This is a profound subject to deal with. Consider that God is ALL IN ALL! God created man by taking portions of His own immortal Spirit substance and shaping it with a head, a body, hands, and feet, and encasing it in a clay mold of flesh. Eventually He gave each individual consciousness and sensitivity. Yet He is really each person, and the consciousness and awareness that each man has is a portion of God's own awareness intended for that man. So each human being is a little fragment of God sharing a small piece of God's own consciousness...in whom God is totally in tune and at home at all times. Where it is written, "I SAID YE ARE GODS AND ALL OF YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH", Psalm 82:6-8, it is a most significant revelation and answer to the question, "What is man?".

Several scriptures point out the depth and extent of this truth...that God is really "US" having divided Himself into smaller porions, that we come to know as the generations of humanity on earth.

1. "In all our affliction He is afflicted", Isaiah 63:9. Since God is ALL MEN on earth today, He experiences all the affliction men undergo in the world. Each man "feels" only that small amount of suffering given to him as an individual. He cannot tell God, "Lord, you do not know the trouble I have seen; if only you could feel my anguish"! God feels the whole world's affliction all at once! It is hard for us to bear our own little portion alone. How can God bear the pain of the whole population on earth non-stop!?

2. He that receiveth you receiveth me", Matthew 10:40. God is walking around as the population of humanity on earth. We must be careful of despising any man for any reason. Love and compassion must be the order for our lives. Racism, prejudice, and hatred must be absent from our character...because God is that man or woman slighted. Since He is YOU, YOU CANNOT TELL HIM or yourself that character flaws are not in your heart when He sees them there.

3. "Inasmuch as ye did it to the least of my brethren, ye did it to me", Matthew 25:40. Since God is man we must be careful of how we treat one another. He observes every contact we have with other human beings. For that reason Jesus warned us about our treatment of our fellowman. We dishonor the Father when we disregard, slight, or hurt any man.

4. "I will never leave you nor forsake you", Deuteronomy 31:8. Since God is "US", He cannot leave us nor forsake us because He cannot get away from Himself. He is everything and everywhere at once. He may seem to be silent in us and we may "feel forsaken", but He is still there in YOU. When He leaves, you leave with Him as many graveyards can attest, Psalm 82:6-8; Ecclesiastes 12:7.

5. "Whither shall I flee from thy presence?" Psalm 139:1-7. David was awed by the omnipresence of God. But he did not know that God was "him". He felt like a separate individual attached to God by love. We are cells of God's immortal spirit substance, and we derive our sensitivity and individual conscious awareness from our "Head"....just as the brain controls sensation and movement of body parts.

6. He has been "dwelling in booths" (US) and our bodies are His temples, Leviticus 23:34-43; II Corinthians 6:16. During the Feast of Tabernacles Israel was told to dwell in booths made of branches. This is a testimony to the fact that men are called trees of righteousness, and God dwells in us. As a nation of prophecy, Moses and Israel were told to "act" the fact that God dwells in human tabernacles parabolized as trees. The Holy Ghost was introduced to Moses as a fire dwelling in a bush, I Corinthians 6:19, confirming that the Spirit dwells in human temples. Also when Jesus said "he would let us sit in his throne", he revealed that as angels above we would "dwell in men below" who have been described as a "seat" (throne) from which the Spirit reigns over man.

7. "He searches the reins and heart and declares to man his thought", Jeremiah 17:9-10; Amos 4:13. Since God is man sharing His sensory perception with us, He hears simultaneously with us whatever we hear or see as pictures in our mind. In fact He controls the "thoughts" we are allowed to see and hear, Job 36:10; Proverbs 20:12. (Is it not silly for devils to "accuse" men before God of thinking evil thoughts?!) God hears every plot demons make against us and Him while men slumber unaware of this "warfare" going on, Psalm 36:1-4, 37:12-15, 59:7-8. Every corrupt thought has an origin and God created Satan to be the original source for every evil thought, Matthew 15:18-19.

8. No liar may stand before Him. God has been a witness throughout time to every crime plotted and perpetrated against His BODY CELLS of mankind by the devils claiming them as "their houses", Habakkuk 1:4; Matthew 12:43-45; John 8:44. It is written, "Accuse not a servant to his master, lest thou be found guilty", Proverbs 30:10. Devils have not heeded this advice! Therefore the "Accuser of the brethren" is accursed and guilty as a lying witness before the JUDGE and our COURT!! While Satan laid a trap for man, God was an awesome trap for him, Ezekiel 35:9-13. Every second that man has been on earth, God has been a constant, vigilant witness in us ...as "US".

9. God laid his own life down in every single one of us as a sacrifice, only to take each life up again. So you like to talk about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross! Huh?! GOD HAS MADE THE GREATEST NON-STOP SACRIFICE EVER! Everyday HE COMES DOWN as infants in the wombs of mothers all over earth's surface. The suffering that each child is to receive while in this life is pre-measured or pre-destined for him, Romans 8:20-22,29-30, 9:18-24. So God is crucified daily and dies in each of our deaths...only to make us live again "upstairs", John 10:17-18, 12:2.

10. God knows better than man the troubles man has been going through, Isaiah 43:2. We try and tell God how we feel in prayer. But He can tell us about it better than we can explain it, because He is aware of the suffering and losses we experience which is unknown to us. God is shut up in prison by devils and by men. He is imprisoned in every man that is in prison. "He was sick and in prison and we did or did not visit Him"!! Matthew 25:35-36,43. God is the life we think we are.

11. He has every prerogative to do with Himself---the entire collection of His CELL MEMBERS---as He pleases. He may move Himself as a nation, like Hitler's Germany, or as individual pieces on a chessboard. As GOD, He has every right to dictate when and where and to what extent to move any of His BODY parts. All the world is a stage, and we are spectacles to men and angels. This temporary life is an "exercise" in vanity (Ecclesiastes 1:13; Romans 8:20) to teach those being made perfect, Malachi 3:6,17-18; Hebrews 12:22-24. They shall not be perfected without our sacrifices, Hebrews 11:40.

12. Whoever sins against any man sins against God and trespasses against himself. It is because God is that person whom we refuse to meet as a brother. The Lord's prayer says, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". By refusing to forgive men, we refuse God's offer of humility through that person who begs our forgiveness. This is in effect to dishonor God. For when we trespass against others, we also offend against God's "self". We must forgive and beg forgiveness and avoid offense.

13. Whoever lacks love toward any man lacks love toward God, and he fails to keep the 1st and 2nd Great Commandments. God loves all parts of His "self", even though it is divided into cells of a number so vast that no man can count them. He expects us to love every man and Him also, Matthew 22:37-40. God elevated the 2nd Great command to the level of the 1st. So if we say we love Him, we must also love His divided BODY CELLS of each human being and all the Heavenly Hosts.

14. While devils accuse men before God, God accuses them. God has been at home in the flesh of every man as that person and his life. The accusations of devils are totally unacceptable to God and the Court. Instead God charges devils with every crime they did to Him, that is to His BODY CELLS, "US". God knows the extent to which each man's body is subject to demonic power and mesmerization or enchantment. All men experience this in differing and varying degrees, so that no one man can accurately judge another by his own personal feelings and strength.

15. God has been in (I) AM-bush in warfare against the powers of darkness ever since He first laid in wait as Adam and Eve. Satan challenged God to prove to God that we are no better than he is. But God came down in us as us, because we are little pieces of His immortal Spirit-Self! Thus God deceived the deceiver and tricked the tricker who was fool enough to think that he could outwit God and force Him to use the law to destroy His own children, Proverbs 21:30; Isaiah 40:13-14,23.

16. In the judgment no man needs to open his mouth, because God is the only faithful and true eyewitness we need. Just as Jesus "opened not his mouth" before his accusers, Isaiah 53:7, no man needs to argue his case before the JUDGE. Michael railed not against them but said, "The Lord rebuke you", . And this paper is an Almighty rebuke against them!

17. Demons have wounded, abused, lied on, and wrecked the BODY of God! They also asked, "What is man"? BUT GOD IS MAN....A MYSTERY THEY FAILED TO GRASP!....concerning His creating! A son has always been a part of a parent's body as all nature teaches. And IT IS GOD ALONE WHO DECLARED, "I SAID YE ARE GODS, AND ALL OF YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH"! Psalm 82:6. Man has not said this, and most men are either ignorant of this or simply do not believe God! Devils do not say this either. Nevertheless God cannot lie and He tells the truth! Faithless and ignorant devils have persecuted God throughout time beginning with Adam and Eve. Now I ask them, "How can you escape the damnation of hell"? Isaiah 14:12,21-22; Matthew 23:33,41.


"I AM", Exodus 3:14. "There is none beside me. I am the Lord and there is none else"! Isaiah 45:6. "Of Him and to Him and through Him are all things", Romans 11:36, "who is above all and through all and in you all", Ephesians 4:6. "He is before all things and by him all things consist", Colossians 1:17. "For in Him we live and move and have our being"! Acts 17:28. We must see God in every man. If we love our fellowman whom we have seen, we can love God whom we have not seen, I John 4:20-21. Great care should be taken in how we deal with one another. Even though others may be ignorant of this light and walk as slaves of devils, we must be cognizant of the fact that the person is really a fragment of God, who may think of himself as a separate and distinct individual. We must avoid Satan's mistake...failure to see God...and treat our brother as something foreign and with indifference or spite. For God dwells in us and walks in us and He is the Highest witness of this truth!

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