daniel's time. But our concern is the union of Daniel 9:24 and Hebrews 9:26 as it applies today. Since "it is done", we will study its impact upon man and man's efforts at "salvation".

"Thy people" is now understood or unsealed as ALL MANKIND, God's offsprings, Psalm 82:6-8, 87; Acts 17:24-28. WE are the "holy city" parabolized as stones and buildings, I Corinthians 3:9; I Peter 2:5. Since Jesus is the WORD OF GOD, we would expect a worded message (the BODY OF CHRIST) carried in God's Chariot to be "set" down in the earth and sacrificed once in the end which in effect "finishes transgressions" applying to man. HE DID IT WITH A WORD!... "Court Verdicts for the Valley of Decision". That is the BODY OF CHRIST that some would wish to persecute. But from the Heavenly Court it is fixed and finished, and the VERDICT is final from the JUDGE! Here is what "finishing the transgression" and "putting away sin" means and how it applies right now. At this very moment sin does not apply to mankind, but only to the perpetrators and enforcers of sin, namely devils. It is painful for many of you to have these thoughts of God and the mind of Christ "once in the END" because of your predilection of the "natural", familiar, and accustomed with which you feel comfortable. Now...."Behold the Lamb of God who has taken away the sins of the world"... "once in the END by the sacrifice of himself"! Or ... maybe you do not want Jesus to fulfill this prophecy because it invalidates some of your doctrines, and antiquates your efforts to teach men, and upsets your perception of what God is doing and what He wants at this time!? This FACT makes your human efforts and teaching appear to be "out of step and time". Objections to the "GOOD NEWS" reveal those who wage war at their own charges. Nevertheless Christ has "finished the transgression".


Part of Jesus' work "to make an end of sins"...."once in the end" has to do with educating us concerning what sin really is. We discovered that "sin is a demon" as defined by the JUDGE'S WORD to Cain in Genesis 4:5-7 (NAB,NEB). The "Accuser of the brethren" has taught men to accuse one another of being "sinners", quite the opposite of God's WORDS to Cain. Still in Genesis we find the JUDGE saying to the serpent (Satan)... "because thou hast done this"... God the JUDGE accused "the Accuser", Proverbs 30:10. Observe also how the Lamb distinguished between the instigators of trespass (demons) and the "used victims" they enslave. In John 9:4 Jesus declared as a JUDGE and as God's "faithful and true Witness" that ... "the night comes when no man can work" (sin). You see, he believed the Father's WORDS to Cain! And this was his response to a question concerning a blind man and his parents regarding who committed sin resulting in his blindness. We know "night" refers to demons and Satan. It is this LAMB who has been sacrificed and who has opened up the body of his WORDS and who is teaching heaven that "slavemaster devils come ("night") and no man can work" (sin). Heaven believes THAT GOSPEL! Because too many in this world are not born of the Spirit, they find such light too much for their dark eyes. "Making an end of sins" in this manner is not what they expected and anticipated. Therefore they have no plausible response to Numbers 23:18-23, and Micah 6:5. They simply do not know what those words mean! RIGHT NOW "SIN" IS A WORD THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO MANKIND!! And you who insist upon "charging" mankind with sin even if "he is caught in the very act"... are out of step and out of line with JUDGE-GOD, the Heavenly Court, and true reality!! If YOU do not like it, "that's tough"!


Reconciliation means to be at peace and harmony again. It is a two-way street. God must reconcile Himself with us and we must reconcile ourselves with Him. We must be at peace and we must harmonize with God over the negative "sin" experience in the earth. Many "blame God" for the nightmare life on earth. They are unhappy with the way He has regulated our world as "God"! But God is not angry with us because of our activities in this life despite what you might believe to the contrary. It is true that He is in control of everything. And as fast as men rise, He has been teaching them His reasons for putting us through such a horrible "exercise", Ecclesiastes 1:13; Romans 8:18-22. Paul wrote a great statement about reconciliation in 2 Corinthians 5:18-19. This has to do with ATONEMENT where man considers himself guilty and at fault regarding his "agreements with hell and covenants with death", Isaiah 28:18. "ATONEMENT" assuages the minds and guilt-ridden consciences and brings them peace and release as it heals them! But we must also forgive God---those of us who are angry with Him for doing things the painful and hurtful way---in order to be reconciled to Him. The "GOOD NEWS" explains in detail what God is doing and why. It is this kind of "manna" that the "just spirits of men to be made perfect" do eat which removes their bitterness and anger at God. When we realize that we are His BODY CELLS with whom He shares His "feelings", then we know that we did not undergo our suffering alone. But He suffers simultaneously with each of us every day of our earthly life. When you add up all the pain God is suffering in earth's entire population at any moment then our complaining seems trite, because God has been in non-stop pain ("crucifixion") since Adam's days! In fact He was the first to suffer and to be imprisoned long before He created us to remove His anguish! God's reasons are very acceptable to those who hear them. So reconciliation is a continuing process which began with Abel. An example of reconciliation is the parable of the "prodigal son", Luke 15:15-24, and another is Jesus' words to Simon, Luke 7:41-43. ALL ARE LEARNING to love God, ourselves, and one another as "ONE" (FAMILY)!


What the churches consider to be "righteous" and what God considers to be righteousness are "horses of a different color". The churches consider righteousness in man as holy and immaculate behavior in daily conduct. In the absolute sense that is correct. But God's righteousness has "responsibility" as a basis, and it may be conferred as a "gift". In the absolute sense it is that term for "the quality He created in us (His nature) as our true nature". As a JUDGE, He declared righteousness both ways. He sent Jesus to announce and confer righteousness as a "free gift" TO ALL MEN IN ALL TIMES through the sacrifice of himself as it is written in Romans 5:15-19. He also declared us to be "holiness to Himself" via His nature (uprightness) created in us from the very beginning, Ecclesiastes 7:29; Isaiah 45:24-25, 54:17. You are to notice that Moses' "tabernacle" carried a "badgerskin" covering, an analogy for demons in and on us... and yet it was "holiness to the Lord" even though it was defiled. WITH A "WORD" GOD HAS CONFERRED RIGHTEOUSNESS TO ALL even though ignorant men who do not know Him "judge by the sight of the eyes and the hearing of the ears" and men are "caught 'red-handed' in the very act of sin", Isaiah 11:1-5; John 5:30, 8:1-12. EVERY MAN ON EARTH AT THE VERY MOMENT YOU READ THESE WORDS HAS GOD'S "RIGHTEOUSNESS AS A "FREE-GIFT". This Court statement may infuriate preachers on earth accustomed to "accusing men" of sin and convicting them as "sinners". But this Court is not here to perpetuate human errors and the ignorance of "hirelings" installed and endorsed by men. With a WORD your Father, the Heavenly Supreme Court JUDGE has EXALTED HIS "AUTHORITY" OVER THIS MATTER! Isaiah 2:10-22. Now demonic "Accusers of the brethren" might not like this either! To them we say, "That's tough"! When God made us, He called us "good". And righteousness (His nature) is incumbent in us even before He sent us down in our respective generations, Acts 10:9-16,28. SO ... "IN THE LORD WE HAVE RIGHTEOUSNESS AND STRENGTH" and" OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS OF ME"! "AND THE LORD IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS" ... not "self" righteousness based upon any works or good behavior you can do Isaiah 45:24-25; Jeremiah 23:6. With that WORD FROM THE JUDGE AND THE HEAVENLY COURT righteousness is brought in now... and not as some future blessing to come as some may think in the churches. But the dark, carnal and "natural thinking" of the earth-bound mind cannot comprehend, believe in, nor accept the JUDGE'S thoughts on this subject because they do not think with a heavenly mind from God's perspective!! Isaiah 55:7-11. Yet human and devilish objections cannot void the WORD sacrificed today with their "wormy manna", nor can they reverse them. IF YOU OBJECT TO THESE WRITTEN WORDS....YOUR OBJECTION IS OVERRULED!! God has spoken and it is so! The LAMB has brought in everlasting righteousness with a WORD sacrificed once in the END... and it is done!


When those words were given to Daniel and explained in chapter 9 by Gabriel, they were both a vision and a prophecy. Jesus was not yet born. And the vision was for the future. To "seal up a vision" means to authorize it as authentic with God's (the King's) signature and also to hide its meaning until the END OF TIME, the time Gabriel pointed out for its illumination. Time and season to open the WORDS is totally in the King's hand. Daniel's own lack of understanding what he was given to write underscored the fact that the WORDS were given in "sealed" form, Daniel 12:4,8-9. Gabriel emphasizes that the WORDS would remain "sealed" until our time, THE TIME OF THE END! Someone on earth, God's priest, is to have those WORDS as "shewbread" for nourishment and light, REVELATION 10:6-11. But "once in the END" the LAMB sacrificed his WORD-BODY which includes Daniel's vision to "put away sin" as his God-given duty, John 1:29; Hebrews 9:26. Just because "he rose" does not exempt him from keeping his command! Today those scriptures constituting his BODY are "open" for your examination in the "GOOD NEWS", Isaiah 28:18-21. Are you a Thomas? Then stick your fingers in the holes in his hands and side. A "hole" is WORDS punched out (left unspoken or scriptures men ignore) allowing the BODY to lose its BLOOD, again other WORDS! In the "GOOD NEWS" we have restored Jesus' flesh (WORDS) filling in the "holes"!! Not one human being has any "say-so" in this matter, or in whom God has elected to entrust with and unveil such "great light". (His name is "John")! Petty human jealousies and favoritism over those writers and leaders you prefer can only be barriers to stunt your growth and blindfold your eyes. To you we say, "Remember the situation with Aaron's rod and the circumstances which caused God to make it bud and grow almonds!" Remember, human beings have prejudices and respect of persons, but God does not have either. He has worked this "work, a strange work, and an act, a strange act" ... "that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed" including your heart, Isaiah 28:21, 52:15; Luke 2:34-35. Some (and they are "stupid") would even dare to speak against this WORD of the LAMB "once in the END".


Who is the Most Holy and how is He anointed? There is no doubt that God is the Most Holy. He is anointed as His BODY is anointed. We are God's body as little pieces of His "SELF". And we are "spirits" encased in clay, immortal spirits, because God is a Spirit. I will not go over the scriptures that show us to be sons and daughters of the Most High. One text, Matthew 23:9, will suffice, where Jesus said, "Call no man your Father upon the earth for ONE is your Father which is in heaven". Now if you cannot accept Jesus' WORD on this subject of man's paternity, it is obvious you cannot eat his broken body, and our discussion is too High for your low mental range! Nevertheless He said also that "whatever is done to "anyone" is (simultaneously done) to Him", Matthew 25:40. And all men are little pieces of God ("lively stones" hewn from that Solid Rock, Isaiah 51:1; I Peter 2:5). He dwells in us via His "Spirit substance", whatever it is, and "anything done to anyone is done to Him", Isaiah 63:9. This is the "fine points" of "ONENESS" as it actually is in the absolute sense. "To anoint" is to "christen" or to enlighten via the WORD, meaning to educate men's minds into the fullness of the stature of the Most High". DO YOU BELIEVE HIM?! It is God who declared, " are gods and all of you are children of the Most High", Psalm 82:6-8. And it is Jesus who informed us that the second Great Command is equal to the First one, meaning MANKIND, God's great "SELF" is equal to Him, Matthew 22:36-40. Therefore the "just spirits of men made perfect" in heaven are "perfected AFTER THEY RISE" ("HUMAN SACRIFICES" are washed and burned on the Heavenly Altar or taught in the Archangels "altering" schools), Malachi 3:1-3; Acts 10:9-16,28; Hebrews 12:22-24. God is being "anointed" via His BODY, the spirits of men as fast as they are drawn back up to Him. This is an on-going process which will not be completed until the very last child is enlightened and glorified.


This paper is written to bring you up to date with God, Heaven, and the Heavenly Supreme Court regarding the present and timely status of man. We simply do not care if devils are offended and chagrined at this "PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO MEN; WHICH SHALL BE TO ALL PEOPLE", Luke 2:10,14. The point we make is that the WORD-BODY of Jesus has been sacrificed "once in the END" as a message through the "GOOD NEWS". In effect it has "put away the sins of the world" as pertaining to mankind, John 1:29; Hebrews 9:26. Many are now type-cast in the roles of "elder sons" in the field (earth) "who are offended" at the Father's goodness and mercy to all His "prodigal sons" (and that includes most of us). They refuse to "enter into HIS REST" (notice whose rest we said this is) and enjoy the feast of love, Luke 15:15-28. Such men are advocates for the "Accuser" whose mouths CANNOT REST from accusing and pointing fingers at man! Isaiah 29:18-21, 57:16-21. As of NOW... Daniel 9:24 is being fulfilled. God has conferred His glory upon us from the beginning, Hebrews 2:6-7. And today He has "glorified us with His own self" (John 17:21-23) with the WORD-JESUS broken "once in the END to put away sin".... not as the world expects it, but as He has chosen to do it... WITH A WORDED SENTENCE!! Blessed are all those who have cast their eyes upon the WORD-JESUS and the Father, who trust in them before trusting the imaginations, conjectures, and words of men and devils who all "know in part". They shall have peace and joy in eternal light forevermore!

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