The Battle of Armageddon

The battle of Armageddon has raged since the beginning of time. God simply termed it that way as a matter of revelation of events which were already being done as well as a prophecy that those same events would continue into the future, Isaiah 46:9-10. The word "Armageddon" has suggested its own meaning, the gathering of armies. Thus, we find the armies of demons amassed in the earth arena, which is their prison. You can see this from the following scriptures.

A. Secrets of Enoch XXVI: where Satan was sent out of heaven, where he became the father of evil spirits.

B. Satan was not sent down to hell peaceably, but Michael threw him out roughly into his prison (the earth) where he (circled in flight) fell continuously because he passed through everything, Revelation 12:7-9,12, Secrets XXIX:4, Isaiah 14:12,15,21. Man's body of dust eventually became Satan's only source or base of solid ground, (other than the bodies of beasts including snakes) Genesis 3:14-15; Revelation 12:9. Christ told this thing in parables when he said these scriptures, Matthew 7:24,27, 12:43-45; Mark 16:17-18. Thus, the evil spirit's house of "sinking sand" is man's body of dust which goes to the grave at death. At death the demon is cast out into a condition of (1) continuous falling, Ephesians 2:2, (2) thirst and torment where he may float through lakes, oceans and rivers but cannot drink, Luke 16:22-26. The word of command from God which divided our world of solid earth from demons, who fall through earth's solid mass is the fire which "created hell" and therefore, it "burns" the demon, Jeremiah 20:9; Matthew 12:43. This "parabolic" fire is not the eternal fire which will finally destroy demons and this earth; (3) they see food, but cannot eat it even when getting into a man's body, Psalm 41:9, 53:1-4; Isaiah 29:4; Matthew 4:3; I Peter 5:8. Thus, the "familiar spirit" is the possessing demon dwelling in a man who "leads" our thoughts with deceit, Proverbs 3:5-6. Floating through vineyards and orchards is a torment, because a demon cannot steal one piece of fruit. Thus, when the demon is outside the body, our world is like a mirage and a vision which is before their eyes but is untouchable. (4) They are naked in shame with no clothes except if they get inside ours, Isaiah 47:1-3; Revelation 17:1-3. Therefore, Adam and Eve found themselves naked to teach us Satan and Babylon's condition of punishment. Blanketting us they become a "veil", Isaiah 30:1,22; Ezekiel 28:14. God and Christ promised to undo our possessed and imprisoned state by saying Isaiah 25:6-8, 65:11-15; John 8:33-36.

C. Without a doubt Christ preached to demons in prison who had stolen our bodies, Ecclesiastes 4:13-14; Matthew 5:3; Mark 9:1; Luke 8:28-30, 17:21; John 16:7,11; I Peter 3:18-20. Thus, you can see that hell is this earth where demons have accumulated and multiplied from Satan and Babylon into billions making up his army, Luke 17:21; Revelation 20:7-9, 21:3. So our spirits inside our bodies make us the kingdom God rules, Isaiah 10:4, (46:1-4 refers to demon on us) 42:6-8, 43:7, Hebrews 2:6-7.

D. Demons can reproduce if they can get inside a man's body, Enoch 15:3-12. All of this is very dangerous, because if a male and female demon possess a man, they can build up a legion in the body (3300-6700 demons), Luke 8:26-30, Enoch 15:3-10. Once demons or their works get inside us, they defile the body, Matthew 15:17-20. One great danger in being possessed has to do with the demon's destructive personality, a process which eventually results in the death of the body, Psalm 55:19, 58:2-5; Isaiah 59:2-8; II Thessalonians 2:3-4,7-9; James 1:15, Enoch 15:11,12. In addition to this God put a curse on devils which increased their torment in hell, Enoch 10:8-15. All these things caused the Spirit to warn us in Revelation 12:12; II Esdras 7:78-87.

All demons are effectively bound in hell (this earth), Enoch 15:10, Revelation 12:7-8. Christ made the revelation on this point to the Jews because they did not understand, but he told it in the following "revealing" parables, Matthew 13:38-42; Luke 16:22-26. Men go to heaven at death, but the demons who were in them remain here "bound" in the earth (falling in hell in hope of possessing someone new), Psalm 49:15-20; Ecclesiastes 3:18-21, 4:1-3, 12:7; Luke 17:31-33. Now you can understand John 12:24. All that fruit occurs when men are cleansed (demon's removed by death) and trained in truth in heaven, Enoch 10:20-22, Isaiah 37:31, 40:29-31, 51:20-23, 54:13; Hebrews 12:22-24. By this process the armies of heaven gather together, Isaiah 13:2-6; John 12:32; Revelation 19:11-15. He will come to deliver all men remaining in satanic captivity and carry us to heaven, , Ode 18:8, 17:7-14. We will then join the heavenly army and complete its membership, John 10:14-16; Romans 5:18, Song of Solomon 6:4-10, Psalm 87; John 3:13; Galatians 4:26; Revelation 12:1-2, 21:2-5. Jesus said Proverbs 16:6; Ezekiel 20:37-38; John 12:24, 15:12. Hatred against God and His children (all men, Isaiah 45:9-12) has made all men subject to demonic attacks. This is, then, the battle of Armageddon, and it has been going on since Michael threw Satan down here in hell.


1. Demons thrown through water gates of first heaven, Secrets XXIX:4,5, XXX:3-5, Enoch 45:1-3, 60:1-3,7,8, 18:11-16, 21:1-10.

2. Satan and his offspring multiply and remain in the earth, Secrets 26, Enoch 15:3-10.

3. Mankind (spirits) was born in heaven but placed in the earth as a second kind of angel to rule the fallen devils, Secrets 30:10-12, 23:4,5, Enoch 10:21,22.

4. Warfare ensues between devils and mankind over rulership of man's world, Enoch 15:11,12, 46:4-8, 80:2- 8.

5. In the end of man's earthly life the spirit is removed from the body, taken through the watergates of heaven to be trained. Enoch 22.

6. Demons who accumulate in the earth will be burned on the day of execution of the final judgment, Enoch 15:8-10, 16:1-4, 68:5.


1. Isaiah 14:12-16; Ezekiel 28:2,14-16; II Esdras 6:49-53. Demons were separated, that is, cast from heaven, and fall continuously in hell (the earth) which appears as a dream or mirage, Isaiah 29:7-8. They have no solid ground to land on and go through everything, Isaiah 8:21-22. Demons see food but cannot eat or drink. Thus they experience hell, a "trackless" dry desert condition, as they fall. Babylon also fell in the "sea" to show that space and atmosphere is the "airish sea" where they float or fall. This is the lake to be set afire.

2. Demons have multiplied since the first ones fell from heaven, .

3. Genesis 1:14-18,28, Jubilees 2:2, Genesis 32:28; Psalm 82:6-7, 87; Isaiah 45:10-11, 66:8. Men are princes (Sons) of God, whom He called gods. All were born in heaven, then sent to the earth to rule demons.

4. Hungry, thirsty devils first fought Eve and Adam for possession of their bodies to satisfy their hunger and thirst and to avoid continuously falling, Genesis 3:1-6,14-15,19. God has promised to undo possession of men, Isaiah 8:21-22, 65:11-16; Jeremiah 51:36-37.

5. Psalm 49:7-9,15; Ecclesiastes 12:7; Hosea 13:14, Ode of Solomon 8:8,15-22, Ecclesiastes 4:1-2; Isaiah 13:1-5, 49:17-22, 52:1-2; Jeremiah 50:41-43, 51:19-29; Ezekiel 20:32-38; Amos 4:12; Wisdom 2:23-24.

6. Psalm 16:9-10, 139:8; Isaiah 34:8-15; Jeremiah 50:35-40, 51:44-45. Only demons will be left in "hell," Daniel 4:17, 7:14.


1. Luke 10:18 (Romans 1:20-32; Ephesians 2:23; II Thessalonians 2:1-10).

2. Mark 9:1; John 8:42-44 (Ephesians 6:12).

3. Luke 10:19-20; John 3:13, 6:37, 12:32, (Romans 8:18-22; II Corinthians 10:3-6) Acts 10:9-20,28.

4. Matthew 12:43-45, 15:18-19; John 8:31-36, (Ephesians 6:12).

5. Luke 15:15-24, 16:22-26, 17:20-21,34,37; John 18:36, (I Thessalonians 4:14-18; Hebrews 12:22-24) II Corinthians 5:8.

6. Matthew 23:24-30,37-43; Luke 9:51-56.


1. All texts are from the book of Revelation 9:13-19, 12:7-13, 17:15.

2. Revelation 13:1-6,14; A demon is Satan's image, Revelation 12:16, 17:1-13, 19:19.

3. Revelation 12:1-2,5,17, 19:11-16.

4. Revelation 12:4,17, 13:5-7.

5. Revelation 5:13, 6:9-11, 9:6, 14:11-19, 15:4, 18:2, 20:11-13. Men are present there! Revelation 5:13, 21:3.

6. Revelation 17:8, 19:20, 20:7-10.

The section comparison shows us why Enoch was shown hell directly beside paradise, Enoch 18,21. It was to teach us that the conditions of peace experienced by mankind are in the same place with the conditions of hell that demons experience. These conditions were expressed again with Moses and Egypt wherein the Land of Goshen (where Israel dwelt) was free from plagues, but the rest of Egypt was plagued, and Goshen was a part of Egypt, Exodus 8:22-23. God even caused the heavens to declare this story, Genesis 1:14-18; Psalm 19:1-3. Here, lights are the children of men, Matthew 5:14; John 9:4, 12:36; Ephesians 6:12. Darkness is demons. Enoch was also shown the hard heartedness of demons against the children of men where Jerusalem represented mankind and the deep, dry ravine with hard rocks signified the dryness which expressed the conditions of hell for demons, Enoch 26,27. These things cause spiritual warfare continue: envy, jealousy, hatred. and torment that demons feel coupled with their desire for revenge against God, Wisdom chapters 2, 5.

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