The Glory of the Judge

HEADLINE: "Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. And Moses was not able to enter into the tent of the congregation because the cloud abode thereon, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle .... And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from His power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled," Exodus 40:34-35, Revelation 15:8.

"And the Most High shall be revealed upon the seat of judgment .... but ONLY JUDGMENT SHALL REMAIN .... a day that has no sun or moon or stars or cloud .... but only the splendor and glory of the Most High by which ALL shall see what has been determined for them, II Esdras 7:33-42. Continually we have informed you in the "GOOD NEWS" that this is the END and the "GREAT JUDGMENT" has been in session. We called upon Justice Jesus to tell you that Court convened two days (2,000 years) ago. He said, "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out," John 12:31. That was the "official" announcement to our world, the Outer Court. However, the SUPREME JUDGE HIMSELF has revealed that EVERY DAY man existed on earth has been a "secret" Court session day. The CLOUD of our Judge-Father fills the Inner Court of Heaven and the Outer Court floor of this earth, Isaiah 6:3, Psalm 139:6-8. THIS is a DAY when no man can enter the tabernacle as it happened to Moses due to the glory of the cloud and smoke. God is the tabernacle, Revelation 21:22. In other words, no man's doctrine and ideas have a place at THIS TIME in the LAST DAY. JUDG-MENT means the JUDGE'S-MIND (thoughts) which is Most High and very different from demons' thoughts and man's earthly thoughts, Isaiah 55:7-11. This will be clear as we go along in this letter. ONLY THE GLORY OF THE COURT REMAINS AND ONLY GOD'S (-MENT) COURT VERDICTS AND DECISIONS APPLY! JUDGE-MENT-DAY is not a day when the Law of Moses and the Old Covenant can prevail. It is not a time when the gospel of repentance and the New Testament are applicable. It is a unique day with peculiarities all its own. "ONLY JUDGE-MENT (thoughts) remains .... a day with no sun or moon or stars or clouds (no influence by sons, daughters, or Mother Wisdom) .... but ONLY THE GLORY OF THE MOST HIGH by which all shall see what has been determined for them." Your Father-God is that everlasting DAY. HE IS (the First and Last) the "last day" which we know as JUDGMENT DAY. I have informed you in the "GOOD NEWS" that ... "God did it!" And I am his personal secretary and "Court Recorder." Only Court matters, JUDGE-MENT (thoughts) remain THIS DAY and not the doctrines and requirements of two days (2,000 yrs.) ago. Some of you are behind times ... two days behind the JUDGE'S "chariot" of Archangels!

Those of you still piddling around with "worm-filled" manna are out of time and season with God and the Court, Ecclesiastes 3:1,6, Acts 1:7. There was a time when the gospel of repentance replaced the Law of Moses and the Old Testament practices. Now the JUDGE-MENT (thoughts) has replaced the gospel of repentance and New Testament practices and traditions. ONLY THE GLORY OF GOD .... THE WORD (THOUGHTS) OF THE SUPREME JUDGE ... REMAINS! No man's words, theories, doctrines and exercise of past traditions can enter in the "GLORY" and have value because of the AUTHORITY OF THE JUDGE IN OUR COURT. If you attempt to push some of the concepts of the past which might have been acceptable two days (2,000 yrs.) ago, you might discover they have become "fat worms" in the SUPREME LIGHT OF THE JUDGE TODAY. I suggest that you heed Moses' warning and avoid gathering manna (doctrines which formerly came from heaven) when it is two days old," Exodus 16:19-20. Everything written in the past has an educational message for our learning to help us thrive in God's teaching system, Romans 15:4. THIS IS THE NEW MORNING OF YOUR ETERNAL LIFE! The JUDGE will not suffer you to be blind concerning what He is doing THIS DAY as He vaunts, shakes, and thunders HIS AUTHORITY in Court! Isaiah 2:10-17, John 15:15. Every wise man will take a lesson from Job .... Be careful of uttering words against the glory ... "Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge ... shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? he that reproveth God, let him answer it," Job 38:2, 40:2. I am not a fool and I am a lot smarter than Lucifer and Babylon. You might be able to fight a man. But it is the epitome of stupid conceit to attempt to contend with or debate with THE JUDGE, Isaiah 40:13-14,28. I write exactly what HE TELLS ME without diminishing or adding to the WORDS, Isaiah 50:4-5. HE is the ONE who attuned your mind and drew you to the FEAST OF LOVE --- HIS WORDS while you sit in the Outer Court! There is no place to run or hide from the ENGULFING CLOUD and His "glory in our Court". Refusing to read our Court reports or to hear them is pointless, Isaiah 30:8-12. It will overtake you and absorb you on schedule and on time. Eventually you will agree with the JUDGE, Revelation 15:3-4, Isaiah 28:18-22, Ezekiel 20:33-39. I cannot do what I might want and neither will you be allowed to do as you please. You cannot escape from God! Ask Jonah. "Some of that food you serve is too strong! Who can hear it?" Well ... you babies out there better grow some teeth quickly, and you old folks better get some dental plates ...AND START CHEWING! THE JUDGE HAS "HOLY THINGS" FOR YOU! If you do not like it, eat it anyway! Spinach, oatmeal and liver is good for you! Your "Mother" wants you to "eat everything on your plate!" (Smile) J Proverbs 9:1-6, 8:32-36. Those of you receiving and studying the "GOOD NEWS" are privileged to be in the most rare and blessed position of all your brethren on earth. You have the honor of receiving your Father's WORDS in Court concerning the Great Judgment while your other brethren snore and sleep in a "dream world", II Peter 3:10, Matthew 25:1-5, Luke 12:35-40. I tell you the JUDGE is here NOW "at a time when men think not", Matthew 24:44,50. The darkness of spiritual Egypt is covering our world! Isaiah 60:1-2. "Blessed are your eyes, for you see these things and your ears for they hear these things", Matthew 13:16.

Let us go to our HEADLINE. "A cloud ... the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle" means there is NO ROOM ... NO PLACE for anything else. John saw this as a "smoke that filled the temple" in the hour of judgment "till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled." Since our world is like Goshen, only Egypt, the kingdom of darkness, can feel the dire affects of plagues falling today. To sleepy men in Goshen "nothing" really and truly horrible is happening. Just thank God you are not a demon. The plagues of the last day of judgment are only for Satan's household of invisible evil spirits, John 16:8,11, Enoch 68:4,5. No doctrine or preaching from man is acceptable to God at THIS TIME except the "glory of JUDGMENT" symbolized as a "CLOUD" and a "smoke" that fills the Outer Court. You need to read thoroughly and digest II Esdras 7:19-44 concerning the DAY OF JUDGMENT. Only the glory of the Court has any authority and power at this time, NO OTHER WORDS HAVE A PLACE IN YOUR FATHER (the tabernacle)! .... "no man was able to enter in." Well, Mr. Good News editor, you are a man. What do you have to say about that? I did not enter the glory, but IT ENTERED ME and MADE ME A PART OF IT! God gave me a "ride" on His huge PEN that moved swiftly on its own! Psalm 45:1, Ezekiel 9:3, 10:2. The tip of it turned into a vacuum cleaner and all I could do in the vision was to hang on tight to keep from falling. Terrible and horrifying things are happening to demonic "Egyptians" as the JUDGE plagues them. Your Father is "terrible" to them! He will accept no words against any man. ONLY JUDGMENT WORDS ARE THE GLORY OF THE JUDGE "filling" the Inner and Outer Courts. THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD IS JUDGED .... that son of perdition (who escaped from the bottomless pit, Revelation 17:8) who exalted himself above God and desired to be like the Most High, a "god". Trial matters and words pertaining to the case against devils are the only things God will consider. AS JUDGE, HIS COURT RULES are firm and fixed for "order in the Court"! Lawyers down below seeking to insert charges against man or to have a case heard against humanity are totally rejected, Enoch 68:4,5, John 5:22, 8:15. NO MAN OF FLESH AND BLOOD IS ON TRIAL AND NONE CAN OR WILL BE BROUGHT TO TRIAL. MEN ARE "SEATS" FOR DEVILS, "tricky" seats from which the JUDGE AMBUSHED DEVILS IN THE OUTER COURT. All judgment doctrines which have placed human beings on trial in the end have been deceptive lies. You cannot guess about judgment or fathom it until time to reveal it, II Esdras 5:38-40. That TIME is TODAY, THE END. You might as well erase the judgment ideas man taught you from your "epistle". They are errors and can "profit you nothing" in the way of understanding. It is very unwise to attempt to gainsay against your Father. Lucifer tried it and lost everything.

Authority Above Law

What is the "glory" of this JUDGE? On earth legislative bodies, kings, and dictators make laws. In Heaven only GOD MAKES LAWS. Judges have power to "waive law", to pardon infractions, to dismiss charges, and to punish the guilty. GOD IS HIS OWN WORD. HE IS THE LAW. HIS WORDS HAVE POWER FAR GREATER THAN LAW AS WE KNOW IT. On earth police powers and armies are required to enforce human laws. Above, the WORD itself is all powerful, capable of accomplishing God's will and purposes on its own, Isaiah 55:11. Because devils have influenced human thinking in judgment matters resulting in what the spirit calls "judgment turned backwards" (Isaiah 59:13-15) and "wrong judgment proceeding" (Habakkuk 1:4) it is necessary for the Holy Spirit to "convince the world of judgment because the prince of this world is judged" John 16:8,11. We have been told lied. Devils in ministers taught us that a fearsome God would judge us with them and dump most of us in the lake of fire also. But Judge Jesus came to the Outer Court and denounced that lie, Luke 9:51-56, John 5:22, 8:15, Malachi 3:6. Blind men are still deceived in the Outer Court by devils on them, Habakkuk 1:4. Devils are desperate to convince their "court seats" that .... "You (court seats) men will be judged." Realistically this is actually the case! But how absurd can they get? It is dumb to accuse your "chair" of committing crimes before our Judge! We laugh at them for their "stupid" assertions! If you hit a man over the head with a "chair" and kill him, that is your fault .... not the chair's fault. And devils have USED THEIR HUMAN SEATS in all sorts of crimes. Men and devils err because they fail to see and recognize the Judge's bright cloud. But HIS AUTHORITY FILLS THE WHOLE COURT! ONLY HIS WORD BRINGS "ORDER IN THE COURT." The only thing that matters is the thoughts of the JUDGE and JURY. So for demons to convince their human "Court seats" to believe in backward judgment is "contempt of Court" and stupid behavior.

(1) Two days (2,000 yrs.) ago, the JUDGE WAIVED THE LAW in its application to man. JUDGE JESUS was left waving on a cross and the law was written in his heart ... not on tables of stone. He rose up and became an "overhead banner of love." All of this was explained to you in The Little Foxes That Spoil The Vines, October 18, 1988, and JESUS, Our Standard for War, November 15, 1988. You should go back and review those letters for our in-depth explanation if you need to.

(2) The Glory of the Court as a "bright cloud" COVERING ALL MEN has pardoned man's infractions (I Peter 4:8). GOD has AUTHORITY TO PARDON (Exodus 34:5-7), and he sent JUDGE JESUS to the Outer Court with His "verdict" and "decision", a WORD of mercy! Isaiah 43:25-26, Luke 7:39-48, John 8:1-12, 1:29. In his death Judge Jesus showed the Court that the Father's love is greater than death covering even those in the "act" of slaying him, and also the whole world, John 15:13, Luke 23:34, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Romans 8:35-39, Micah 7:16-20. There are some "disorderly", short invisible Babylonians who are on trial and they hate the JUDGE'S CLOUD OF FORGIVENESS FILLING THE COURT. But He has the authority "above the law" to pardon whom He will, Isaiah 54:7,17, Jeremiah 50:20, Micah 7:16-20. We do not want to hear Babylonian "lawyers". We want GOD'S ORDER IN THE COURT!

(3) THE WORD TO DISMISS CHARGES is also the glory of the JUDGE filling the Court as a bright cloud. Every judge has legal authority to dismiss charges if he feels they are fraudulent and unwarranted. The "Accuser of the brethren" has been yelling up all kinds of charges against humanity both day and night for a very long time. But the JUDGE has disregarded their words along with the words of their human ministers and advocates who are dark-controlled chess pieces on the floor of the Outer Court. In this Court only the WORD of our two Judges counts, I John 5:7-11. A few days ago the Supreme Judge issued His decision in the Outer Court in Numbers 23:18-23. Mankind received the blessing, not the cursing from the JUDGE, Psalm 32:2. And the spirit revealed to Paul that Judge Jesus is the "GOOD NEWS" of the SUPREME JUDGE'S BLESSING for the whole world of humanity, II Corinthians 5:18-19. These kinds of words are the only words that have place or authorization in this JUDGMENT DAY. Moses' words and the words of other men cannot enter in the "temple", our JUDGE or HIS COURT because of the glory of the bright cloud! There is no place for "legalisms" under law and no place, reason, or cause for asking men to repent for works demonic slave masters committed by using them when the JUDGE HAS FOUND ONLY DEVILS GUILTY of all sins, John 9:4, Genesis 4:5-7 (NEB). You, who feel inclined to preach condemnation and death of men even though JUSTICE JESUS did away with that practice, are out of time and season with GOD and our COURT. Your words are void and invalid due to the glory of the JUDGE'S WORDS filling the Outer Court. You are seen by the spirit as "children in the market place" piping and mourning desiring your hearers to dance and weep, Luke 7:32-35. "John" is not influenced by devils. I advise you to "Accuse not a servant to his master .... lest he curse thee and thou be found guilty", Proverbs 30:10. "Woe to you lawyers", Luke 11:52.

The three items we have just presented are "bright cloud" formations from the JUDGE expressing HIS AUTHORITY far above any "law". For mankind, only the LAW OF LOVE prevails, not just any love or even man's love. We are writing about GOD'S LOVE for GOD IS LOVE! He is "unique", not like any other love! There is no comparison! Isaiah 40:18.


The Judge has authority to punish the guilty. And our JUDGE is aware of the powers He gave devils over man's brain and nervous system. Man cannot inform God of what those powers are, but the Creator must inform us of what those powers are and the extent they can and do control us. Because He dwells in us, every crime done to us is simultaneously done to Him, Matthew 25:41-45, John 17:21-23. He has every intention of punishing the guilty. Satan and Babylon were made to provide negative contrast in His education program! To do that, it was necessary for them to break God's law and oppose His "order". The pit was designed to provide "hell conditions" for devils because of their judgment for previous crimes of disorder in heaven. Having been judged "in secret" on a daily basis and "tried" by the JUDGE to show the JURY what they would do to His children under varying conditions, the JUDGE found them all guilty. Now, only the execution of judgment .... the fire and brimstone lake of fire phase ... remains. Because God was in each of us, He finds devils' accusations utterly contemptible. For devils to set up human lawyers as their advocates in preacher's clothing (Revelation 13:11) to charge men as law breakers is absurd. It is "disorder" and "confusion" (Babylon) in the Court. But THIS SUPREME JUDGE ROARS FOR "ORDER". ONLY HIS AUTHORITY counts. And He waived the law (Jesus) as a wave of offering in Court two days ago. No man is under any law and cannot be condemned and this "waiver" by the Judge permeates the Court as a standing "ORDER" ... the risen Christ, enforced by Michael the Archangel, Daniel 12:1. Ministers preaching death and condemnation of men on behalf of the kingdom of darkness are "over ruled". They are "zombies" ... "chairs" in the Outer Court not aware of the Judge's ruling as they sleep walk and mumble "accusations" in their sleep, II Corinthians 3:7-11, Matthew 25:1-5.

We likened the Outer Court floor to a huge chess board. Longitude and latitude lines which may be seen on a globe or map form various chessboard squares or "stages" from which the Judge regulates conditions of weakness in each child He sends down. Hosts of Jurist-Witnesses rise up daily to sit in jury boxes above to "watch" and hear how devils accomplish and maintain control through enslavement reviewing similar incidents that happened to them as pilgrims on earth. They become eye-witnesses to devils' crimes, and devils' words become a confession they do hear, while the criminal evil spirits thought previously they were not being observed. Longitude and latitude squares appear only on a globe or map, but to devils on earth there are no chessboard squares and they cannot see a jury up above glaring down upon them. Because our Court is so vast and the Jury up so high, they came to their own conclusions about God and His works in their natural-minded way. They erred judging by appearance and presuming about the extent and limits of God's power. Events occurring daily in this world appear to be the only reality to men and devils, but COURT SESSION IS the TRUE spiritual and non-spiritual REALITY whether or not men and devils are aware of scrutiny by the JUDGE and JURY, Ecclesiastes 3:11. Even worse is that in the kingdom of darkness there are too many devils born down here who never knew God, nor were they around in the times and places where He openly illustrated His power and presence. Too many of them cannot believe! So gathering evidence against them is very easy.

A few men on stage have been chosen to be awakened and to have Court proceedings made available to them. These men have different degrees of spiritual light and various areas of ignorance which devils may possibly exploit. One of God's experiments is to show what devils having different degrees of influence would do to men if they had the real truth available and to what extent the love of those men for the Father would off-set their devils' efforts to make them reject the truth! All who receive the "GOOD NEWS" have been a part of this Outer Court test or "experiment" before the Heavenly Jury. This is part of the "splendor and glory of the Most High" in the cloud which remains. All Heaven is watching us to see what you and your "badger-skin veil" will do.

We have added a few appetizers for you. This is from JUDGE-MINT (mint is a place that makes coins) or the JUDGE'S coffers. Only the Judge's cash, or JUDGE-MINT remains "legal tender". Recall what we wrote about how the land of Egypt looks from above, that God made the land resemble its parabolic meaning. He also codes words. Egypt also identifies Satan's work. HE-GYPT means Satan gypped devils out of the chance for continued existance and he attempted to gyp man out of his inheritance with God. God has also given you precious JEWELS (EL'S-JEW or God's man, Isaiah 13:12; Malachi 3:17) in the "GOOD NEWS".

( 1) RUBY=BURY: the flesh is buried after spilling of blood (red color). Here are a few "rubies" in written form, Ecclesiastes 12:7, Isaiah 14:19-20, II Corinthians 5:1-8, Hosea 13:13-14. I (eye)-RUB is also eye salve, Revelation 3:17-18, John 9:11,39,5, Luke 24:27,32.

( 2) DIAMOND=A-DMON-DI or only demons die eternally. We have a few "diamonds" for you! Isaiah 14:12,21-22, Matthew 23:33, 25:41, John 12:31, 16:8,11, Enoch 68:4,5, Wisdom of Solomon 1:16, 2:24. Diamond also is NO-MAN-DID or no man has really died! Luke 20:37-38, Revelation 6:9-11, Secrets 23:2.

( 3) PEARL=REP-AL or God reaps all men for eternal life, Matthew 13:24-25,30, John 12:24,32, Isaiah 25:6-8, Revelation 5:13, 15:4,5, Hebrews 12:22-24. Pearl also means PRA-EL or prayer to God. The Lord's prayer and John 17 come to mind.

( 4) EMERALD=DREAM-EL or the visions from God, Enoch 10:21, 22, II Esdras 2:38-48, Isaiah 66:22-23, Revelation 7:9-14. Actually all dreams and visions sent by God are "emeralds". I like Revelation 20:12, where all men who previously seemed to die are seen "standing" in the presence of the Father, a thing which ungodly devils cannot do.

( 5) JASPER-JA'S-PER or the Lord's peer or brother. ALL MEN are the brethren of Christ. Here are a few scriptual jasper stones: Matthew 23:9, Hebrews 2:11, Acts 17:24-28. Jasper also means JA'SPER or the Lord's spear. ALL WORDS spoken by Jesus are like spears to devils. From Revelation 12:11 we learn that by using them one can overcome the Dragon in doctrinal warfare. As we proceed you will find the "glory" of our Teacher "amazing". HE has a WAY with "words", Psalm 19:1-4.

( 6) TOPAZ=AZ-POT. Men are holy vessals or temple vessels to be restored to heaven. These scriptures are topaz in written form: Romans 9:21-26, (Jeremiah 18:1-6, Isaiah 64:8), II Timothy 2:20-21, I Esdras 2:10-15, Zechariah 14:20-21.

( 7) CHRYSOLITE=CHRYS-O (judgment, II Esdras 5:42)-LITE or Christ's judgment light, John 8:1-12, Luke 7:37-43, 15:20-24.

( 8) CHRYSOPRASUS=U-PRAS-O (judgment) -CHRYS. You praise the judgments of Christ. Chrysoprasus scriptures are Isaiah 53:10-12, Micah 7:16-20, Revelation 5:11-13.

( 9) AMETHYST=THY V SAME. Our cross is like Jesus' cross. We are crucified with Christ in the first death and we are raised to the Father in the same way, Romans 6:1-11, Hebrews 2:11-15.

(10) SARDIUS=DI-RAS-US or death raises us to heaven. Sardius scriptures are Ecclestiastes 12:7, Isaiah 26:19, Luke 20:37-38, and Revelation 6:9-11.

(11) JACINTH=JAH-CINT or the scent (odor) of the Lord. This is spiritual incense. Any scripture expressing love of Christ is "incense", John 6:37,39, 12:32, 17:21-26, 15:12-15, Song of Solomon 5:1,4,5,13.

(12) SARDONYX=OXYN-RAISD. God's "cattle" are sacrificed and raised spiritually to heaven, Matthew 18:11-14, Ezekiel 34:11-14,20-22.

(13) BERYL=ERY-B-L. Ery- means red. Hence flesh and blood men are the "BODY OF GOD" (EL), Psalm 82:6-8, Matthew 23:9, Acts 17:24-28.

(14) CHALCEDONY=DO-N-CHALYCE. A "chalice" is a cup for drinking the "passover" blood of Jesus, John 6:51-63. The WINE (blood) of Christ is the WORD of salvation and forgiveness for ALL HUMANITY, John 1:29, I Timothy 2:3-6, II Corinthians 5:18-19.


You might wonder how the Jews felt in their day when they came to the crossroad, the junction where the New Testament replaced the Old Testament. Jesus and his disciples announced that event to the Jews. The reaction of Saul of Tarsus, and many like him, inform us of how unwilling they were to enter into the new day and the gospel of the New Testament era. Two days (2,000 yrs.) later we have come to another juncture -- the END OF TIME. Now, one man is announcing the presence of the GREAT AUTHORITY ... your Father, THE JUDGE. A new "order" now has replaced the old practices and teachings under the New Testament. That ORDER IN THE COURT is the thoughts (MENT) OF THE JUDGE, HIS VERDICTS AND DECISIONS ... HIS WORDS. How do you feel now that you have been told "New Testament practices have been replaced and have become obsolete because of the WORDS OF THE JUDGE?" Does it disturb you? Are you another Saul of Tarsus? There is an "emerald" in our HEADLINE, a vision revealing that "smoke" from the WRATH OF THE JUDGE is the "order" for the Court. No man's words or doctrines may enter in the temple (God) because the only thing on His mind is judgment of devils and vindication of mankind. HE WAIVED THE LAW; HE PARDONED MAN'S TRESPASSES; HE DISMISSED CHARGES FOR SIN AGAINST US; HE JUSTIFIED MANKIND ... HE IS WAITING TO BURN DEMONS and HE DOES NOT WANT TO HEAR MEN PREACHING DEATH AND CONDEMNATION OF THEIR BRETHREN CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF SIN. IT IS THE JUDGE'S VERDICT THAT SINCE DEVILS ARE GUILTY OF ALL SIN, THE DECEITFUL AND "CONTRIVED" CONFESSIONS OF MEN FOR SIN ARE "OUT OF ORDER". So that old "glorious" gospel of repentence has lost its glory because of the "bright cloud of the JUDGE"! You cannot run along on foot (in this earth) and keep up with the speed of the Judge's Chariot. You have to be in it to keep pace with Heaven!

Here is JUDGE-MENT (thoughts) remaining THIS DAY. Demonic "accusations" against mankind are totally REJECTED by the JUDGE. He refuses to HEAR them in our Court. The doctrine of death and condemnation of men that JUDGE JESUS did away with which is still taught by blind men on (earth) the Court floor is DETESTED by God (worse than Cain's offering) and it is UNACCEPTABLE as a form of "worship". Most human preachers TODAY in the Outer Court are like "three blind mice" marring the fields, and the "cobbler's wife" has cut off their "tails", I Samuel 6:5, Isaiah 9:14-17. The cobbler's wife is Mother Wisdom, Luke 11:49-52. Most preachers and their churches are like "asses in the field" braying to one another and impressing themselves with their words, Isaiah 32:13-14. But their words rise no higher than their own ears. Our JUDGE REJECTS their WORSHIP as UNACCEPTABLE SACRIFICES, as stink offerings from left-over "manna", Exodus 16:20. So let the Court "chairs" play church among themselves, but their doctrines are "abomination" in the sight of the JUDGE! II Corinthians 3:7-11, Luke 16:15. Three time marks disclose three eras in our history:

Moses symbolized the time of the LAW

Jesus represented the time of the New Testament gospels


His WORDS are a "bright cloud filling the Inner and Outer Courts" ... and no man's "other words" can enter in because of the glory of the JUDGE- (thoughts) MENT. "For the day of vengence is in my heart, and the year of my redeemed is come", Isaiah 63:4, Deuteronomy 15:12-15.

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