The 2nd Day of Trial

HEADLINE: "NOW is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out... And when he (the Comforter) is come he will REPROVE THE WORLD ... of judgment because the prince of this world is judged, John 12:31, 16:8,11.

The Merriam -Webster Dictionary defines REPROVE: (1) to administer a rebuke to (2) to express disapproval of- Synonym: reprimand, admonish, reproach, chide. Why?! Why?! Why must the Holy Ghost rebuke, disapprove, reprimand, admonish, reproach and chide the WHOLE WORLD when it comes to the world's view regarding judgment? What is the majority's concept of God's judgment? Something is VERY WRONG when God ORDERS the Holy Spirit to do such a drastic thing to the whole world! Isaiah 59:13-15 is THE ANSWER! God's thoughts on this subject, JUDGMENT, is 180 degrees the reverse of MAN'S THOUGHTS and DEMONS' HOPES, Isaiah 55:7-13. Most of you have an education and REPROOF coming regarding "judgment". So... "hear ye the WORD of the Lord". This SHOW-BREAD must B- READ and my purpose is to SHOW it to you.

One day with God is 1,000 earthly years. So this is the second day of Satan's trial. On the opening day, JUSTICE JESUS, while in the "Outer Court" announced that Court session had begun as in the first part of our HEADLINE. He could not ask for "Order in the Court" because devils are disorderly. After being kicked out of the Inner Court, their trial had to commence in the Outer Court. Let us set the proper Court scenario in your mind so that it can be real to you. After all, we cannot see God, angels, or the kingdom of darkness with human eyes. From the pattern given to Moses, Heaven is the "Inner Court", Exodus 25:8-9. And from revelations to Isaiah, we are informed that the tent itself and its curtains were symbols for Heaven, Isaiah 40:22. The "Outer Court" was not measured in the account in Revelation 11:2 because it was given to the "gentiles". The word "gentile" is now "moot" or obsolete as a reference to any group of human beings. "Eli Jah" as the FATHER of ALL NATIONS of human beings on the earth has moved to turn our hearts to FAMILY ONENESS. Now that we know ALL MEN ARE SONS OF GOD, we refuse to use such a word as a reference for any of our brothers and sisters. ALL MEN ARE PRINCES OF GOD, or "Israel", Genesis 32:28. Nevertheless, the Outer Court is the Valley of Decision (Joel 3:14-16) where the judgment takes place and the place where God's garden is, in particular, His VINE and "nut" trees. All prisoners of war have been contained in the bottomless pit where our world is suspended. They climbed out of it and became the "Beasts" among the trees (of righteousness, Isaiah 41:19-20, 61:3). Since our bodies are the "buildings" of the spiritual City Jerusalem, devils have compassed the breadth of the land to take the City (US), Revelation 20:9. As you know, we are God's kingdom that HE rules, Daniel 4:17,34. WE came down as holy infants (as the Holy City) "building by building" into clay wombs as God displayed the City Jerusalem through a series of generations. It is written that Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the "gentiles" until the time of the gentiles is fulfilled, Luke 21:24. In this instance "gentiles" refers to those who are not the children of God (devils), and men have previously played those roles referring to them, Hosea 1:10. Devils have trodden down the City Jerusalem (US) using our bodies for solid ground, but Court is in session and it is our turn to tread them down. It was prophesied that JUDGE JESUS would be "smitten" in the "Outer Court" by unruly demonic defendants Micah 5:1-2. Devils had hoped to drag man into their condemnation. But JUDGE JESUS plainly informed them that neither he nor the SUPREME COURT JUDGE would judge human beings, John 5:22, 8:15. Mankind is not on trial. Evidently, they did not believe him, so they put men up to an attempted "force-play" using a woman caught in the act of adultery. Before all the people gathered in the crowd in the Outer Court and the whole Host of Jurists in the Inner Court, JUDGE JESUS showed us (SHOWBREAD) an example of the Father's righteous judgment. There is a scripture which says "... when thy judgments are in the earth the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness," Isaiah 26:9. But what did JUDGE JESUS and this woman SHOW and teach YOU? Can you see a just reason why God likened JESUS' visit as coming to see a bunch of hard-heads... a garden of "nuts"? OUR COURT DOES NOT JUDGE NOR CONDEMN MEN! WE SAVE THEM, John 8:1-12, 5:30, 3:17. This JUDICIAL PRECEDENT did not go over very well with Satan's household. They felt CONTEMPT for the Court's ruling and for JUDGE JESUS. They conspired to have THIS judge killed. These events actually occurred during the first few minutes of Satan's trial according to spiritual time. While all this was happening, the SUPREME COURT JUDGE and the HEAVENLY JURY were content to WATCH as devils DEMONSTRATED their methods of hurting men and controlling them by "force" as JUDGE JESUS TESTIFIED, Matthew 11:12, Ezekiel 35:5-13. This was better than asking them to confess the way it is done in man's courts. Devils would never tell the whole truth, John 8:44. BUT THEY HAVE BOWED AND CONFESSED BEFORE OUR SUPREME COURT JUDGE, Romans 14:11. Man has always been drawn up by the Father to become witnessing jurists in the Inner Court. Each man must render a verdict against our captors. Mankind, while in this life, has been totally ignorant that for two days our generations have been living and dying on the floor of the Outer Court in the very heat of a spiritual trial!! This eye-popping spiritual reality makes every judgment doctrine appear as the ragtag, paltry, guesswork that it is. Here, we in our world are serving as "seats" in the Outer Court for demonic (sit- ease) cities... all over the Court's floor. A demonic "city" is a large number of devils clinging to one man's body (Luke 8:30) or the total number of devils clinging to the citizens and animals in any of man's cities. Every human city has an invisible counter part. This is the Court's assessment of what the JUDGE observed: Isaiah 59:14-15, "Judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter. Yea truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the Lord saw it and it displeased him that there was no judgment." And as we stated before, JUDGE JESUS had to SHOW us righteous judgment in Court with the woman caught in the act of adultery. And man's thinking is so backward the Holy Ghost is ordered to convince men of righteous judgment. Demonic "sit ease" as thorns "crowning" our heads while we carry our personal crosses have made it a point to make men agree with their "backward" judgment ideas. Read Isaiah 28:14-18.

It honestly ASTOUNDS me that for 2000 years (2 days now) we have eaten, slept, worked, played, lived, and died IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURT'S FLOOR while this trial has been going on. We have been a spectacle for scrutiny by each rising class (generation) of "JURIST WITNESSES" (those "passing over" after death), I Corinthians 4:9, Proverbs 15:3. Each generation had to RISE when called to WATCH how devils controlled men by mind and body (brain-nerve) manipulation and then to render a verdict against their former captors who pounced on those left behind, Isaiah 48:13, 41:2-5, 54:13. In other words those below are attacked by devils (sins) falling off men's bodies when they die. And we become guinea pigs for the education benefit of new Host members! Isaiah 53:5. "Sin is (still) a demon", Genesis 4:5-7 (New English Bible). Because devils cannot see God and this "does not seem to be a court or a trial", devils thought they could abuse us with impunity! As they said, "Who seeth us?" Isaiah 10:12-17, 29:15, 47:10. By plotting, discussing, and coordinating their efforts to trick and misuse the men whose bodies they need to keep them from falling, they have CONFESSED before the JUDGE and JURY... in the middle of the Court's floor! New Host members are exceedingly angry with devils because they see who misused, and abused them as well as how they managed it when they were in this life. There is no end to their outcry for revenge against the kingdom of darkness, Revelation 6:9-11. Former "human sacrifices" can talk!... for those of you who still do not have the 5th Seal open to your eyes.

Recall history down here for the past 2 days (2,000 yrs.). The Court watched an amazing performance. Julius Caesar came and went and the devils controlling him were scattered in "fall-out" when he died; Columbus discovered America; settlers here tricked and abused the native Americans for their land and resources; Napoleon went to Waterloo; Hitler and Stalin butchered men; man went to the moon! All this and much more happened in Court just below THE JUDGE'S desk! What is more... God let LEVIATHAN "crown" the churches, while the JURY observed him quoting scriptures to the hungry on "the mount of temptation", Daniel 7:21-22, Revelation 13:4-7. All THIS IS BEYOND AMAZING! This is shocking just thinking about the ramifications. Let us continue painting the picture. Technology advanced as God increased man's knowledge, Daniel 12:4. Horses gave way to cars and jets for transportation. Oil and candles were replaced by electric lights. Burning wood for heat gave way to gas furnaces and solar power. Living in tents and caves have yielded to modern air conditioned homes and sky scrapers. Epidemic diseases bowed out to drugs and vaccines. Amputees and the deformed can now be helped by medical advances and plastic surgery. Organs can be transplanted. Finally, the darkness of spiritual ignorance has been punctured by the JUDGE, Revelation 10:7, Isaiah 30:26-32. In all these things can I say one thing with earnest sincerity, "I'm so glad I'm not a demon"! There is no way to escape! There is no means for appeal. They are going to get stomped out with fervor like so many cock roaches have experienced!! Woe! Woe! Woe to demons! Oh, God!.. in the middle of the floor in Court! All the while He was co-experiencing with each child! Isaiah 63:9.

Life in the Middle of the Court Floor, Joel 3:14-16

Jerusalem was seen Coming down from heaven as a bride clothed in white, Revelation 21:2. But this is an allegorical summary of a gradual time display of the City, which came down little by little, stone by stone, and building by building, starting with Adam and the succeeding generations of humanity, I Peter 2:5, I Corinthians 3:9. Each baby spirit (holy seed) came down "righteous" or "clothed in white", Ecclesiastes 7:29, Revelation 19:8. Since we are Body members of our Mother, who is married to the Father already, we were seen collectively as Her symbol, a bride adorned for her husband. Brides wear "veils". Visual identification of our spirits is hidden by our fleshy "gift-wrap", Psalm 127:3. ALL of us are born "veiled" even from our own eyes (Hebrews 10:20). No one but the Father knows what your beautiful spirit looks like until the day of your advent or appearance in heaven. This is the "coming of the son of man" to heaven. "ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE". And God knew devils would abuse us. His protective tactic prevents any stigma attachment from our negative stage roles from carrying over and from being associated with us when our beautiful spirits are revealed. Removing our FOR- mer SKIN (fleshy bodies) rolls away the reproach of Egypt (Satan), Joshua 5:8-9. Responding only to our God-given spiritual names which will be new to us as angels, assures and secures our new life. Those rising daily must not respond to their earthly names, nor mention the earthly roles they played, nor act like they were involved at all in the events of this life. All this is necessary for a new I.D. and starting all things anew. It is like being born again in a new that the memory of sin associated with any one of us will have no place and will be forgotten, Revelation 21:4-5, Isaiah 65:15-19, 66:22. Yes-- you will have to grow accustomed to your own face in heaven. Removing "flesh-wrap" facilitates the new birth and a new beginning in the new world, the new heaven and new earth). No one will be able to reproach you or to feel sympathy for you because he remembers your life on earth. Each rising generation gets a new start in life when God calls them (draws them), John 6:44, Isaiah 41:4, 48:13. In the meantime... all of us must undergo our negative first-life and receive our apportioned amount of suffering as we are being made in the likeness of God's own pre-creation suffering and imprisonment, Genesis 1:26. Stage-life below is only our first phase of life, Romans 8:18-22. Our second life starts with SCHOOL!

Now man does not know these things. He is unaware of his predestination and that our world is a stage in the middle of the Courtroom floor. Dumb devils, too, are either ignorant of these things or simply cannot believe them even though they are written. Nevertheless, JUSTICE JESUS announced the opening of trial 2 days ago as well as who's case the Court would be hearing. "The prince of the world" does not like it... there is no place to run and no place to hide. We ALL live our lives "under a microscope". We are bait to draw pit-escapees to court. Our bodies serve as Court seats for devils grabbing us to break their fall.. But God is in each man sharing his experiences. He ambushes devils by seeing, hearing and assessing the plots and schemes they generate while riding on the children's bodies. The fear of falling binds devils to their court seats and they make certain they get a strong hold to avoid slipping, Psalm 73:18.. .until death do we part, Luke 16:22-23. Personally, God does not need an elaborate hearing to judge devils, because He has seen it all and heard it all. But men on stage are ignorant of these things. We need this procedure for each generation to educate us. We have to see the invisible world in action in order to be good witnesses and good judges. So men below must be guinea- pigs for the benefit of those newly rising. All must appear as actors on stage and all must become jurists to judge the powers of darkness. So all participate in God's SHOW-DOWN on the earth-stage serving as "food for thought" for those who WATCH. And this too is a form of SHOW-BREAD.

SHEWBREAD has another meaning beside SHOWBREAD or prophetic enactments by special men. A second meaning is SHOE BREAD. Also SHE-EWE-BREAD or "Mother's" BREAD. After all, She is the Wife of that "Ancient" Ram, the Father of the Lamb, Daniel 7:9-13, Matthew 17:5; John 1:29. I will now give honor and credit to our MOTHER WISDOM, to whom we owe for so much of my work (Her work!) and the beautiful way she arranged our scriptural proofs. And I do this before Heaven and YOU, children! SHE CAN "cook", Proverbs 8:1-7, 9:1-6. REUNION is a WHOLE FAMILY affair.

We have mentioned that.those carrying GOOD WINE from ALL THE FRUIT become SHOES for the angels to stand on God's footstool (the earth), Isaiah 66:1. Those who carry ALL THE FRUIT as the true gospel of what Jesus is all about are empowered by 144,000 Virgins (holy Spirits) standing on Heavenly Mount Zion with their "captain" (prince), Revelation 14:1, 19:11-14. Isaiah wrote, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings ("GOOD NEWS") that publisheth peace," Isaiah 52:7. The "PEACE" that Jesus is "PRINCE OF" is clearly defined in Isaiah 7:16-19; Micah 7:18-20; Zephaniah 3:15. That "peace" is MANKIND CANNOT BE JUDGED! Concerning those "feet", it is also written, "How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince's daughter," Song of Solomon 7:1, Psalm 45:6-9. These 144,000 Virgin helpers or soldiers are JUDGE JESUS' "wave breast" (rib) offering consecrated to him as a Priest of Heaven, Exodus 29:26-28. They are ribs of peace! Their job is to empower men below to publish "glad tidings" from ALL THE FRUIT OF WHAT JESUS IS. When their WORDS dwell in us, they in effect "dwell in us and walk in us" as holy spirits. And we become their SHOES on earth. Their words of BEAUTY must be ours, if we are to be BEAUTY-FULL SHOES for 144,000 Virgins. They will not "dwell in us and walk in us", (II Corinthians 6:16) if we are "mangy" cowards too afraid to trumpet what JESUS MEANS-- "MANKIND HAS NO SINS IMPUTED AND CANNOT BE JUDGED OR ACCUSED BEFORE GOD". There are no "coward" shoes in God's terrible army with banners," Song of Solomon 6:10,4-9. Mother Wisdom's other daughters have been appealing to men as our "good consciences," Proverbs 9:1-6. But these army sisters are cautioned "not to stir nor awake" any son-church member until he is ready, Song of Solomon 2:7. Are any of YOU ready?


JUDGE JESUS proclaimed the opening day of Satan's trial while in the Outer Court. That announcement is the first part of our HEADLINE. Before he was slain in Court by unruly defendants on trial, JUDGE JESUS issued certain VERDICTS and DECISIONS in the first few minutes of trial. You will now be introduced to a JUDGE you did not know. These DECISIONS (WORDS) are final and merit your honor and respect IF you are a child of God.

1. "The night (demons) comes and no man can work" (sin), John 9:3, where "Sin is a demon" (Genesis 4:5-7, New American Bible) and night is the principalities and powers of darkness. YOU MUST INCORPORATE this DECISION as your thoughts as you get your mind like the mind of Christ (JUDGE JESUS).

2. "The kingdom of heaven (mankind) suffereth violence, and the violent (demons) take it by "force," Matthew 11:12, where our spirits (God's Kingdom) were born in heaven; we were sent down (Daniel 4:17,34; Acts 10:11-16,28), and this JUDGE-WITNESS accused devils of "forced" control of men before the SUPREME COURT JUSTICE... GOD! Matthew 12:44; John 8:33-36-46.

3. "The Father (Supreme Court Justice) judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment to the Son. Ye judge after the flesh... I JUDGE NO MAN... FOR THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD IS JUDGED!" John 5:22, 8:15, 16:11. "I came not to judge the world (of men) but to save the world", John 12:47.

John the Baptist said "what he hath seen and beard. that he testifieth; and NO MAN RECEIVETH HIS TESTIMONY," John 3:32. This is amazing! Here, we have a JUDGE- WITNESS testifying to the Court in the first few minutes of trial and "NUTS" reject his testimony! Why is it that YOU do not believe or receive this WORD from JUDGE JESUS? Now this is only the closing of the 2nd day of trial. God will search YOUR heart for your personal answer. But I know the answer. It is "crowns of thorns" on trial and "short-stopping" little foxes who "compass the righteous so that wrong judgment (doctrines) proceedeth," Habakkuk 1:4. Man's doctrines on judgment are so exceedingly backward that the Holy Ghost (FIRE) is ORDERED TO CONVINCE the "whole world" of judgment. Why is it that I have to be the only man in the world that I know among ministers who believes our two JUDGE-WITNESSES and the only one in this Outer Court without a demonic blindfold over his eyes in Court matters? Why? Why? Why?!! ... Is it because I'M A SOLDIER not counted with the rest of men surrounded by thorns in the middle of the Court floor?

I have shown you a JESUS you did not know, Matthew 11:25-27. "No man knoweth the Son" indicates that men do not know him as a JUDGE... even though he plainly told the Outer Court "for judgment I am come into this world"... (the Father) hast given him power to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man... as I hear, I judge: and MY JUDGMENT IS JUST!" John 5:27,30, 9:39. NOW... all of you who claim that you know Jesus and you know the Lord, EAT THESE WORDS! THIS IS THE JESUS that you love to sing about and name you love to say! ALL HIS FRUIT has "taken away the sins of the world" as a previous "Elias" witnessed 2 days ago when he introduced JUDGE JESUS and when he saw his appearance in the Outer Court. JESUS MEANS-- MANKIND HAS NO SIN. When you say that name or write it--- understand what you are doing when you use it. MOST of YOU cannot be "judges" because, you do not think like our two JUDGES, Isaiah 55:7-11. You cannot be jurists because you fail to recognize that a trial has progressed to its 2nd day, and you do not know who is on trial even though you live in the middle of the Outer Court's floor. If, however, you are "ashamed of me (JUDGE JESUS and ALL THE FRUIT that I am) and of my WORDS, of him shall the son of man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's and of the Holy angels", Luke 9:27. Here is a thought for you to ponder since Jesus is here NOW-- "Is JUDGE JESUS ashamed of YOU and your judgment doctrines? Have you pleased him with ALL THE FRUIT or.... is he disgusted because you "short-stop" and curve away from his WORD? Court is still in session and this is THebrews 2nd DAY OF TRIAL. See what a live coal can do for you! Read Isaiah 6:6-7; Zechariah 3:1-7. To all principalities and powers of darkness and "crowns of thorns," READ Ezekiel 21:25-27; Daniel 7:13-14,26-27; Revelation 19:11-13. I believe there are some of you who love our FATHER and JUDGE JESUS and are no longer afraid to render ALL THE FRUIT? Go for it!

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