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My Sake-site explores God's LOVE for all His created sons and daughters and His determination to "save them all" regardless of the hellish life through which the devil puts them . He is doing this not for man's good works, neither righteous behavior. He is doing it "for mine own sake, even for mine own sake". This pre-empts and trumps all conditions man-made religions have made on "requirements" for salvation and eternal life. God's love has "no conditions", no "red tape", nor tough requirements against tougher odds from a superior invisible opponent (the devil). At this theme-site you learn, "How deep is God's love?".

Heaven is yours-site goes into detail about your heritage in the Almighty. It explores God's pre-set PLAN for giving man his fixed heritage of immortal life. "Places" have been prepared for all. Each man has a given mansion, and all are required to appear before Him to worship Him "from one new moon unto another", Isaiah 66:22-23. Neither "hell nor high water" can prevent this, because all is being done according to the WILL and desire of the Almighty. As you know ONLY "God's will is done on earth as it is in Heaven". Devils are "boo-hoo"-ing over this, because they "lost all souls they seemed to have".

God so loved the world-site explores the love of the Father in giving us Jesus. It goes into detail about the work of this Lamb of God. Because he also is a Judge, you will be amazed to know that Jesus is an unmovable, imposing BLOCK in Court against all charges of sin against mankind coming from devils and their human lawyer-advocates (preachers) in the churches below. It challenges all opponents to tell "what YOU did for love" of all men and of the world. We find that we have only two Champions worthy of our love praise and worship because of their love for all men. They are the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son. The Father gave the Son and the Son gave his life! What have you done for LOVE for ALL? All others coming in their names (proclaiming loudly that Jesus is "Lord") are either frauds or very "short of the glory"!

The Gifts-site discusses the greatest gifts God gave to all of us. The first and foremost "Gift" is God Himself as our Creator/Father. We all "own" Him! This life is an educational experience, Ecclesiastes 1:13. Devils have frightened and tortured man ever since the arrival of Adam and Eve. Men have suffered bondage, oppression, and possession from these invisible powers and their demonic Pharaoh (Satan). To comfort man God gave us another gift, namely Jesus Christ, Isaiah 40:1-2. He died as an "atonement LAMB" and he took away the sins of the world, so that no man can be found faulty before the Heavenly Court. He did this for love of the FAMILY, and he did it "free of all conditions", Isaiah 53:1-6. We call this "AMAZING GRACE"! Romans 5:15-21.


Buy and Bye-site discusses commerce, the buying and selling of truth. We are told to buy the truth and not to sell it. However, we find evidence of Babylon running the churches! As you know Babylon is Satan's wife, Revelation 17. Her expertise is the buying and selling of all kinds of goods for financial gain and riches. Babylon reared her head in the Jewish religion in Jesus' day, and Jesus threw out both the buyers and the sellers from the temple. He even beat them in the process. Today we find Babylon in the churches doing big business! Preachers and churches enrich themselves with fraudulent "tithes and offering" schemes from a defunct Old Covenant priesthood. They sell Bibles, church doctrines, books, audio-tapes, videotapes, trinkets, crosses, and mementos, ... everything that has anything to do with God, Christ and Christianity… all of it is for sale! The Spirit says, "Come out of her my people"! Those who have ears to hear, who love and fear God more than the preachers will come out! Do you know any millionaire preachers? I do! You cannot love these so-called "reverend" preachers more than you do your Father! You better figure out to whom you really owe "honor" and reverence! Think about the 5th Commandment!

Impossible-site explores the the ridiculous reasoning devils used to initially rebel against God. They hoped to make God do what He NEVER PLANNED nor intended to do. God went through very careful planning to create a FAMILY to remove His grief and loneliness at being all that exits. Devils hoped to get Him to destroy almost all of them contray to His will just so they could get revenge against Him. Devils have also "sent" preachers to shepherd humanity teaching their hope, the annihilation of mankind in their punishment. These preachers are mental catives and vitims of the Dragon who took over and crushed the saints. All their plans are for nought. The judgment doctrines of the churches are impossible lies! This site goes into great detail in examination of these things.

Our Family is ONE-site. At this site we take a close and careful look at the meaning of "oneness" with God. All men are little "cells" of God's spirit substance. This is what causes one to exist and be "alive". No one is a separate entity apart from God. Therefore we must be very careful of how we treat any man and what we think about him. What ever we do to him or think about him, we are simultaneously doing it to God or agreeing to malicious thoughts about God. You see, God dwells in men and walks in men via His cellular substance of which that man consists. We are also "one" with Mother Wisdom in whose womb we were created. In the parable about Adoil, we find that She housed ALL of us at the beginning in Her "belly full of light". We are Her "children of light"! She and Her Husband, God, are "one" as husband and Wife. You can see how ALL our uncountable multi-billions from ALL generations throughout time all ALL ONE FAMILY together. It is an honor and a pleasure discovering your closeness to God.


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