He brought joy and GOOD WILL to men ...with a WORD

And He took away the stain of sin... with a WORD

He comforted us and gave us peace..with the WORD

And life eternal which cannot cease...by His WORD

The JUDGE "decided" as only He should...by His WORD

From the very beginning "MAN IS GOOD"...with a WORD

To Him mankind is "holiness"...by His WORD

ALL MEN have God's righteousness...by the WORD

All mankind form the JUDGE'S lot...by His WORD

Before Him we stand without spot...by His WORD

Not one man has the Father denied...with a WORD

But ALL MEN God has "JUSTIFIED"...by His WORD

The JUDGE declared, "Sin is a demon"...in the WORD

To them ascribe all works of treason...said the WORD

No man can work when comes the night...Jesus' WORD

Powers of darkness with whom we fight...by the WORD

Before Him men stand "without fault"...by the WORD

"Accusers" fail and condemners halt...with a WORD

The JUDGE vaunts his AUTHORITY...with a WORD

Over thoughts opposing His Majesty...with a WORD

He took away our guilt and shame...with a WORD

Denying every devil's claim...by the WORD

He opened up my ears, my eye...with a WORD

And in His chariot I do fly...with the WORD

By You I see behind the veils ...through the WORD

While demons cringe and darkness fails ...before the WORD

You are the LIGHT they learned to fear..for your WORD

Such revenge that tingles the ear...by your WORD

Oh! For man "what God has wrought"...in the WORD

The JUDGE victorious before He fought...with a WORD

We praise YOUR name;we exalt YOUR thought ... in the WORD

We reverence YOU whom we sought...through the WORD

Court Verdicts For the Valley of Decision, Joel 3:9-21

It is written in Haggai 2:6-7, "Yet once again, it is a little while and I will shake the heavens and the earth, and the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations will come"...That text is fulfilled at this very moment. God has shaken both spiritual worlds by the exaltation of His THOUGHTS, His authority, and His "SELF"! In our last letter God vaunted His RULE by declaring the superiority of His thoughts over all other thoughts. He is the Heavenly SUPREME COURT JUDGE, and from the INNER COURT several "sentences" were presented to our world in the letter, "Getting in Line With God's Mind", Psalm 19:1-6. And the desire of all nations to recognize themselves as brethren in our "super" FAMILY has been greatly enhanced.

We must reiterate that GOD IS THE SUPREME COURT JUDGE. Whatever decisions He makes when He makes them immediately become LAW effective wherever creation exists. Here in the USA whenever our Supreme Court issues a verdict, it becomes law instantaneously affecting and replacing all other states' and municipal laws relating to the subject. US citizens, law enforcement agencies, and all lower courts line up in obedience to the Supreme Court decisions whether they like them or not. Why am I using this analogy?...because God is a Spirit and the Heavenly Court "decisions" are far more important than the verdicts from man's courts. But God's decisions are not given nearly the fear, honor, and respect given to man's decisions!...not even by the churches...NOT EVEN BY YOU! Yet God is King of Kings and should be honored and respected more than we respect Chief Justice Burger (1985) of the US Supreme Court. I want to force your "sleepy-eyed" attention to your own personal logic imbalance. I am very serious! Consider the points to follow, all of which are universal LAWS handed down by our HEAVENLY COURT...that they are more binding and encompassing than the laws of science. YOU need to render to our Father and SUPREME COURT JUDGE all your honor and respect for HIS THOUGHT "DECISIONS" which we will enumerate. These "LAWS" are in effect now!! Change your earthly thoughts accordingly, Isaiah 55:7-9.

1. ALL MANKIND IS "HOLINESS TO THE LORD" as Temple "vessels", or His BODY MEMBERS, Zechariah 14:20-21; Romans 9:13-26; I Corinthians 6:19. God simply does not consider the smallest part of Himself "ungodly", unholy, or "unclean", Acts 10:9-16,28. "Whatsoever God does IT SHALL BE FOREVER...NOTHING CAN BE PUT TO IT AND NOTHING CAN BE TAKEN FROM IT", Ecclesiastes 3:14. God declared when He made man, "That is good"! But Satan did not accept that DECISION. He thought he could not only put something to it, but take much from it. And he has persuaded man to agree with his opinion. But the devil's thoughts do not count in this matter, nor do your preacher's thoughts and neither do your thoughts ! IF all men are "holiness to the Lord", then they better quickly become holiness to your mind! Why should your "head" be in "contempt of court"? Please read this reference: Genesis 40:16-19.

2. ALL MANKIND HAS GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS as our inborn nature...regardless as to "the appearance of things" witnessed in man's God-given "vessel-role" no matter what words men may speak in them, Isaiah 45:24-25, 54:17; Jeremiah 23:6. WE simply do not believe Satan can put something to God's decisions and take much from them in his attempt to persuade man that he is not "good", Numbers 23:18-23; Ezekiel 20:32-38. Foolish thoughts must be left to fools!

3. SIN IS A DEMON! Genesis 4:5-7 (NAB,NEB). And all who judge, "accuse", and condemn mankind will be cut off in the fire of God's wrath, Psalm 50:19-22; Isaiah 29:18-21; Mark 3:28.

4. MANKIND CANNOT DO SINFUL WORKS. As Jesus, who is God's "faithful and true witness," put it in the days of his Inquest ..."the night (demons) comes when no man can work", John 9:3-4,39,41. Please read that reference and ponder how verse 41 really applies to blind mankind. They have no sin! Revelation 3:14. "Night" is a reference for demons, Ephesians 6:12.

5. MEN ARE SLAVES AND "VICTIMS" OF DEVILS WHO ARE GIVEN POWER TO "USE" THEM IN BAD WORKS. Just as Israel was given to Pharaoh and Egypt as slaves, even so all mankind---even the church---have been turned over to Satan's power, Daniel 7:21-22, 8:8-14; Revelation 13:4-7. God did this deliberately and takes full responsibility for man's dilemma, Deuteronomy 32:39, Amos3:6, Isaiah 43:27-28, 45:7, 47:6-7; Romans 8:18-22. Devils use "force" to enslave men's minds and bodies, Ezekiel 35:5,10,13; Matthew 11:12. Jesus said demonic control is "slavery", .

6. ALL SIN AND DEATHS OF MEN ARE ASCRIBED TO THE POWERS OF DARKNESS, Revelation 18:2,24. All efforts to damn mankind and to hide the WORD of God have been a vain exercise in folly even before Enoch wrote, "The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by AZAZEL (or Satan the scapegoat): TO HIM ASCRIBE ALL SIN, Enoch 10:9. And to Gabriel said the Lord:"Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates and against the children of fornication (Satan's invisible family): and destroy the children of fornication and the children of the (demonic) watchers from amongst men," Enoch 10:9. These revelations accentuate demons as fools for their efforts to force men into sins by controlling their minds and bodies, Wisdom 2:1-3,10-23. God is unimpressed and unmoved by demonic use and abuse of mankind with their thoughts as they try to prove to God that His DECISIONS regarding mankind are wrong. So making men "agree with hell" (them) and "covenant with death" (them) are futile efforts and failed stratagems to gain eternal death for man in God's COURT, Isaiah 28:14-19. No thoughts count or have weight except God's thoughts, and none have AUTHORITY, effect, and power except God's thoughts, Isaiah 30:8-13, 41:21-26, 55:8-9. Devils' ideas and man's thoughts prompted by devils are void.

7. EVERY STATEMENT DESCENDING FROM THE HEAVENLY COURT IN THIS JUDGMENT HOUR IS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY whether men and devils have ears to hear or not and whether they are informed or not, Isaiah 26:8,11-12,89. (Can you keep pace with the speed of God's chariot, or is your mind too slow? Jeremiah 12:5. Ezekiel 1:14,24-28. "Slow-heads" are left behind! Isaiah 18:3-4; Micah 5:7). Fire has been scattered over the spiritual cities of Babylon, Sodom, and Egypt, Jeremiah 20:9; Ezekiel 10:2-7, through those of you who have received our letters the world over and where our newspaper ads have appeared. And the kingdom of darkness has shaken on que! Jeremiah 51:20-24,29-33.

8. THE SUPREME JUDGE HAS HONORED US BY TAKING AWAY OUR SHAME AND REPROACH. How close did you ever think you would get to God? Considering His royal Highness and all those older and more honorable than I, and all those generations of Hosts so numerous they cannot be counted, I thought I would be doing well to get within three feet of Him eons from now. How obscure and unimportant I thought I was! I did not know that I WAS SO CLOSE TO HIM until He informed me that "HE IS ME', and I am a small part of His eternal "SELF". You cannot get closer than being a part of Him! Secrets XX:V, Deuteronomy 32:18; Psalm 87; Isaiah 51:1. Because of the WORDS of this paper, guilt, reproach, and shame for sin has been removed from US by the JUDGE, Joshua 5:9; Isaiah 29:22, 54:4. So...God has honored you greatly and even you are very close and dear to Him...closer than YOU think ("prodigal son" or not), Isaiah 42:8; Hebrews 2:6-7. It is as simple as WE ALL DESCENDED FROM THE LOINS OF THE FATHER, Isaiah 63:16; Matthew 23:9.

9. New Host members, the spirits of men freshly redeemed from the earth are also "shaken" by the profoundness and absoluteness of God's thoughts, so different from their perception of His mind while they dwelt in flesh. But their "motion" goes from shock to joy, Psalm 126:1-3, ...extreme joy at the revelation of who God's "SELF" is and the manifestation of God's everlasting LOVE, Jeremiah 31:3, Song of Solomon 8:6-8, where MANKIND IS GOD'S BODY OR HIS OTHER "SELF", John 17:21-23; 2 Corinthians 6:16.

10. God's absolute and Highest thought is the criterion which qualifies all those given power and the right to judge the kingdom of darkness and to educate the children of men. We must reiterate that men are victims of sin regardless as to what angels may see them doing or hear men saying, Romans 7:15-25; 2 Timothy 2:26. And men on earth must be taught better behavior in a non-condemning but effective way, Isaiah 54:9-13.

11. Devils are to be tormented and thwarted because of their efforts to hurt men and mold their ways in evil traits, 2 Corinthians 10:4-6; Ephesians 6:12, Revelations 18:6-8. This constitutes spiritual warfare in which concerned and tough angels serve as consciences and guides, Psalm 19:11; Revelation 19:11,14-15. A strong effort to help men goes on even though angels have knowledge that men on earth are given certain doses of wickedness in their earthly roles as negative and blind vessels, Romans 9:16-26, Secrets XIV:4. Tough angelic warriors do not run away in distress just because devils are able to force men into bad works, III Baruch ch. .

12. Everything we discussed in GETTING IN LINE WITH GOD'S MIND and this letter are subjects of the everlasting gospel as preached by the angel in heaven, Revelation 14:6-7. You cannot "hear" the message without an invitation from Him, Song of Solomon 1:4, 2:4, Matthew 22:1-10. I merely amplify what I hear by multiplying it on paper and sending it to those who have power to receive it all over the world. All considerations from the Court are factors explaining God's JUSTIFICATION OF ALL ISRAEL, OR ALL MANKIND, Isaiah 45:24-25. The message detailing the "gospel of justification" is found ONLY in the "GOOD NEWS" because others are not given the understanding, power, nor authority to dispense its "shewbread" light...and because they are afraid to touch it since it runs counter to man's accustomed and "cherished blinders"...doctrines of ignorance and errors. I run with it because I can, and because it blasts the enemies' minds! You may doubt it...but they do not! Isaiah 40:1-2, 51:22-23; Matthew 10:26-27. In the kingdom of darkness the name of the Good News editor is the most infamous and hated name among men living today! ... And I like it like that!

13. The "MYSTERY OF GOD" and "MYSTERY OF GODLINESS" is illuminated in the "GOOD NEWS" through God's manifestation and certification of His "other" SELF, I Timothy 3:16; Revelation 10:7. He could not introduce Himself nor reveal Himself without telling us He is divided into little "cells" known as ALL MANKIND! Acts 17:24-28; Colossians 1:17. What an honor and a glory that blind men of this world are unaware of, which is part of the "peace and good will" of God given to mankind, Jeremiah 17:5-6; Luke 2:10,14.

14. CONCLUSION: MAN'S EFFORTS ARE A HINDRANCE TO HIMSELF! You have been commanded to "honor your Father" in the 5th Commandment. You have failed by despising His THOUGHT-DECISIONS, John 5:41,44. HIS JUDGMENTS should have your instant respect. But YOU prefer to honor your brothers of flesh whom you can see even though you know (1) men "know in part"; (2) their understanding is "short of the glory"; (3) men "judge by appearance and after the flesh"; (4) they "judge after sight of the eyes and the hearing of the ears". And these are imperfect means men depend upon for deriving conclusions. Therefore God when He looked through TIME for a man who "understood...He could find no man...no not one", Psalm 14:2-3. This necessitated the preparation of Jesus. He also saw that judgment was turned backward", Isaiah 59:14-16. Man's understanding of judgment is so perverse that Jesus was commissioned to "SHOW" MEN "RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT"....so different from their concepts on earth as seen in the following example: John 5:30, 8:1-12,15-16. Following him, it was necessary to "charge" the Holy Ghost to convince the world sin, righteousness, and judgment" ... three areas where man's ideas display gross ignorance and darkness, Isaiah 9:1-2; John 16:7-11. Today the church-world is still in the grip of Satan's power, Daniel 7:21-22, 8:8-16; Revelation 13:4-7. In your pride you may challenge that statement ... but your opinion certainly cannot break those scriptures! The question is "Who is right"? ... those scriptures or you?) But YOU have seen an awesome light of 8-fold brilliance! Isaiah 30:25-28. Just as Moses and Aaron did their thing to deliver Israel from Pharaoh and Egypt, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are doing their thing in making men PASS OVER from devils hands to the promise land of Heaven, Isaiah 49:24-25. Here is a question for you to ponder. Sincerely, do YOU really think Heaven needs your help?

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