The extraordinary judgment of God is absolutely shocking! Before we begin to learn what it is, consider Revelation 13:4-7, and Daniel 7:21-22. Read those texts carefully and ponder how the WORD does fit the church-world today despite the churches' arrogance that they are bastions of truth. The scriptures cannot be broken, and Jesus himself prophesied of the church that, "There shall not be a stone (I Corinthians 6:19; I Peter 2:5) left upon another that shall not be thrown down" by Satan, Daniel 8:8-12. These scriptures fit YOU, your preacher, and your church! You are one of those "lively stones" about whom Jesus was talking. This is being written to shake you from any pride and presumption that you and your church are excluded, and your pastor is immune from demonic tampering. Our subject is JUDGMENT.

Isaiah prophesied that the churches' knowledge and understanding of "judgment" is perverted and turned upside down ... like the stones of the temple Jesus spoke of. Read Isaiah 59:12-15. What do you, your church, and your preacher teach and believe about the JUDGMENT of God? Think about it for a moment... Now let us move on. Because devils have held men's minds in an anti-ATONEMENT frame of condemnation (II Corinthians 3:7-11), they failed to perceive what the judgment of God is all about! Even in Jesus' time men believed and taught that God would burn up human beings in the lake of fire along with devils in the end, and that would be the fate of almost all men except a few blessed ones. But that is a very poor and misguided concept ... evidence of blindness. JESUS himself was a JUDGE, and he reproved that doctrine in Luke 9:51-56, when he conducted his own Grand Jury investigation. Men failed to understand Jeremiah whom the Holy Spirit used to object to any such idea that God intended to burn up human beings in any fashion, Jeremiah 7:31, 19:5. So we have the WORD of our own Grand Jury Justice, Jesus, and our Appellate Court Justice, the Holy Ghost, and our Supreme Court Justice, God, I John 5:7. Fiery burning of men whether for sacrifice or extermination has NEVER ENTERED YOUR FATHER'S HEART! Jesus let us know in no uncertain terms that such an idea came from Satan, II Corinthians 11:13-15. Those churches holding and teaching hell-fire doctrines against men are evidence of the fulfillment of Daniel 7:21-22, and Revelation 13:11-12.

"There is no wisdom, nor understanding, nor counsel against the Lord", Proverbs 21:30. We intend to show you why God said Satan was corrupted by his own presumed intelligence, Ezekiel 28:17. Wisdom warned the "Accuser of the brethren", Revelation 12:10, to "Accuse not a servant to his master, lest he curse thee and thou be found guilty", Proverbs 30:10. It was very stupid of Satan to think that he could prove to God that God's children are no better than he is and attempt to use the law to force God to damn His own children along with Satan's demons, Isaiah 14:12,21-22. But the "great fool of all times" wanted a chance to get even with God, and God let him have it. You NEVER challenge God or oppose Him, because he is total wisdom and intelligence, and all the intelligence others have is a small allotment from that Source. The very thought of opposing God is the beginning of folly and an attempt against Him as an opponent --- even in thought --- is the creation of a fool! Yet Satan assumed that he could handle it! Job 40:19; Isaiah 14:12-19. But HE DID NOT KNOW GOD! Satan did not allow God enough time to finish introducing Himself before he became an opponent.

Let us take what we have learned about God as He continues to introduce Himself to us and consider the dumb-headedness of the devil's schemes to procure damnation for man through use of the law against sin. Firstly "sin" by definition is a "demon", Genesis 4:5-7 (NAB or NEB). So that law is really against demons. We have been informed by the Creator that He has been at home in man AS MAN ... because each human being is a cell of His BODY sharing a small portion of His conscious awareness. GOD IS MAN and His ability to sense, hear, and see in us is not diminished by His multiple divisions. So what does this message say to the powers of darkness? The Supreme Court Judge does not really "need" the multitude of witnesses looking down from heaven to secure the necessary proof to damn devils. He is the best Witness there is and the only one who has power to damn those who tried so hard to destroy His Body (man). They did all evil to the Supreme Court Judge, whereas all they could see was man, Isaiah 63:9; Matthew 26:40. One asked, "What is man that thou art mindful of him and the son of man that thou visitest him"? The shock for devils and for man is ... GOD IS WALKING AROUND AS THE POPULATION OF MAN ON EARTH, Psalm 82:6-8; Acts 17:28; II Corinthians 6:16. God deliberately gave devils power over man, Romans 8:18-22; II Timothy 2:26. Devils used this to force, trick, and enslave men in WORKS contrary to the laws of God, Isaiah 28:14-15; Ezekiel 35:5; Matthew 11:12; Romans 7:21-23. Plots and schemes were discussed and conspiracies and collaborations were practiced. Man is so blind and ignorant of this that devils bragged, "Who seeth us"?!, gloating in their powers, Psalm 94:7-9; Isaiah 10:13-14, 29:15. But the Supreme Court Judge saw and heard everything ... even thoughts demons held in their hearts. No judge has ever been better prepared to try a case or so well informed. Because DEVILS DID NOT KNOW GOD, they ALL HAVE CONFESSED before His Honor and Glorious Majesty! Now does it seem to you that Satan and his forces are extremely wise or incredibly dumb?... Since God is man, every offence committed against man is done to and against God! And He will not acquit them nor forgive them.

God is Omnipresent. He is everything---all matter---which is end-products of the power radiating from Him in all directions. We have learned that man's clay body is parabolized as a garment of flesh, II Corinthians 5:1-5. Earth has been described as God's "footstool", Isaiah 66:1. And devils have been clinging to the bodies of men and animals on hands and knees to avoid their bottomless pit-style fall, Matthew 12:43-45. So they are bowing down before His Majesty while clinging to the clay hems of the Judge's judgment robes!! How about your Father's superior, unfathomable all-wisdom?! (Give Him a hand-clap!) I say DEVILS ARE BOWING before Him in a way they never could have discovered by their knowledge! So the text stating that "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess", Romans 14:11, is true in the most astounding way! It has been that way since the days of Adam and Eve. For with Him everything is "today", 12 o'clock high, if you will, Daniel 7:9; Revelation 21:33. In the days of Jesus' Inquest, he declared, "Now is the judgment of the world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out"! John 12:31. They should have believed him!

Judgment by fire for extermination eternally is strictly for the kingdom of devils, Isaiah 14:12,21-22; Matthew 23:33, 25:41. Man is totally excluded from it as Jesus and the Holy Ghost have indicated: Jesus, Luke 9:51-56; John 5:22, 8:15, and for the Holy Ghost, Isaiah 57:16-19; Malachi 3:6,17; John 16:8,11. Devils have taught men that the things written in the WORD to their children born on earth and previously not condemned apply to mankind, Psalm 50:16-21. Men have been confused by the scriptures because they have two edges and two messages, one to devils and the other to mankind, Isaiah 29:10-12; Hebrews 4:12. Man cannot loosen the seals on the WORD, Revelation 5:1-5. Therefore the churches were taught an untrue concept of the judgment by devils who took the "edge" sent to them and applied it to men. As shown earlier the churches' concept of the "judgment is backward" backward that Jesus said it is necessary for the Holy Ghost "to convince the world of judgment because the prince of this world is judged". This is due to the severe headlock devils have on the churches. Devils have taught men that JUDGMENT DAY is far off in the future, but they erred trying to interpret the scriptures, Psalm 50:16-21. Nevertheless when Jesus talked to those on trial in the Outer Court of this earth during his Inquest, he said, "NOW IS THE JUDGMENT", Matthew 8:29-30; I Peter 3:19-20. Do you believe Jesus? As for man, NO BOOKS OF SIN ARE WRITTEN AGAINST HIM! Isaiah 43:25, 44:21; II Corinthians 5:18-19. Since God is man (and men do not know this nor do they understand it today), He only JUSTIFIES HIMSELF (MAN) against condemnation, Psalm 109:31; Isaiah 45:24-25, 54:17. Here is a message for the invisible nations of devils who cling to us: Micah 7:16-19. THIS AUTHORITY IS THE SUPREME COURT JUDGE ... So who objects to His Court verdicts? Isaiah 43:13.

Shocking and astounding is the Wisdom and understanding of God. His ways are past finding out and His intellect is unsearchable. All who rise up against Him are senseless ... AND FALL! And all who are His opponents are the most ignorant fools of all times and in all of the creations. Splendid are all His secrets and all His creations are awesome wonders! DEVILS have the distinction of being ultra dummies who have signed their own extermination warrant in an attempt to overthrow God and His progeny. He is Omniscient in ways no one could have possibly imagined as an intelligent eye-witness and co-victim with every human being! For devils there is no escape from damnation. COURT SESSION BEGAN IN HEAVEN where Satan and Babylon were first condemned, and IT HAS NEVER ENDED! JUDGMENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN! God has covered man with Himself, and life is assured for us because we are IMMORTAL REPLICAS of His eternal "Self"! Genesis 1:26-27; Psalm 82:6-8. He greatly resents those who have hoped that He would destroy His cells (man) because of their anger and vindictiveness. Every father will protect his offsprings as most animals and nature show. But God has done more than cover and protect us. He came down as "us" and suffered with us acting as JUDGE and conducting trial in each individual child. There is no reprieve for the powers of darkness. There is no destruction of His children who were deliberately "gift-wrapped" in clay for the earth "exercise" until the day of their advent to heaven comes, Psalm 127:3; Ecclesiastes 12:7; John 4:24, 12:24; Acts 10:9-16; Hebrews 12:22-24. God rises up against those who have enslaved the least man with the heaviest chains, Numbers 23:8-10,19-24, 24:8-9; Deuteronomy 33:26-29; Isaiah 18:7; Luke 4:18. HE EXALTS THE JUSTIFICATION OF HIS "SELF" (MAN), Isaiah 2:10-11.

Regarding JUDGMENT, God has shocked everyone (shaken Heaven and earth especially the powers of darkness) by His continued introduction of Himself as we learn who He IS, Isaiah 13, 54. The fact that He walks the earth as the population of man with whom He shares His consciousness and sensitivity has a devastating affect on every aspect of judgment:

1. He is THE JUDGE and He has been a very personal eye and ear witness in every human being sent down on earth, Acts 10:9-16,28, 17:24-28. There is no need to rely on the bias of unscientific or less reliable witnesses and their misconstruements, Isaiah 11:1-5. He cannot be effectively lied to.

2. Devils seeking to harm man openly or secretly have done all the harm to God, who simply shares His sensitivity with man. It is one thing to be in contempt of Court, and it is quite another to strike and wound the JUDGE. It insures damnation. God has been suffering pains from demons from Adam's time ... nonstop!! Now devils must suffer God's revenge. He has been extremely longsuffering toward them! Jeremiah 50:28; Revelation 17:1.

3. Since God weakened Himself ("US") by varying our intellect and sensitivity, ONLY HE HAS THE AUTHORITY AND QUALIFICATIONS TO JUSTIFY MEN AND HIS ATONEMENT ... THE COMPLETE ABSOLVENCE OF MAN FROM BLAME, GUILT, FAULT, AND SHAME regarding sin. This is no "whitewash" of those actually guilty. SIN IS A DEMON, AND NO ONE IS IN A POSITION TO KNOW BETTER THAN THE JUDGE! ... who made both man and Satan.

4. DEVILS HAVE BOWED BEFORE HIS MAJESTY AND CONFESSED THEIR CRIMES TO THE JUDGE unwittingly while plotting them and clinging to His robes of flesh! Oh, God! This is amazing! So Paul's words are more contemporary and true as the "standard" than even he could have imagined. "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess".

5. God has "used" sin to His advantage. After dying man is drawn up (resurrected), glorified, and shown what "sin" actually is and who is responsible for it and all the trouble the world is in. Suffering sin in all its variations has enhanced our appreciation of righteous behavior. "Good" ways seem better to us when compared and contrasted with the pain and suffering of sin.

6. Man is MADE PERFECT ABOVE as he goes to "altar"-ing school for "alterations", Jeremiah 18:1-6; Malachi 3:1-3,6,17-18; Revelation 6:9-11. There he learns the efficacy of righteousness and the detriment of wickedness on every aspect of social living at the expense of those dwelling on the earth-stage.

7. God has caused devils to show men "being made perfect" and "watching" from above that MAN IS RIGHTLY JUSTIFIED BY GOD! Revelation 15:3-4. Men see who actually engineers "sin" and how they "hold" earthly men in errors, Isaiah 14:16-17; Ezekiel 28:18-19. God does this by not readily allowing devils to be successful against men. This causes them to repeat their technics over and over again until they finally achieve success. In doing so devils show the new heavenly students in detail how they foil blind and ignorant men, Isaiah 43:28, 45:7, 47:5-6. Men then praise GOD'S JUSTIFICATION as "just".

So the "GOOD NEWS" is more than mere "reconciliation of all"! It is equally JUSTIFICATION OF ALL MANKIND. As our Supreme Court JUDGE, ONLY GOD is in the position to do this, and only God can do it. As the Highest Priest, He alone has ATONED. (Notice the past action of that statement as it corroborates with Isaiah 43:25, 44:21 ... And YOU have some re-aligning of your "judgment doctrines" to do! This I know!) There is no protesting about GOD'S WORK to any man, devil, or to God! YOU cannot tell Him what to do or how to do it, Isaiah 40:13-14,28 ..... And if you do not like it...that's tough! Ezekiel 20:32-37. If you disagree with God's judgment work..."every nut(head) shall be cracked", Ezekiel 36:23-29, Song of Solomon 6:11, Psalm 51:17. Do not write your objections to me! Tell them to God if you dare! I am a Court "reporter". I was selected by God to report the "GOOD NEWS" of His JUSTIFICATION OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS. God does not need a crowd of men to do this, Jeremiah 50:44-46; Revelation 18:6. ONE MAN is called for in the scriptures, "John" of the end-time, Daniel 12:8-9; Revelation 10:7-11. I suggest to any objector keep silent and "stay in your own bag" and do not vaunt your ignorance, Isaiah 2:10-19. THIS WORK is for the unification ("oneness") of our whole FAMILY for all generations of Hosts in Heaven and all the children still on earth, . YOU ought to rejoice in this JUST AND TRUE WAY of God's judgments, Revelation 15:4-5. (Notice that this is the opposite of the "doctrine of death and condemnation of men which was done away" by Christ, II Corinthians 3:8-12. Observe that earthly churches still condemn men to death in the lake of fire defying the very work and purpose of the birth and crucifixion of Christ!) All who oppose him FALL all around us and then cling to our bodies unseen as the source of all opposition and evil, Habakkuk 1:4. Check that text and all our texts in the King James Bible unless specified otherwise.

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